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  1. Hello there I am an interested in the Ancient and Primitive Oriental Rite of Misraïm-Memphis and I have already spesk with them to go out for a coffee and the details of my initiation (when and where). I would like to share your experience when you initiated in a lodge and also, what's your opinion about Misraïm-Memphis rite and what are the differences between it and Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Is already from you a member in it ? How is it in order with other masonic orders ? Because I have heard rumours that are saying that Misraïm-Memphis is not a normal Order and has nothing to do with Freemasonry and other bullshits.
  2. Hello there, I am Panos from Greece and I am interested in Freemasonry and I will be soon a candidate in a lodge. I am so excited !!
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