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  1. bod

    Problems down under ...

    Good to see an update from you Bro Keith and good to hear you are still doing well
  2. bod

    Words and context

    Logic, likewise, has finally
  3. bod

    Trust fund

    Will be dependent on the trust deeds and rules - there should be a clause relating to dissolution of the fund
  4. Great initiative and exactly how we should be 'shining our light' Out of interest, how many of those who registered actually turned up?
  5. bod


    Welcome to the forum, hope you find much of interest
  6. bod

    Finding your lodge

    Can't beat the above as a solid answer
  7. bod


    Congratulations, brother!
  8. bod


    All sound advice so far - your proposer should give you some more detailed pointers nearer the time, but the main items have been covered Look forward to hearing from you after the event
  9. I think this is brilliant and well overdue Often masonic education is left to the individual mason and I am the belief that it should be a core part of what happens in our lodge meetings - the ritual element - I,P, R & Installation are important and there are many valuable lessons in the ceremonies but there is a definite need for education as well - it's great to see an initiative such as this putting it back on the agenda
  10. bod

    Being raised.

    Didn't realise that Australia had a restriction on full participation until MM Hope all goes well for your raising David
  11. bod

    Being raised.

    I'm guessing you're in the US of A?
  12. Ever wanted to throw yourself out of a perfectly good 'plane? Now you can! And raise some money in the process https://www.londonmasons.org.uk/skydive
  13. bod

    Hello from Canberra,Australia.

    Welcome to the forum David
  14. bod

    Hello One and All

    Welcome - dive in and enjoy
  15. bod


    Welcome to the forum Ian - hope you enjoy your time here