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  1. Yes, that's my point. I think it was designed so that there was a clear progression through the three Craft degrees and then into the HRA. The prerequisite to go through the Chair was dropped a very long time ago, but I feel after a few years a Brother should be encouraged to join Chapter. However, this doesn't seem to happen and this is a shame as most brethren miss the rich symbolism of the degree. The purpose of the three allegorical craft degrees is to understand these symbols, but by the time most join Chapter they miss the rich symbolism. It's actually quite bizarre as we have all taken that great leap to join Freemasonry, we are happy to enter into something unknown, to give up our time, to meet new people and to part with our hard earned cash.... but after joining most then stop and don't go onto join anything else. Now, I'm not advocating joining multiple Orders as this isn't for everyone and most of us don't have the time (early mid-week meetings is another big issue!) or the finances to join appendant bodies. But when we join we are informed the standard journey is EA, FC, MM and again for most of us WM. I believe we should also include the HRA in this journey. Perhaps it's because in general the meetings are usually on a different date to the Craft meetings that they feel separate? I don't think it is pushing people, we wouldn't say that about the other degrees..... Perhaps if our Craft dues included the HRA then Brothers would be more inclined to join? Food for thought.
  2. I think if there's a will there's a way. I think it could be done if there was enough support, but likely would only ever been done for financial reasons. I would just like to see a more complete system. Another option could be to bring the Holy Royal Arch closer to Craft Lodges as they were originally designed to be receiving the Lodge's name and number. It was designed that after being Raised you would then be encouraged to join the Lodge's Chapter and take your next step. However, this doesn't seem to happen and Chapters almost feel like a totally different Order to Craft and many members don't completed their Ancient journey in Freemasonry.
  3. IT was great fun making this video, thanks for sharing Mike.
  4. I agree a lot with what has been said/suggested. I've always felt that Chapter feels incomplete and deserves to have more ritual and ceremony. Personally, I would like to see the Mark Degree as the first ceremony, followed by the passing of the veils as the second, which is then completed with a third degree-exaltation. This would make the HRA completer and more substantial, as I find having just one ceremony a little disappointing. I would also add more emphasis on completing the HRA (and these additional degrees) as part of the Masonic journey. I see the first three craft degrees as the completion of the first step, I'm not suggesting we have to join a million appendant orders; but a completion of the HRA in its true form would be something I would like to see and something that would encourage and entice the members. However, I doubt this will ever happen as MM Hall and UGLE don't work together. It’s similar to the old Antients and the Moderns, there was a lot of crossover as members would be in both sometimes and visit but they remained very separate. I suspect a "new union" won't happen until numbers drop even further and they are "forced" to amalgamate and share their resources.
  5. Primal Soundz to the best of my knowledge I have never heard that the Kennedy's or Tony Blair are or were Masons? I think this is just another conspiracy theory which if you watch too many video's on YouTube you will be told/misinformed.By the way we do not refer to ourselves as "The Bortherhood" just so you are aware. Stick around here and ask questions and that way we can correct the misconceptions which are out there referring to Freemasonry.
  6. Hmmmmmm I can't immedietly notice anyhting so my guess is (from the looking at the floor and decor) that it was filmed at Great Queen Street or another Masonic building perhaps?
  7. Just thought I'd mention that The Province of Surrey are having this years Provincial Cathedral Thanksgiving Service this coming Sunday (25/09/2011). I will be attending again and am very much looking forward to it. Is anyone else planning on attending from this site?http://www.surreymason.org.uk/events/province/provincial-cathedral-service
  8. Which one is 9090? I've been looking but the cathedral service pictures aren't numbered. But looks like a good day was had by all.:)
  9. A police officer who stops a man walking erratically down the street in the wee small hours asks where he thinks he's going. The fellow replies... "Officer , I'm on my way to a lecture on Free... hic... Freemasonry, offisher." The Police Officer asks, "But it's 3am, who's going to give you a lecture on Freemasonry at this time of the morning?" Our Hero replies "My Wife when I get home"!
  10. AVT I only saw one other EA on the day too and he was older than me. But I was hanging around out the front of the cathedral with my Brothers from the lodge taking pictures for awhile. Roy I happened to be in Cole Court today the Masonic Hall in Twickenham asking about parking. It's a shame because if I was in the Middlesex province instead of Surrey I could park there for £10, instead they asked for much more hahaha. I popped in on my lunch break. The old boys must have thought I'd turned up for a meeting wearing my black suit (that I use for my meetings) dark tie and lap top bag (which looked like a soft padded regalia bag) lol:)
  11. Ok sorry. I wasn't asking for anything to be answered, but rather contributing to the thread. I was reading Mikes essay about Freemasons persecution throughout WW2 and wearing the forget me not pins and this reminded me of why someone told me why we wear black ties. Or at least why his generation wear black ties and will continue to only wear them when given a choice of wearing a provincial tie. I thought I was just adding to the topic, it didn't need answering. I'm clearly sorry for time wasting.
  12. After my initiation I was given our provinces tie as a gift to wear to our next meeting etc. One of the older Brothers told me that he only ever wears a black tie to meeting and told me this is as a sign of respect for "fallen" brothers after the Great War (WW1).
  13. Just thought I'd give a quick update as I attended the "Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey" Annuel Thanksgiving Service today. It was a good turn out (they even ran out of programmes). There was a see of dark blue and gold, sprinkled with a large portion of red and white. I only saw one other white apron so I felt abit of a novelty hahaha. I was actually introduced to the Provincial Grand Master Eric Stuart-Bamford, by one of my proposers so that was really nice. He asked me how I was getting on and wished me luck for the future. It was nice to see everyone dressed up, it's a shame it doesn't really get to happen much. Anyway ladies weekend next week! :)
  14. Thank you for the advice and the link. Your right it does look very impresive and I'm sure it won't be "just another service" and I am very much looking forward to the event. I just showed my girlfriend the pictures from the link you posted. Just like any other lady she is now starting to think about her outfit hahaha. But her Godparents (my seconder) will be there with us so I'm sure I'll be in safe hands and everything will be explained. As I've previously said our lodge banner will be on display and that's an honour I am told. And again thank you for the link :)
  15. I don't know too much sadly as I'm pretty wet behind the ears still, so to speak and was only invited a few days ago. But I will ask all the questions I've posted here and need to know at next weeks LOI meeting. But the only info I can find online is below :) http://www.surreymason.org.uk/events http://www.guildford-cathedral.org/worship/services/wb-2010-10-17
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