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  1. There seems to be a lot of talk about rule 137, however there seems to be a direct order from the GM. So what do we do? Issue a summons saying the meeting has been abandoned by order of the GM? Do nothing or anything in between? Rex Kerslay
  2. The mills of thr Church grind exceedingly slow! In his book The Freemason At Work, Harry Carr tells of his discussions with Cardinal Heenan. In 1974 Cardinal Heenan recieved a communication from the Holy See to the effect that Canon 2335 no longer automatically bars a Catholic from Freemasonry. Regards Rex Kersley
  3. Now on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXyuG0vRpxg
  4. Thanks Mike, I will try that.Cheers Rex
  5. Thanks Mike, but it gets a bit expensive from here.Rex
  6. Having been reading this forum for sometime I thought I would support the shop now that I need some new regalia.However they don't reply to emails. Has anyone else had this problem?RegardsRex KersleyLodge of Discovery 8737
  7. Sentience (12/12/2015)Trouillogan (12/12/2015)vandermas (12/12/2015)Hi I'm just about to undertake my Entered Apprentice Degree, And I'm from Co.Antrim Northern Ireland, And Just started on this Forum and seen the question....Is Tony Blair a Freemason? I know You are all talking about Tony Blair Former PM.'But I thought I would share this with you..'My name is Blair(No relation to the PM)But I have an other brother who has been a Freemason for many years! 'And yes his name is Tony Blair. 'I'm sure he got a lot of curious replies when he asked to visit some Lodges.Hugh Blair.During your initiation in Ireland, I'm sure you'll see the point of Freemasonry; unfortunately the English don't really get it. Welcome and enjoy your new view on life - the answer isn't '42' by the way!Care to expand?The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  8. OK, I get it now. The links did not appear on the forum page, found it on the RSS feed.Appalling, since when does 'upright' mean you had to be able to stand.I am also surprised that this was decided at the ballot. Over here, any member who has issues with a potential candidate is expected to discuss the problem with the Master (or past Masters) before it gets to the ballot.Cheers Rex
  9. It would appear that this has been misunderstood:"we became the recipients of that caring help. Masons were there for many, many weeks doing anything they could to make the worst time in our lives a little more bearable. Everything from mowing our grass to fundraising to wheelchair purchasing; nothing was too much."It seems to me that the Mason helped all they could.Cheers Rexwe became the recipients of that caring help. Masons were there for many, many weeks doing anything they could to make the worst time in our lives a little more bearable. Everything from mowing our grass to fundraising to wheelchair purchasing; nothing was too much. - See more at: http://forum.thefreemason.com/Topic56484.aspx#sthash.O8u73mBm.dpuf
  10. THE CHURCH OF ROME AND FREEMASONRY *by Bro. Will Read* Part of a paper pubblished by:ARS QUATUOR CORONATORUM TRANSACTIONS OF QUATUOR CORONATI LODGE N° 2076Volume 104 for the Year 1991The volume is available at: The Secretery, Q.C.C.C. Ltd., 60 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5BA UKBearing in mind all the documents and statements to which one has referred, and more particularly the absence of mention of Freemasonry in the 1983 codification of canon law, it would appear that the present position regarding a Catholic and membership of the Craft can be set out thus:The Catholic Church now recognizes that there are two distinct divisions within Freemasonry:Regular - those jurisdictions which require from their members a belief in a Supreme Being and which are not inimical to the Church of Rome or to civil authority.Irregular - those jurisdictions which require no profession of faith from their candidates, and which may also be anti-Christian or anti-civil authority, or both.It also recognizes that Freemasonry under the Grand Lodges of England, Ireland and Scotland is in the regular category.A Catholic may join regular Freemasonry but ought to consult his Bishop, through his parish priest, not for permission to join but to ascertain the nature of the jurisdiction concerned.A Catholic hitherto has been, or now is, a member of a regular lodge, need no longer consider himself as excommunicate and therefore has no need of absolution.A Catholic who has in the past abandoned his faith to become a regular freemason is urged to seek reconciliation with his Church.Nowhere, seemingly, has it been stated that a Catholic who has been, is or may become a regular freemason is required to reveal in the confessional either his membership or what occurs in a freemasonic lodge ( on the grounds, presumably, that as a regular mason his membership is not sinful and therefore calls for neither confession nor absolution ).Clerics, those bound by monastic vows and members of secular institutions are still precluded from entering Freemasonry.
  11. C31 Melbourne Community Television, reaching much of the Greater Melbourne, Geelong and West Gippsland areas on free-to-air television.Cheers Rex
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