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  1. Yesterday I was installed into the chair of KS in an excellent ceremony at Joseph Lancaster 3439 at FMH, GQS.Really looking forward to the year ahead.It only seems as though 5 minutes has passed since I was initiated.
  2. Pillars 70 (22/05/2016)I joined this forum a few days ago and look forward to learning and sharing information. I have been a Freemason for nearly 1 month at a fantastic lodge we meet at free masons hall. Great bunch of chaps there.Well! I can't hide anywhere!Welcome to the Forum Bro.The brethren here are very pleasant chaps and I'm sure you'll fit in just nicely :)
  3. Thanks all.It seems like only yesterday I was here asking questions my upcoming initiation!I do work very hard at my ritual and whilst not always word perfect, I do try to deliver it with real sentiment and sincerity.We're fortunate in that we have regular LOIs and many of them are 'officers in rotation' so that we get a chance to practice at the next level.In doing that, I'm already quite comfortable in opening and closing from the chair and even a 1st up to the charge.However, thats in LOI. How it'll be in an open lodge I don't know!
  4. Saturdays meeting of Joseph Lancaster 3439 was indeed a special meeting.We had 8 visitors from the GLNF, including an APGM.But the highlight for me was being pronounced as ME for the ensuing year.We install in September so I have a good bit of time to learn the parts I need to learn.
  5. We have a meeting on the same day at the same place and tyle at 3pm. I'll be invested as SW this year.If you see me say hello. I'll be wearing a black suit, white shirt and craft tie. I'll have a forget me not pin in my lapel so you won't miss me ;)Very best wishes for your year in the chair!
  6. If I thought my initiation had the wow factor, then the sheer drama of the raising, I was most definitely not prepared for that!!What a wonderful ceremony and excellent ritual.It was like being in a film and watching it unfold as the story develops.As I said after my initiation "I should've done it years ago!"
  7. There's also this:http://www.rockride2.com/
  8. Frank (21/10/2013)Congratulations and good luck with your exaltation. Your spelling gave me a (gentle, fraternal) laugh. I imagine you turning up and someone saying, " Haven't we stopped you before" (ex halt). Or worse, the Chapter breathing you out of the hall (exhale). I have seen 'exultation', even on some official letters, and have wondered what it is they have to shout about? Whoops :(My apologies :)Thanks everyone for your kind words.Paul
  9. Just received an email telling me that the ballot has proved favourable and I'm to be exhalted into St Johns Chapter 3972 in Northampton on December 18th.I'm really looking forward to it.Thats my limit for the next few years though.Craft, Mark and Chapter.
  10. It's your night, relax and enjoy it.
  11. Alongside the Grand Lodge book, this could be a fascinating read!
  12. We (Joseph Lancaster 3439) meet on Saturdays at FMH and we dine at the Connaught Rooms next door.We could accommodate 20 visitors with enough notice but maybe the price may inhibit some people as we have the full 5 course option with wine at £44 per person.Our next meeting is April 27th, a Saturday, where we'll be doing a double 1st and presenting a 70 year certificate so I anticipate a couple of Grand Officers from MetGL in attendance. We tyle at 3pm.You'd all be made very welcome.Feel free to PM me should you wish to discuss it further.S&FPaul
  13. Not only are we doing our third double first since September in April, we will also be presenting a 70 year certificate to one of our brethren.I'm under the impression that 70 year certificates are extremely rare.
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