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  1. Gee this is old isn't it? I haven't been on this forum for some time now, sorry guys! I have no idea what this was about, it wasn't our business. Just to bring you up to date, I am still in Taupo, still secretary of Kaimanawa 426. We are in the middle of getting a new Lodge room. we had to sell the old building, it would have cost way too much to bring it up to standard. We have a 35 metre by 7 metre building transprted down from Auckland a few months ago, it is now back on piles, weathertight and we are getting the interior 'sorted' We hope to be able to move in about March/April 2019. At present we are meeting in a community hall in Acacia Bay which is a suburb a few km along the lake from Taupo township. With Christmas and the summer holidays coming up, nothing much will get done from say mid December to mid January!
  2. The women's organisation, Order of the Eastern Star' is not recognised by UGLE but is recognised by the GL of Scotland (also by GL New Zealand)
  3. An old friend of mine here in New Zealand said to me some years ago 'Freemasonry is a wonderful thing. The trouble is, there are people in it' Hi guys, I haven't been around this forum for some time, sorry about that, it's good to be back. I've been pretty busy, now coming up to 22 years as Secretary of Lodge Kaimanawa 426, just can't get rid of the job! We are in the middle of the worst storm for years, it's our winter. Every road from Taupo to the south is closed with heavy snow and ice and severe gales, the ferries between the North and South Islands have been cancelled until at least Friday, all the passes across the Southern Alps are closed and they are still working to clear the big slips on State Highway One in the South Island after the Kaikoura esrthquake. Life is interesting.
  4. If you have an old lambsakin apron, you can clean and renovate it it with liquid white shoe cleaner applied with a brush and the apron left out in the air until the cleaner has dried. Be very careful not to get the cleaner on the blue ribbon, you can use a plastic ruler as a shield' If you do get the cleaner on the ribbon, immediately clean it off with a damp cloth. When the cleaner is dry it does not rub off but may have to be renewed periodically as the apron becomes soiled by ordinary wear and tear
  5. Some of us who have been around for a fairly long time will recall that some years ago, (was it about 15 or 20?) a guy called Rui Gabirro left UGLE and tried to start another Masonic body in UK - THe Regular Grand Lodge of England which sort of morphed into The Masonic High Council. It has a very impressive website! About the same time another ex-mason, Peter Clatworthy also left UGLE and announced that he had 'reponed' the Grand Lodge of All England at York. I can find no trace of that these days so don't know what happened there. Both 'bodies' were (and are if they still exist) highly irregular despite what they may say.. I do remember that there were a few of us had a lot of fun arguing with them on this forum, I'm sure Mike Martin will remember this too.
  6. In my Lodge, Kaimanawa 426, the Lodge presents the outgoing Master with a PM's Jewel which is his for ever and it is worn whatever other rank or position he may attain. If he is Master for a second year, he gets another jewel to wear.
  7. As an old friend (and Past Master) said to me years ago, "Freemasonry is a wonderful thing, the trouble is, there are people in it!"
  8. Here in New Zealand we have the Grand Lodge of New Zealand which was formed in 1890 from existing Lodges under one or other of the English, Scottish or Irish Constitutions changing allegiance to the new Grand Lodge. Since then of course, many new Lodges have been constituted by GLNZ. There is a number of old Lodges, formed before the GLNZ and which retain allegiance to their 'Home' Constitution. They are administered by District Grand Lodges under their 'Home' Constitution. There is an agreement between the GLs that the only new Lodges that are constituted in New Zealand will be under GLNZ
  9. Higher Degrees Russell?THere is no Degree higher than that of Master Mason. Certainly there are appendant or side Degrees which expand and expound on different aspects of the Craft, they are administered by other bodies, not the Grand Lodge of whatever Constitution. Many if not all of them require that one should be a Master Mason in a Craft Lodge as a condition of membership of their particular organisation. That does not make them 'higher'.
  10. There is no symbolism in the knocks, neither is any symbolism intended. THey are a simple practical method of proving the Lodge is properly tyled and to differentiate between reports and alarms, The different knocks of the three degrees are merely to distinguish which Degree the Lodge is in at the time.Regarding the civil war I mentioned, it was the 1745 conflict when 'Bonny Prince Charlie' got as far south as Derby. A bit later than Cromwell .
  11. It all depends on what you mean by "Masons" If you mean workers in stone, they have existed for thousands of years. There were stonemasons built the Great Wall of China and the Pyramids, both in Egypt and South America - and don't forget Stonehenge!. The Greeks and the Romans built in stone, certainly after the Roman Legions were withdrawn from Britain in about 426AD, there was a dearth of building in stone, the invading Vikings were more accustomed to building in wood and there was plenty of that in Britain at the time so the skills were lost over the ensuing 600 years or so. The Normans, who were originally Vikings anyway, they had been in Normandy only about 150 years when William The Bastard invaded Engkand and defeated Harold at Hastings (Battle actually!) There had been building in stone on the continent through the Dark Ages which are not really as 'Dark' as they used to be, and French stonemasons were imported into England to train locals in the long forgotten skills (in Britain) of masonry.However, if you mean our present Craft of Speculative Freemasons, that was a product really of the Enlightenment as the 'brains' and scientists of the day needed to have somewhere where they were able to meet and discuss free of the restrictions in society resulting from the recent civil war and the pressures of party politics and religious dogma.
  12. What's the point of a very small Masonic order that no one knows about, is not publicised anywhere and with only 6 members? It will disappear and no one will be any the wiser.It seems to me that its members must be either extremely arrogant or ashamed of their membership
  13. I have been in this neck of the woods for 49 years and a Freemason for 27 of them. I have never heard of this Order and enquiries among my mates here, some with over 50 years in the Craft and from all over the country have never heard of it either!Sorry about that!
  14. I take your point David. Perhaps your MM Certificate does not come with a pamphlet explaining everything as does ours. I suppose that an explanation of the symbolism is not inappropriate then. Our PM certificates are a very simple statement of the fact that one has served as the Master of Lodge Whatever for a Masonic year. I think in some jurisdictions a similar certificate is presented at the incoming Master's Installation. THese certificates require little in the way of explanation other than acknowledging the fact. It seems to me that we have enough to do learning the Ritual without having all sorts of extraneous charges and explanations for someone to memorise.
  15. I do not think that this sort of presentation should be other than short and informal. Why is it that people have to make a mountain out of a molehill and impart all sorts of ceremonial and flowery speeches on what is essentially a very simple procedure.
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