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  1. Is there a particular rule in English Craft about which toasts are followed by "fire" and which are not? (I have the suspicion I have just opened a can of worms...)
  2. It's also somewhat underground here in Austria. In Poland much more so, partly due to religion, partly due to the country's past. Generally it is hard to attend a meeting unless you are invited by the Lodge first or introduced by one of its members. As far as I know there is no regular lodge working in English. They do have some "Orient" lodges as well. I believe Freemasonry was taken to Poland by French and Scots merchants in the early to mid-1700's.
  3. It's quite "underground" in Poland. You should make contact via your Lodge Secretary and Grand Lodge. My experience has been that it is not a place where you just knock on the door out of the blue and ask to come in. Enjoy your travels.
  4. My father was a member of Lodge Cricket (since handed back it's Warrant). It was in Sydney, Australia under the UGL NSW & ACT and had many international cricketers as members.
  5. My apron has an elastic band which I find helpful. Also consider having a "loop" of some kind sewn onto the back of your apron and hooking that over your suit coat button. I have seen some MM aprons come with this feature (from TKS I think?). Mike
  6. I have also seen this in other Constitutions, including my own. While you are not forbidden here to memorise the ritual it is recommended that you read it so as not to get it wrong. Also to prevent the ritual from being learnt wrongly and thereby changed along the way. Also consider that nowadays very few schools teach their children to recite text as was done in the past. The basic skills for memorisation are not being taught anymore. How many times have we seen someone perform the ritual so badly that you wish someone would hand him a book and say "read it!"? Likewise how many times have we seen someone reading the ritual without even making eye contact with the candidate? In my opinion there are pluses and minus to both memorising and reading. Speeches are read in politics and business, many parts of the Church service are read, so why not ritual in Lodge where it is possible? Obviously izt shoudl also not detract from the floor work e.g. a JD or SD reading from the book while perambulating.
  7. I became a Joining Member of a UGLE Lodge from another constitution so I can also confirm that you have to make the Declaration that you will abide by the BoC of the UGLE and you get a GL Certificate. It looks the same as the MM GL Certificate except it states that your are a joining member from XYZ Lodge under GL of ABC.
  8. In my lodge (non-UGLE) we have one year minumum between degrees. In that time the EA/FC is usually expected to have given a lecture to the Lodge on a subject of his choosing (usually Masonic-related) and performed some part of the ritual, usually the working tools. In the German speaking lodges here the FC are given a book (a "Logenpass") which they are required to have with them when they visit other lodges. They get a stamp fromt he secretary of the lodge theyvisiti to prove they were there. They have to visit at least 5 lodges and give a lecture to their own lodge (which can either be accepted or rejected by the brethren) before they are elligable to be raised. I once attended a lodge meeting where the FC had his lecture rejected by the brethren as not enough work had been put into it. It might seem tough but it does produce a good result. Regarding the university scheme, over here the minimum age to be initiated is 24. One of the reasons for this is that it is hoped that the candidate has already completed their university studies by that age and are somewhat more mature when they join. A MM has to wait 4 years before they are able to join RA.
  9. mikevie


    If memory serves, there was a campaign a couple of years ago by Grand Chapter to raise the awareness of HRA by encouraging companions to wear red/maroon socks (also in Craft meetings).
  10. mikevie


    Looks good Mike. Thanks.
  11. Might have been but I thought they mentioned a rugby themed lodge too for a brief moment.
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