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  1. Mike Martin


    Welcome aboard Ian. ps I've just shifted your topic.
  2. Started watching this American TV series a couple of weeks ago, Ichabod Crane is resurrected into modern day Sleepy Hollow and continues his struggle against the headless horseman. All was going well then in episode 6 it turns out the Ichabod is a Freemason 😎
  3. Mike Martin

    Sporting Freemasons

    I randomly found this on the Net and thought it might be interesting. I was particularly struck by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's entry: http://freemasonry.london.museum/it/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Sportsmen-in-English-Lodges-Aug-2016.pdf
  4. Mike Martin

    Hey there

    No point in private questions as the members here are just as able to share their knowledge and opinions with you as I am Also if you're resident in Turkey, you could contact the Grand Lodge of Turkey for guidance: http://www.mason.org.tr/web/en_index.html
  5. Mike Martin

    Greetings all

  6. Mike Martin

    Hey there

    Hi Matheo and welcome to the Forum. I am afraid there's not much that we can do for you as this Forum (along with the majority of its members) is actually based in the UK. However it will be even more difficult for you as Freemasonry is not a very well established pastime in Syria with no more than a handful of Lodges established under the Grand Lodge of New York. I suspect that they will have ceased operating since the war began. The only info I could find was this: https://nymasons.org/site/districts-lodges/district-grand-lodge-syria-lebanon/
  7. Mike Martin


    Trouilligan and Sontaran have raised exactly the issues this raised for me. Although we're all in the UK and can't actually advise you I think it would be nice to have a better idea of what you're actually proposing. I remember an American Lodge handing its Warrant back to its Grand Lodge in order to go it alone a few years ago and that didn't end too well as no one wanted to interact with it except the Grand Orient of the United States which I think has also crumbled nowadays.
  8. It may be more straight forward to put him in contact with the Province: http://www.pglforfarshire.org/
  9. Mike Martin

    Gutted that I Couldn't Go

    I find that hard to believe, during my past involvement with the armed forces personnel always tended to show great happiness when someone turned their lives around for the better. I find it even harder to imagine that any veteran, let alone one who is also a Freemason, wouldn't have the ability to recognise the change of character someone would have to undergo to get where these chaps are now especially if their start to life was so negative.
  10. Mike Martin


    I agree with Trouillogan, in my humble opinion all that is really needed is to remove this almost obsessional belief (amongst some of our number) that somehow "Degree work" is the ONLY work and get back to understanding that the real "work" of a Lodge is to a) help its members to understand the content of the Ceremonies by working the Lectures of the Degrees and providing an advancement in wider Masonic knowledge by encouraging the delivery of talks on other Masonic subjects in open Lodge and b) to enjoy the fellowship of their Lodge and its many vistors.
  11. To this in the end as MCF duty called me to the Isle of Man. However, the double Initiation of, not one but, two current VC holders into Queensman Lodge No. 2694 deserves to be noted: http://queensmanlodge.co.uk/index_files/Page453.htm
  12. Mike Martin


    The UGLE launched the Members Pathway initiative last December and a copy of the booklet arrived with Freemasonry Today, some details here: https://www.freemasonrytoday.com/ugle-sgc/ugle/the-launch-of-the-new-members-pathway
  13. Mike Martin

    Brazilian visitors

    Did you send it to Office@metgl.com ? If yes it will be picked up as long as you remembered to mention your UGLE Lodge too, otherwise it will be forwarded to the UGLE to deal with.
  14. Mike Martin

    Brazilian visitors

    I believe that Joselito is still a member of a Lodge under the UGLE so the strict requirements of international contact is not necessary, in the same way that I can contact a DGL before travelling abroad he is able to contact Provinces or MetGL here without need of an intermediary.
  15. See item 2 of the fuller summary of proposals: http://www.euronews.com/2018/05/17/italy-s-coalition-programme-plan-point-by-point