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  1. UGLE Recognition Withdrawn of GL of Albania

    It is much better to not speculate and deal with facts, so I'll ask what everyone is wondering. What is the Grand Lodge that your new Lodge is under? What was the former?
  2. UGLE Recognition Withdrawn of GL of Albania

    What are you going on about? There is nothing in our rules that says someone can't get Initiated wherever they want. What our criteria for recognition do show is that we will only extend recognition to grand lodges that meet the criteria. I think you need to take the time to read things more carefully before replying!
  3. Greetings from Aberdeen

    Hi and welcome back. If you wish you can always reactivate your old User ID
  4. Hi Mike, we have had a couple of meetings about the Visiting Volunteers, more details coming so they tell us, I do think that if it gets off of the ground as it were it will be a good thing. We will have to wait and see how things wortk outy in the near future.

    1. Mike Martin

      Mike Martin

      Hi David,

      Don't worry it will defo get off the ground and once it does everyone in the Province will be moaning about why it wasn't done years ago :):).




  5. Hello from Sweden.

    Welcome aboard Rasmus.
  6. Dave Rees

    Hi David and welcome to the Forum. Just out of interest have you had any communication from your Provincial Almoner about the upcoming roll out of Visiting Volunteers in your Province?
  7. UGLE Recognition Withdrawn of GL of Albania

    When the idea of the "Ancient Landmarks" came about there were no Grand Lodges and Freemasonry only existed within the British Isles! So that's a pretty redundant point. However recognition of foreign Grand Lodges is about a lot more than landmarks and you can see what is involved here: https://masonic-forum.com/index.php?/topic/690-basic-principles-for-grand-lodge-recognition-ugle/
  8. At Quarterly Communications on Wednesday Grand Lodge resolved to temporarily suspend relations, as below The Grand Lodge of Albania The Grand Lodge of Albania was formed in 2011 and recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England in 2013. In 2014 the Grand Master of Albania consecrated a Lodge in Kosovo, an action regarded by other Grand Lodges in the area as unwarranted and an invasion of territory within the Masonic sphere of the Regular Grand Lodge of Serbia. At a meeting of European Grand Masters in Belgrade in June 2015, an agreement was drawn up and signed by the Grand Master of Albania that, inter alia, the Lodge in Kosovo would be withdrawn to Albania and he would enter into discussions with the Grand Master of Serbia as to the future development of Freemasonry in Kosovo. Since the signing of that agreement Albania has consecrated a further two Lodges in Kosovo. The Board considered that it would be in the best interests of the Grand Lodge for it to suspend relations with the Grand Lodge of Albania while further enquiries are made into the situation and consideration is given to any necessary further action. A Resolution to this effect was approved.
  9. Belt tightening

    I would suggest taking it to your local alteration Tailor and getting him/her to machine stitch a tuck into the strap. This way you can reverse the process (by unpicking the stitches) if you need to at a later date.
  10. QC today

    I hope it all goes well for you today, I won't be there to witness it as I am too busy down in the basement rolling out VVs.
  11. Hello from Yorkshire

    Welcome to the Forum
  12. From the GLoS Facebook page: BBC DOCUMENTARY - UPDATE As many of you will know there is a forthcoming BBC documentary about Scottish Freemasonry. The date of the broadcast is Monday, 19 March at 21.00 hrs on BBC 2. It is not possible to provide any more details (it is down to the way the media 'works') and you will all now just have to be patient! Any member of the media (in any shape or form) who asks for further information must be directed to James Gough at the BBC Press Office. More to follow in a week or so... The GLoS Facebook Team
  13. Where can I buy this book?

    Always difficult when you can't even get a book from its Publisher (Ian Allen Masonic in this case) it means you will just have to be patient and search for second hand copies. Although it may be worth contacting Martin Faulks at Lewis Masonic to see if they have any plans to re-publish.
  14. Earliest Mark Mason

    Nice to see a potted history of the Mark that for once recognises no blame for it being a separate body lays with the UGLE. Many who peddle that particular tale don't realise that the same Grand Officers (of UGLE) that had the vote derailed were the same who, a very short time later, held the principle Grand Offices of the new GL MMM.
  15. Who was Adoniram?

    I think the difficulty that you're going to face is that the "source" material (the Old Testament) for this Masonic character doesn't actually give much information about him other than what has already been mentioned. What complicates it further Freemasonry takes him and seems to give him a "job" which is at odds with that information.