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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-66738674?fbclid=IwAR09wgd2QCRGtgAD9DfKRvRB2B4VN8dbx0wjEkDS4ynoQUjnUAtWnU-B-Aw_aem_AVddEWIdBeP4hlw57btiMH1BDer95jjgdNGmj92xdMDyv3vAUzaIedKcEXDuttid0rA
  2. If you're asking because you're "unattached", you would need to enquire what (if any) rules the "importing" Grand Lodge has about visiting as an "unattached" Freemason. If you are currently subscribing there would be no limit and it is up to you.
  3. Hopefully it was just a hiccup and Bill is OK as it's back up and running now. I'd suggest reaching out and checking up on him.
  4. Well same offer as before, you're more than welcome to ask any questions here.
  5. Hiya and welcome back, it's been a while. Your tattoos alone would not cause a problem, unless they were extremist or generally socially unacceptable, because we are looking more at your character when we are considering whether you would make a good Freemason. As an aside, while some people don't like tattoos forget age it's nothing to do with that. It's just that some people just don't like tattoos, my Dad's 75 and he's got more than me. While it is obvious that some Freemasons are posh just as many and probably more are not and just are normal blokes who you will down the Pub on a Friday or at the football on a Saturday. As I said to you before it is one of the most open and welcoming organisations you would ever get involved in. As I'm nosey, can I ask what went wrong last time you were here?
  6. Hi Fidelio, In common with all the variations of these watch fobs the "Scottish" variant is very hard to research as they are just jewellery produced by jewellers who saw a market. It is harder with this though as it has no "Makers Mark" on it to identify the jeweller who made them. So rarity can only be based on how many are in the market at any one time and this variant is few and far between probably because they were produced specifically for Scottish Freemasons. The only useful info I could share is based on my experience as a long-term collector and that is that they are not as rare as the "Broken Column" and "3 sided pyramid" versions but they only turn up infrequently.
  7. If you're referring to the site which showcases part of my collection I did actually say "rarer" rather than "rare" when talking about the "Long Armed Victorian" but I actually wrote those descriptions 10-15 years ago.
  8. Hi there, The thing about antique jewellery is that it's price is set by the people who want to buy it. 20 years ago this type of watch fob was fetching around £350 a time on Ebay but as they have become more common that price is being asked but not being given. If you listed it for £200 you would sell it relatively easy but higher amounts means you will need to be very patient.
  9. I suspect we'll only get to know when/if the another annual report is published.
  10. Hammersmith Lodge No. 2090 was Erased in 2017, not that there is any real need for help with the topic as the actual question was answered.
  11. Hi there and welcome to the Forum. I have had to remove the link from your post and the second (aka spam) time that you posted it as it breaks the rules of the Forum (9a specifically) please do read the rules before posting again (link below) and I am sure that we all look forward to getting to know you a bit better.
  12. Hi there and welcome to the Forum, It can be quiet but if you throw some bait in you'll get some nibbles eventually.
  13. It'll be interesting to see if they have got enough stuff they can use as an exhibition.
  14. Snippet: Anti-vaccination graffiti has been found on the pavement outside the Freemason’s Grand Lodge in Dublin which was damaged in a suspected arson attack on New Year’s Eve. Full story: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/anti-vaccination-graffiti-found-after-suspected-arson-at-masonic-hall-1.4767318
  15. I see that there was a Lodge and Chapter named after him but was Sir Crawford himself actually a Freemason?
  16. That will be because the RoI Govt. has made different Covid19 stipulations to the Northern Ireland Assembly. The RoI seems to require lots of evidence of vaccination for indoor activities, this of course is not under GLoI's control. We have had similar situations in the mainland where England, Scotland and Wales have all had different responses to social distancing over the last year and that's not to mention the Islands of Man, Guernsey, Jersey who have also had their own responses too.
  17. I suppose the simplest way to explain it is that to the non-Freemason, on the outside, it looks as if there is one entity called Freemasonry but in reality there are actually 100s and they do not all interact or talk to each other. Most of the variants of M&M fall into the category of small and relatively isolated as they tend not to be recognised by the mainstream and oldest version of Freemasonry where they are. So for example it is quite possible that the Lodge you will be talking to will have not been chartered by https://www.grandlodge.gr/ which is the Grand Lodge of Greece that most versions of Freemasonry around the world do recogise and interact with. In reality this will have little impact on your Freemasonry if you only intend to fraternise around its Lodges but you will not be allowed to visit Lodges under Grand Lodges that do not extend recognition to yours. It's like everything, the impact is determined by what you're looking for.
  18. Hi Panos, welcome to the Forum.
  19. I'm not sure whether it's recruiting or not:
  20. snippet: Freemasons to move into former Chester Age UK shop The Queen Street property in Chester was formally occupied by an Age UK shop and advice centre Full article: https://www.cheshire-live.co.uk/news/chester-cheshire-news/freemasons-move-former-chester-age-21099299
  21. Dumfriesshire Freemasons make Generous Donation to Fire-Hit Wheelchair Athletics Club Snippet: Freemasons and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Dumfriesshire joined forces to donate £5,500 to the club, which lost its specialist equipment in a fire in May full story: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/dumfriesshire-freemasons-make-generous-donation-24523391
  22. His answer is not in any way "political" it is just factual. You have either been misled or have misunderstood what you have seen so far and have the wrong idea of what this Fraternity offers to its members. If Freemasonry could be learnt from reading books about Freemasonry there would be no need for Lodges! I would recommend you follow my earlier advice so that you can make an advancement in Masonic knowledge.
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