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  1. I'm not sure whether it's recruiting or not:
  2. snippet: Freemasons to move into former Chester Age UK shop The Queen Street property in Chester was formally occupied by an Age UK shop and advice centre Full article: https://www.cheshire-live.co.uk/news/chester-cheshire-news/freemasons-move-former-chester-age-21099299
  3. Thanks for the heads-up, I have updated the link.
  4. Dumfriesshire Freemasons make Generous Donation to Fire-Hit Wheelchair Athletics Club Snippet: Freemasons and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Dumfriesshire joined forces to donate £5,500 to the club, which lost its specialist equipment in a fire in May full story: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/dumfriesshire-freemasons-make-generous-donation-24523391
  5. His answer is not in any way "political" it is just factual. You have either been misled or have misunderstood what you have seen so far and have the wrong idea of what this Fraternity offers to its members. If Freemasonry could be learnt from reading books about Freemasonry there would be no need for Lodges! I would recommend you follow my earlier advice so that you can make an advancement in Masonic knowledge.
  6. When you join Freemasonry you will find Freemasonry not those other things, although you might come across the odd person who is interested in those things. The best thing you can do is find the website of the Grand Lodge where you are and read and if interested make contact. Based on your IP address this would seem to be the right one: https://thegrandlodgeofmacedonia.org/en/home-en/
  7. The first thing that you will have to do is write to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex to see if it is allowing new Lodges to be consecrated as there was a moritorium put on new Lodges throughout the UGLE some years ago. Nowadays you have to explain why there is a need for a new Lodge, information about the Past Masters and others that will be the Founders and information about the Candidates that you have waiting for it to come about and explain why it will be successful etc. You may have noticed that over the last few years that the only new Lodges have been "special interest" Lodges such as the rugby, football, motoring, etc ones or under the District GLs.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-hampshire-57059148
  9. Absolutely no reason at all why there should be any change to our rules, especially as there is, and has been for over 100 years, a version of Freemasonry where men and women sit together in Lodge. All you have to do is look at its size compared to the original to see whether it is the "future" or not.
  10. That is a question for the Freemasons where you are in the World. What I can tell you is that any membership of your grandfather or uncle will ONLY have any relevance if they are the ones Proposing you to membership of the Lodges that they are members of. Whether you are accepted or not depends solely on you as a person.
  11. Welcome to the Forum, are you looking to become a Freemason?
  12. The response remains the same, only the Freemasons where you are can tell you the answer.
  13. As I understand it, some US Grand Lodges are very hot on the requirement to believe in "God's Revealed Will" but the only way to be sure is to contact the Freemasons where you are.
  14. Welcome to the Forum from a wet n' windy Kent. In my youth I used to be heavily into F&SF and even used to be a member of the F&SF Book Club. Also did my fair share of RPGing (board and live) as a teen. Nowadays my intake is more sedentary mainly coming from Netflix.
  15. Hello Ahmed and welcome to our Forum. The first problem that you will face in trying to join a Lodge will be to find a Lodge! I'm afraid that Freemasonry has been frowned upon in Egypt since the 1950s and If I remember correctly I remember reading that it was banned in the 1970s.
  16. So hello there and welcome to our Forum. If you haven't read them yet please read the Forum Rules (especially 2 and 5) they're here; It seems obvious that you're not a Freemason as we all know that the " All-Seeing-Eye" is a straight forward reference to the Creator of all's omnipresence and his ability therefore to be aware of everything. Please if you have questions about Freemasonry feel free to ask them, once your ability to post has been restored.
  17. Hi there and welcome, As my colleague says, here in England it would be unlikely to be a bar but as you're not here it is hard to answer. The best thing that you can do is contact the Grand Lodge of Sweden (https://frimurarorden.se/en/) there are other requirements that we don't have here so someone there will be best placed to give you answers.
  18. Hi Dale, It's not actually possible to accurately date this particular variant of orb due to it being silver-gilt (like gold plate but better) and therefore not fully hallmarked although sometimes one of the clasp arms can carry the 9ct mark as they are usually gold and I've not come across their original seller. One day I might discover one with a patent mark or that appears in a regalia/jewellery catalogue which I could then date. There's also not a lot that can be told about them other than that it is a piece of jewellery that will have been purchased and owned by a pocket watch wearing Freemason at some point early in the 20th Century, The version of the symbols inside are less common than the version that turns up. As to value that is down to market forces and although you will see people listing these or similar on Ebay for fabulous amounts of money, in the $600 - 800 area, they don't actually sell for that unless the seller is very lucky. This is also very much affected by its condition, weight, etc but if yours is in immaculate condition you could probably expect to get $350 - 450 for it with a favourable wind.
  19. Hi Sam, As you're in the US you may struggle as it is my understanding that some Grand Lodges out there require a bit more than just belief in a supreme being. It would be best for you to search for the grand lodge of the state where you live and you should find the qualifications.
  20. So to clear up one thing, it's not masonic or related to Freemasonry but Mr Google tells us that it was a fraternal organisation back in the 1900s which metamorphosised into an insurance company called Liberty National.
  21. Hi there and welcome to the Forum. Freemasonry is not really a thing you can read you have to experience it, which is why you will find that serious Freemasons will advise against it. Books written by actual Freemasons speculating about hidden meanings and such are intended for other Freemasons as without experiencing the Degree ceremonies you have no chance of understand what they're writing about. Those written by non-Masons are just guessing and of no use. Rather than trying to read you should reach out to local Freemasons and talk with them about what it entails.
  22. It's an old lament but offered to you in good faith, be careful not to extrapolate your own personal experiences of Freemasonry to all of Freemasonry. What your Lodge, or even your Province, does is not necessarily what is done in the other approximately 7,000 Lodges under the other 46 Provinces and Met GL of the UGLE.
  23. Ahh, so PM in a Province and PZ in London? This would distract when it comes to "honours" as here under MetGL they are not quite as "automated" as they seem to be in some Provinces and are related to your potential future service to "London Masonry" as well as your past. You need to be at least 5 years out of the Chair of a London Lodge and active to have your name put forward to be considered here.
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