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  1. Dr James Naismith accredited with inventing and writing the original rules for the game of basketball in 1891 was a Freemason: http://freemasonry.bcy.ca/biography/naismith_j/naismith_j.html
  2. Could be but the circle itself is just the frame, as per the other symbols around the building.
  3. Pretty terrible behaviour! Although in a Masonic Hall no guarantee that it was actually Freemasons, only time will tell. Snippet: An investigation has been launched into a shocking 'blackface' stunt filmed in a masonic hall in Belfast. The video has been met with outrage and widely condemned by local politicians. The footage shows a man dressed in a controversial costume historically used as a caricature of a black person and now widely considered highly racist and offensive. Full story here: https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/video-fury-over-sickening-blackface-skit-performed-at-belfast-freemasons-hall-38143222.html
  4. Having now looked at the rest of the engravings on the walls, I am pretty sure that it is a poorly drawn mitre as in Grand High Priest in AMD.
  5. It doesn't look particularly Masonic, in fact it looks a bit like a Mitre in a Triangle. What building is it on?
  6. Hello and welcome to the Forum. Most of us here are what you could call "well seasoned" and can probably help with your questions. What I would just iterate is that as a result of the fact that we are Freemasons we do deal with the actuality of Freemasonry which may not accord with what you've read depending, of course, on what you've read. So please ask in the relevant area/s of the Forum and we'll give it a go.
  7. I always let go of my concern by reminding myself that for every "horror story" or even proven "bad apple" there is at least a thousand perfectly good Freemasons happily making the world a better place starting with themselves.
  8. Some years ago, I was involved in a situation with the Grand Charity where when I made contact with the Lodge for background and explanation I was told that it was "instructed by Province to Initiate him" regarding a man who had applied to GC for financial assistance a fortnight after his Initiation. He had been in financial distress for some years prior to his admission and help was his motivation for joining the Lodge, unsurprisingly he did not remain a member after his application proved unsuccessful.
  9. In the recently circulated bUGLE update there are updates to the Pathway document and we see the statement below which we should all be aware of: “The Tercentenary celebrations created an increase in public interest in Freemasonry and in the number of applications from unsuitable people. Lodges must be prepared to reject them.”
  10. Hi Eric and welcome to the Forum. I would disagree that there is little benefit to visiting as an FC, which is why I try to organise a meeting to another Lodge as quickly as I can after our new boys have been through each. Aside from the usual fraternisation after the meeting it also gives you a fair chance to get your head properly around what you went through in your own degrees to witness someone else doing them.
  11. Greetings and welcome to this Forum which is based in England in the UK.
  12. There's nothing Masonic about it but I think it may be the emblem of the anti-Trekkers What does the other side look like?
  13. Just a thought but you could always contact the Regalia company (name at top of page) that provides this very forum for our use.
  14. There are some job vacancies at the MCF presently if you or someone you know has the relevant skills and abilities please do apply: https://mcfjobs.engageats.co.uk/LoginV2.aspx?enc=vDVLPY6BrOnmx9szwB5icCcJDrmWSTCXgiZzICsvqNN8YFhRYmoUV2CyOWOzv0dF
  15. Ha ha, not an English Freemason no. Maybe in Switzerland where he has actually been living for some years.
  16. There is a new vacancy for a "Marketing Executive" at the MCF's Head Office, in London. To view details and apply if suitably qualified follow this link: https://mcfjobs.engageats.co.uk/LoginV2.aspx?enc=89P/FNY6yWSYthL0Sm0QOQEe45E008pfaG1/zvlUev4=
  17. Will do, how much notice do you need for Dining guests?
  18. Hi Sven, welcome to the Forum and Happy New Year to you. Please do tell us a bit about yourself.
  19. Hi Paul, welcome to the Forum and Happy New Year.
  20. I just randomly found this while looking for something for work and thought it would be nice to share:
  21. Yes very true, although I'm sticking with London to get started, it's easier to fit in that way
  22. I think I'd quite like to visit 192, I've got a bit of a thing about "Atholl" Lodges at the moment and want to visit some.
  23. The basic Lodge dress requirement for meetings is "dark lounge suit". I usually try to avoid black so my suits are normally a dark grey with a nice pinstripe although I'm presently wearing a black 3-piece.
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