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  1. I think I'd quite like to visit 192, I've got a bit of a thing about "Atholl" Lodges at the moment and want to visit some.
  2. The basic Lodge dress requirement for meetings is "dark lounge suit". I usually try to avoid black so my suits are normally a dark grey with a nice pinstripe although I'm presently wearing a black 3-piece.
  3. Ha ha, there you go this piece was short
  4. There are no real timescales to quote they will be looking to find a volunteer from a Lodge who has the time to meet and engage with you, so it's very stringlike.
  5. If you or someone you know is suitably qualified please do apply, Charity Grants Manager: https://mcfjobs.engageats.co.uk/LoginV2.aspx?enc=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
  6. Hello and welcome to the Forum, have a look around definitely ask any questions you have. have you found a Lodge and Proposer or are you just starting the journey?
  7. Snippet: The historically "secret society" of the Freemasons has been mired in conspiracy theories and controversy for years, but young Australians are looking past that and choosing to become part of the fraternity. In the past, the Freemasons' initiation process was highly secretive. Members had to be approached to join, had to meet certain criteria, and a guard stood outside lodge meetings to ensure only male members could attend. Whole article: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-11-21/young-people-joining-freemasons-connect-changing-world/10508708
  8. Don’t worry about that I know little of such things. I work in Freemasons’ Hall but for the Masonic Charitable Foundation not the UGLE, they’re very different entities. Lunch meetings are always my favourite.
  9. Hi Moses and welcome. Please do tell us a bit about yourself and share your Lodge details if you are a Freemason and if not just tell us about your interest.
  10. My Gt Granddad was a member of the Ancient Order of Druids (the fraternity not the friendly society) back at the turn of the 20th Century and I have his Grand Lodge certificate and a photo of their Tug of War team from 1910. I tried to do some research on it a couple of decades ago and found that it had ceased to exist but that a guy was trying to research and document it but I can't remember his name now. The first thing to be aware of is that the fraternal Druid Orders are not a part of Freemasonry although they did seem somewhat imitative of it but then again during the 1800s there were dozens of fraternities that were similar to Freemasonry and some of them still exist today including the Buffaloes and Gardeners. Here is some background for you: http://freemasonry.london.museum/it/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/The-Druid-Orders.pdf
  11. If you came into Freemasons' Hall during the week you should've looked me up.
  12. If you've ever wanted to get a feel what Freemasonry was like in the past these make fascinating reading: https://masonicperiodicals.org/
  13. What I get from this is the phenomenon that when we all join, respectively fresh-faced, we buy into all that "on-the-level" stuff and we have to assume that all, the "senior" brethren did too so where did it go when they received their respective "Provincial Honours" and why do they start trying to translate "honour" into "rank".
  14. Maybe they're confusing the S&C with the statue of Sikander in the "Temple":
  15. Good news, I hope that it all gets sorted so you can continue with Freemasonry in your new State.
  16. Well that settles it really, as you're not interested in Freemasonry just an agenda I'm afraid your time with us is up.
  17. A job for the Lawyers, I'd say.
  18. Further to Trouilli's post, I pretty sure that Rule 143 is just making it plain that the Officers of a Lodge can't pawn the Lodge's belongings while they are in Office.
  19. Just to highlight that 4 days probably won’t be anywhere enough time to realistically expect a response as only the biggest Grand Lodges in the world actually have paid staff, the vast majority rely on volunteers (even Grand Secretaries) just like Lodges do. I would also suggest actually phoning and sending a letter rather than relying on easily missed email.
  20. Hi again Johann, i did ask you to read the rules and so I hope that you have. regarding the misinformation you posted regarding Pike it shows that you (unlike me) haven’t actually read Morals and Dogma but are quoting a conspiracy theory about it and what is written within it. You’ll find the refutation of “outer portico” in this topic here: Finally if you’re not interested in finding out about Freemasonry, there is actually little point in being a member of this Forum.
  21. Hi Johann, From all that I get the impression that you are not actually a Freemason. While this Forum welcomes non Masons it is only to ask questions about Freemasonry and we don’t really get into conspiracy theories. So please check the rules and we look forward to your questions about Freemasonry.
  22. Sorry to echo Richard again but I do think that you should communicate with your Grand Secretary about this, especially if you want to join a new Lodge in your new State. When you apply to join a new Lodge you will be asked for the details of any Lodges of which you have been a member and that is where the difficulties may begin if you don’t sort this. As if not fixed this Lodge will be able to cause problems. i do hope you get it fixed and that your ex Lodge is encouraged, by your Grand Secretary, to deal with you fairly.
  23. As Sontaran says we can't help you very much with specifics as this Forum is actually UK based and the majority of its members are over here rather than in the US. He is also correct that you need to speak to the Grand Lodge that your Lodge is under for guidance about your status. Once you have done that you should write (preferably a letter) to the Secretary of your erstwhile Lodge to ask for written clarification of your Dues status as they are generally set by your Lodge. As to random people on Facebook saying random things, I'm afraid that is the nature of social media and the best thing you can do is ignore it and seek proper answers from Masonic authority.
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