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  1. New guidance from MMH tells Secretaries of Orders they administer what to do - essentially put a copy of the suspension order in the Minute Book then (when it comes) a copy of the resumption order. I've already printed off 6 copies of the suspension order!
  2. To quote from the obligation in one of the progressive Orders - 'so long as he prove worthy and I be able to assist'.
  3. We could always go back to the system used by the Antients' Grand Lodge which allowed lodges to work any degree they wished! (Ducks and runs for cover.....)
  4. HSBC are a real pain and seem to have forgotten customer service. Barclays do Community Accounts - recommended in the Sunday Times today as it happens. All banks have to go through the same procedures though sometimes they can be awkward - for one where I am a signatory we have been told we need to get a death certificate before a former signatory can be removed!
  5. Remember that Chapter in Ireland is a bit different. I don't think they have AMD, given they have Knight Masons that cover much of the same area.
  6. I was thinking of all those Orders where it is just 'The Queen'.
  7. The Order of Athelstan has the fastest toast-taking going. Loyal Toast, then sit; all other toasts taken one after another standing with no speeches; sit for Commemoration. Toasts over in less than 5 minutes! Another short-cut in Craft etc., after the GM, is 'Rulers Supreme and Subordinate' which covers Grand Lodge/PGM/Province. That can really only be done if the senior Brother present agrees - which most will do as it saves popping up and down.
  8. Prescott's argument seems based round an apparent lack of direct evidence. There's a maxim used in Archaeology that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence!
  9. I thought it told you what the font was even if you didn't have it - I'm sure I've had a number of documents arrive like that.
  10. If a document is issued by a province or UGLE as a doc. or docx. file, then the name of the font should show up. The trouble is that they all seem to come out as pdf files!
  11. If is has been specially commissioned, it will be copyright and probably restricted.
  12. I have a horrible feeling that this will run and run.... All I will say is that, as an avid viewer of Time Team (and watching re-runs of it) there is an important dictum in Archaeology - 'absence of evidence is not evidence of absence'.
  13. Just tried the link and it comes up as expired. Anyone got another link?
  14. With Android, I find that Google Chrome is the best browser
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