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  1. And I salute you for sticking to your principles, much the same as some of us in Rose Croix feel.
  2. Your parents religion isn't an issue for Candidates, only your own. Or was. If you professed the Christian faith and a belief the Holy Trinity, you would be accepted. Of course now, you just have to accept the ritual based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
  3. Everybody still has to get through the ballot. But, rather than black ball someone who isn't of the Christian faith, I'd walk.
  4. I know of a Mason who was cut off from his church because in the eyes of the Priest, Freemasonry conflicted with Catholicism. The only area it conflicts is charitable giving in my view, as I follow the notion that the Catholic Church wants your spare cash on the donation plate and being a Mason means it is going to other causes and that they don't get it. I add that the same Priest told the congregation that a woman's place was in the home raising the children, thereby demonstrating his archaic views.
  5. Be interesting to see what is done about the regalia for E&P Brethren who are not Christian considering it is covered in crosses. I see they have also changed it to admit Brethren who have been MMs for at least 6 months from the previous requirement of 12 months. This is lifted from the website of the SC33 today; Who Can Join? All candidates for membership of the Ancient and Accepted Rite under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Council for England and Wales must profess the Trinitarian Christian faith and have been Master masons for at least one year in UGLE, or have joined a lodge under UGLE from a recognised Grand Lodge. Affiliation of candidates owing allegiance to other Supreme Councils is permitted only in exceptional circumstances (subject to prior enquiry to the Grand Secretary General). Any Brother wishing to visit a Chapter, or receive a visit from a member of a Chapter, in one of those jurisdictions with which the Supreme Council is in amity, other than Scotland, requires prior approval. With effect from 1 March 2024, the Supreme Council for England and Wales has decreed that any Brother who has been a Master Mason in UGLE for at least six months and who is willing to join the Order by means of a degree based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth will be eligible for membership.
  6. In what is being perceived by many as an exercise to put bums on seats, the A&AR is being opened up to non Christian religions. The IG of Worcestershire has resigned already and I'm sure there'll be more resignations from members. The wording of the ritual is to be enforceably changed by 2025 with Perfections from March 2024 expected to change to the new ritual then. I can't help thinking that this isn't going to have the result the SC33 expected.
  7. We are of the same opinion. Times are changing and Ladies/Partner festivals are old hat. Once you've been to a few, they're all more or less the same. The wives/partners are often embarrassed at their Masonic other half trying to sing and keeping gifts to a reasonable price, means it is more or less the same thing every year. Far better to do something less stuffy, cheaper and where everyone can let their hair down (if they've still got it).
  8. I'm all for including wive's/partners and family at white table evenings and social gatherings. They put up with us enough. But Masonic toasts and fire are a no, no while they are present for me.
  9. I'm uncomfortable that you are doing toasts while staff are serving dinner. As a former DC of my mother Lodge, the room would be cleared of all non-Masons prior to any toasts and certainly if fire were to be given. Taking of wine perhaps, but even then, it would be construed as rudeness to the staff. But, your Province/District and if there's no complaint from on high, so be it.
  10. I've just come out of the chair post pandemic, this being a second Lodge I've been the WM in. I found the uptake very lacking and had to cancel. Members I found are still reluctant to gather in large numbers and pay OTT for food that is average. I prefer a white table after a meeting, but even better, casual social gatherings away from the halls where people are more open to relax and mingle. I do agree with Medic that the format is tired after years of attending the things and overly expensive, particularly for small Lodges. Interesting that you do toasts and Masonic fire with non-Masons present though, as its been suggested that this is a no, no?
  11. I remember it was some appeal for Lodge contributions. All those Lodges that participated were given the jewel.
  12. For those closer to the number crunchers, is there any idea what the fall out rate has been nationally for the Craft and HRA? It's obvious on a local level that numbers have fallen, in part due to the Pandemic, which also gave members time to discover things outside of Freemasonry and rekindle old interests.
  13. Any premises has the right to impose conditions of entry on users of the premises. If people want to use them, abide by the conditions. If they don't want to observe and comply with the conditions, don't moan when they can't get in.
  14. I read it as the details of the various ranks and offices within those Lodges. Call it my wary retired plod brain.
  15. Okay, but the bit in red is a little confusing.
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