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  1. "you freely and voluntarily offer yourself a Can etc" doesn't seem to have been applied.
  2. So is that one, it's just a library image. As they appear on the collar.
  3. Mine certainly has it adorned to the WM's collar.
  4. Rose Croix only has the one ceremony until you attain higher degrees, but doesn't feel stifled or restricted by it. I'm not in the Mark degree, but associate with plenty that are and have never heard any critical comment about it. Conversely and behind closed doors, HRA is often referred to as the marmite degree; some like it, some don't and quite a few drop out. It's also interesting that some Districts use membership of the HRA as a requirement to gain Active Honours. Maybe this is why some don't enjoy it, as it must seem like being press ganged into something.
  5. At our Installation, the IM read out a short explanation of this jewel adorned to the WM's collar.
  6. Quite right Mike. I referred to the 2nd Degree TB for the accompaniment of the knocks at it's mention.
  7. You might want to revisit the 2nd degree Tracing Board where the G is specifically mentioned. To say it isn't recognised is incorrect. UGLE simply doesn't display it within the S&C.
  8. Nevertheless, the system is still open to abuse unless monitored and governed by an independent panel of administrators.
  9. Here, the Honours system has been based on attendance both at meetings and the FB, Offices held after the chair, ritual delivery and charitable activities/additional work for the Province. Hit all the criteria and you'll get Active rank. Don't and you will get a Past Rank. Be really not up to the mark and you'll get nothing.
  10. Senior roles? Seriously, the JW & SW roles themselves are simple. The WM Installation of his successor and obligations for candidates are simple enough if you put the time in.
  11. I don't see that you can differentiate between the two. The Military doesn't grab people and say sign here and join up. They have vetting procedures and tests for all applicants, just the same as Freemasonry. They don't parade around saying take a leaflet or accost people to ask if the Military has ever interested them. All the same as Freemasonry. We don't openly tap people on the shoulder and say do you want to join. But we do put an exposure out there to interest people. Just look at the attached images from Masonic stands at shows around the country.. That is recruitment even if it isn't directly asking the question. I can still remember when I enlisted in the Army and how long it took to get the warrant to head to my recruit selection centre. I can tell you that it took a lot longer than getting into Freemasonry after the initial approach. I hasten to add that I didn't ask to join. I was tapped on the shoulder and asked if it interested me.
  12. Always. Volunteers have the option of PVR (Premature Voluntary Release) or seeing out their agreed term of service. Nobody is press-ganged into service in the British Armed Forces. All the Military do is tattoos, regional shows, parades etc. Masonic Halls open the doors to the public on a regular basis and do stands at public fetes. It's recruitment no matter how you want to indicate that it isn't. That somebody wants to join is a voluntary choice.
  13. Maybe things ought to go back to how they were many years ago. Interested parties had to attend several social functions to be considered worthy of applying. If successful on interview, they still waited at least 12 months to be Initiated. It could in some cases take 5 years to get in, a test of stamina if ever there was one. Unfortunately, there are Lodges with too many meetings and struggle to fill the meeting with anything worthwhile and think they need to have a ceremony. As a result, they take Candidates just t give the Lodge something to do. When Lodges do get an applicant, the fear factor strikes in that they believe that if they don't crack on with the Initiation, the applicant will tire of waiting and join another Lodge.
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