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  1. Hand them in to the Police as found property.
  2. I ended up taking it to a local jeweller who does repairs. Unfortunately, it seems I was ripped off with a cheap overseas copy rather than the genuine solid body one, despite buying from a well known and advertised supplier of Masonic regalia. The jewel can't be repaired so have had to buy a new one, this time from another well known vendor.
  3. Has anyone any experience and guidance on repairing collar jewels. The eyelet on my Provincial rank jewel has come off so I can't attach it to the collar. I can't tell whether it was soldered or welded on, but nonetheless, it was poor by the looks of it and has come off. I've still got the eyelet and hopeful it can be repaired as I'm reluctant to have to fork out for a new one.
  4. The joys of Apple computers deciding they know what you meant to type and changing what you actually typed. 😡
  5. Which is why I said it depends on which District/Province you're in.
  6. Depends which District/Province you're in. An extract from a PDF on the web; The Honours will be grouped into four categories,  Acting Ranks,  Past Ranks, (First Appointments),  Promotions and  Mid year Promotions. Each Assistant should nominate Brethren for Acting Rank according to his allocation as identified in the Provincial schedule. Additional requests may be made but will not necessarily be accepted. This will be at the discretion of the Honours Panel and subject to the approval of the Provincial Grand Master. No Brother will be appointed to Acting Rank, [with the exception of Provincial Grand Steward], unless he is a member of the Royal Arch. The rank of Provincial Grand Steward is considered special and is for those Brethren who are 60 years of age or under and who show particular promise. A Brother appointed to this office will be encouraged to join the Royal Arch prior to any subsequent promotion.
  7. They are of course requirements, but if you aren't in the HRA, you don't get an Active Office.
  8. In some DIstricts/Provinces, HRA membership is a requirement for Active honours.
  9. We did look into using PayPal attached to the Lodge, but they insist on charging for payments, thereby increasing the financial burden on Brethren. We're now looking at a simple card machine.
  10. Surprisingly, some Lodges have been doing this. It has taken a reiteration of the rules to remind Secretaries and WMs that they can't just cancel a meeting as a safeguard against infection. If there are a minimum of 5 to hold the quorum, the meeting should go ahead. No need for regalia or formalities. If there isn't, then the meeting is abandoned rather than cancelled.
  11. "you freely and voluntarily offer yourself a Can etc" doesn't seem to have been applied.
  12. So is that one, it's just a library image. As they appear on the collar.
  13. Mine certainly has it adorned to the WM's collar.
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