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  1. Blimey! As a DC I'd expect a rocketing if the toasts and "Fire" were being done with the waiting staff watching on.
  2. We tend to stop wearing them once Provincial rank is gained, simply so they can be recirculated to newer PMs and to save the cost of buying additional ones.
  3. I don't know whether a similar answer has been given, but one of our Province's Organists, created an app on the iPad that has the music for each degree or order. It is set up in advance for Lodges that need it and just requires someone to press play and stop at the appropriate point. Each tune is listed in order making navigation simple. The only downside to it is that the music cannot be faded in or out. It's either on or off. I believe he created it on Vanbasco's Karaoke Player.
  4. Then you are exposing yourself to the risk of getting engaged in thoughts opposite to yours. Did the people of Germany in 1939 think the vision for their country was wrong at the time? No they didn't. What some people see as morally right now, may not be morally right in years to come. Freemasonry is an old established fraternity with a majority older membership. People who believe if it ain't broke, it doesn't need fixing. We know what the moral standards are for acceptance into the Craft and we abide by them. We knew the criteria for joining when we joined. Changing it to suit modern day ideology will not sit well with many of us. Avoiding discussing the issue until it lands on your table, is one way off preserving harmony.
  5. We don't discuss religion or politics in Lodge lest it cause division and disharmony. Those two subjects aren't all we don't discuss if we're sensible. I don't discuss my views on other matters with Brethren I know are of the opposite view to myself for similar reasons. As a result, we can sit at the FB and enjoy a meal, a drink and conversation without disagreement.
  6. Not everyone bothers with the green book, but there are plenty of experienced Masons in Lodges who should be pointing out the correct use of the words.
  7. "Just" is often orated incorrectly during ritual. Its meaning being that of correct, exact or morally right. The misuse is more commonly during the 2nd degree Passing questions, working tools and Installation when the WM appoints his officers for the year. Similarly with "Try" as in Try and adjust. It doesn't mean to attempt to adjust, it means to check so should be a slight pause before and adjust.
  8. Long story, but thankfully doesn't involve me or my Lodge.
  9. SO what happens to the trust fund if the Lodge surrenders their Warrant?
  10. Has anybody ever come across a Lodge with a trust fund attached to it and if so, what was it for? The BoC under rule 143 just seems to cover property loaned to the Lodge remains the property of anyone entrusting it to them until such time as they are reimbursed.
  11. Each Lodge has its own way of doing things and it is not intended to be critical, but here, many Lodges help new Brethren get used to standing up in front of the Lodge audience by giving them various sections of the ritual to perform. The only pieces normally reserved for PMs are the obligation and secrets of each degree. Anything else is open to all, although the Charge to the Initiate is usually done by the JW or SW as a kind of rite of passage for want of a better description. I myself did By your meek at the meeting after my Initiation and the Charge to the Initiate as a FC when our JW was absent. As a result of that, I think I can count on one hand when I haven't been asked to do some part of the ritual. As a PM I have my party piece in the 3rd degree that nobody else seems to want to learn, even though I'd be more than happy to hand it on to a younger Brother.
  12. You were of some use to your Lodge from the day you made a Mason. We're all equal, despite some believing they are more equal than others due to the colour of their regalia. Enjoy your Raising as one of the best ceremonies in the Craft.
  13. Have you tried recontacting the Grand Lodge again? Contacting Masons directly with no introduction can make Brethren suspicious as to the reason for the contact. Better to have a formal introduction from either Grand Lodge or a member that you know. Getting to know you is as important as you getting to know them, which is usually done over social events or informal get togethers. We don't want people joining only to decide they don't like us or we don't like the character traits of you. They'll also want to know about your background re any criminality or disciplinary issues. Why you want to join. Finding out things that make them suspicious, such as multiple email addresses and names used, can deter Brethren from following the process. I would however, expect the Lodge Secretary to contact you informing you that they do not believe that you would fit in in their Lodge and wish you luck in trying elsewhere. Your problem then lies in if they have voiced their concerns to a higher level immediately putting everyone else off. There are plenty of pretend applicants who try to join just to try to gain an insight into a mythical world that doesn't exist. There is no pot of gold, there is no secret route to becoming the managing director of one of the FTSE 200 companies, there is no insider dealing, there is no wink to the judiciary to avoid punishment for crimes etc etc. Its a bunch of grown men raising money for good causes (charity) and raising their awareness and morals through a series of ceremonies, who then sit down and enjoy a meal together to close the evening. As for joining a Lodge a 4 hour bus ride away; well not for me. That's 8 hours of the day taken up just in travelling. 7 meetings a year, plus committee and rehearsal nights, and that becomes a serious bind, as well as expensive. Meetings and the festive board afterwards can last a few hours, which may mean an overnight stay too if meetings are conducted in the evenings. Recontact Grand Lodge who should have someone allocated to deal with applicants.
  14. Mike, PM'd to avoid publicising the comments.
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