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  1. Definitely speak to your ProvGSec. If you start doing any of this outside of the Provincial Execs authority, it will not be looked on favourably and almost certainly lead to failure. Your ProvGSec can find information of Lodges in nearby Districts that are looking to surrender their Warrant should you wish to go down the Removal route once authority to start the process to create a new Lodge has been agreed by the ProvGM.
  2. irrespective of the potential second language indication, this reads to me like one of Icke's deluded followers "phishing" for a bite.
  3. You need to present to your own Province/District why there is a need for such a Lodge. What support there is from Brethren willing to be Founder members and basically put a business case forward. If satisfied that you have the necessary numbers to form a new Lodge and that there is such a need for it, your PGM submit your petition to UGLE for the ascent of the Grand Master. In this day and age, it is far easier and quicker to find a failing Lodge that is about to vote to surrender its Warrant and apply for its removal, effectively taking it over. We did just this to establish a Military Lodge, saving us a lot of time and expense with regards to Lodge equipment, regalia and furnishings, (not forgetting the Lodge banner costs which can be enormous) in the process.
  4. Charlie Statham and Munchetty acting like silly children as usual. No wonder the BBC is shedding viewers.
  5. Why should we change? I'm sure the walk out the door in the event it does, will be far greater than those walking in.
  6. In all honesty, I find it hard to understand that a PM does not know what the red regalia was for and how Provincial honours are decided.
  7. ProvGStwds and PPGStwds can petition for a Lodge of Provincial Grand Stewards if one doesn't exist and there is call for one. You can't just set up a Stewards Lodge because you want to wear the coveted red regalia of which we are very proud. The role of ProvGStwd seems to differ from Province to Province. I can only speak for my own where it is seen as an opportunity to reward PMs showing promise with early honours. Duties range from escorting the Provincial representative at Provincial visits, acting as building and car park security on open days and Provincial Grand Lodge etc, and generally assisting with events. There have been those few who vainly view it as the lowest office, but fail to observe that it is an Active Office and that you're usually promoted to PPSGD or PPJGD 12 months later. Given the choice of early Active honours or waiting 6 years to be promoted to PPSGD, I'll take the former.
  8. I know somebody that was an investor in the start up and asked to use my name as one of the officers. Not heard anything since.
  9. Think you'll find many from the Military and law enforcement would disagree with him being one.
  10. Sooner that rag shrivels up and dies, the better.
  11. Hand them in to the Police as found property.
  12. I ended up taking it to a local jeweller who does repairs. Unfortunately, it seems I was ripped off with a cheap overseas copy rather than the genuine solid body one, despite buying from a well known and advertised supplier of Masonic regalia. The jewel can't be repaired so have had to buy a new one, this time from another well known vendor.
  13. Has anyone any experience and guidance on repairing collar jewels. The eyelet on my Provincial rank jewel has come off so I can't attach it to the collar. I can't tell whether it was soldered or welded on, but nonetheless, it was poor by the looks of it and has come off. I've still got the eyelet and hopeful it can be repaired as I'm reluctant to have to fork out for a new one.
  14. The joys of Apple computers deciding they know what you meant to type and changing what you actually typed. 😡
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