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  1. Not under MetGL in London, they don't. Nowadays there's an elaborate points system for assessing 'worthiness' and if you don't get enough points you don't get LGR. The criteria for SLGR are even more stringent. In practice, a Secretary will send a brother's CV to the VO, and he will say whether it's worth proceeding with the application.
  2. Or as in J in Chapter? That would fit with the circle and triangle.
  3. Try uploading a hi-res close-up of it to Google Images for a search.
  4. The shortest toasting I've seen is in our Mark lodge, some of the members of which (not me) are so senior that no-one dares to argue. We do the Queen and the GM, then the WM and the Visitors. The WM is toasted by saying "The Master" and any response longer than "Ta" is considered too long. Visitors are told that they may respond if they wish but they'll never be invited back. There is no fire at all and the whole lot gets done in 5 minutes.
  5. You can do it either way. As DC I encourage the WM to stay standing until the toast to the Met Grand Master is concluded. We then all sit down, and only those below the rank of LGR stand for the next one to Met officers. This speeds up the process and is appreciated by brethren with back or knee problems who don't want to keep bobbing up and down.
  6. Met GL has a dedicated spreadsheet available for London Treasurers. Details are on the London members' site Porchway (search for Treasurer).
  7. The Circle and Triangle do of course make an appearance in the Royal Arch.
  8. The Freemasons were shown as benevolent in this series (as far as I remember). In any case, it's quite likely that the character would have been a Freemason, as he was well in with Washington.
  9. Standing in the top drawer of his bedside cabinet?
  10. Welcome too from London. I'll echo Steve's advice. When I was initiated, I was sitting outside the lodge room before the meeting and someone advised me to avoid looking into the room - "It keeps the icing on the cake." I also read too much before my initiation - apart from anything else, there was a detailed article in a Telegraph supplement - and I did regret it.
  11. Edward VII resigned as GM when he became king, so it's unlikely that we'll have any reigning monarch.
  12. I use a pair of foldback clips, the smallest size. Once they are on I remove the "handles". I bought a pack containing various colours in Rymans.
  13. Mike Neville, in his very useful book Sacred Secrets, says that he also appears in the OT under the names Adoram and Hadoram.
  14. There is - and it's official - no Masonic handshake. There are a number of "grips" used during our various ceremonies but they are not handshakes and are not intended to be used outside the lodge room. When I meet a fellow Mason we shake hands in the usual way.
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