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  1. This book has commentaries on the Craft degrees, Exaltation and other useful material. The idea is that you perform a demonstration of the ceremony with pauses for the commentary. From experience, if you're going to use this, give everyone a script to work from, otherwise the officers will get thrown by the interruptions. https://www.amazon.co.uk/What-You-Know-About-Ritual/dp/085318271X
  2. I've never used database software, so I can't help directly, but if you're not keen on Access you could try Base, the free alternative included as part of LibreOffice. https://www.libreoffice.org/discover/base/
  3. You have to believe in a Supreme Being, but there's no requirement (certainly in England, and apparently not in Texas) to believe that the Bible was written by one. Have a look here: https://grandlodgeoftexas.org/what-is-freemasonry/
  4. Hi Sam You are probably going to get some heated answers to this question. You can clearly answer "yes" when you are asked at your interview "Do you believe in a Supreme Being?" No further information is required so don't say any more than that. When you are initiated, and when you take higher degrees, you are required to take an Obligation on the Volume of the Sacred Law. This is usually the Bible although certain other sacred texts are allowed for members of various faiths. Provided that you are happy to take Obligations on the Bible there is no problem. If you aren't, or if you feel uncomfortable with a theistic approach, involving prayers to the Great Architect, then Freemasonry isn't suitable for you.
  5. If, after speaking to some local Masons, you decide you want to join, any reading that you have done will be a "spoiler" - it will literally spoil the experience of going through the ceremonies if you know what is going to happen. The only reading that is "safe" is a book on Masonic history, and you probably won't be interested in that before you join anyway. I'd stick to the public content on the website of the Grand Lodge of Sweden.
  6. If you move to another bank they'll probably introduce charges too if we go into negative interest rates. It's a moving target.
  7. To be eligible to become a Freemason you must accept belief in a Supreme Being and be prepared to take "obligations" on the holy book which governs your faith (not necessarily the Bible). If you're not comfortable with that, Freemasonry isn't for you. To put it another way - it depends on why you're not comfortable with the Bible. If it's because you have another religion, you can probably join. If you're an atheist, you can't (and it wouldn't suit you).
  8. In London, as I understand it, promotion to LGR and SLGR is based on a points system. I imagine you'd lose a fair number of points if you're not in HRA, and several more for not being a PZ.
  9. Also, by the way, avoid any books by American authors. Freemasonry in the US, while based on the same principles, has many differences to the way we do things in England.
  10. Hi and welcome. I'd like to suggest that you avoid reading books on Freemasonry; they contain lots of spoilers which will take the edge off your initiation. I made that mistake and regretted it. You can read the information, and watch the videos, on the Grand Lodge website at https://www.ugle.org.uk/ , although I personally think that there are too many spoilers even there! The best way to find about Freemasonry, and whether it and you suit each other, is to talk to local members. I should point out, though, that the more you put into Freemasonry, the more you get out of it. While many members are happy to just sit back and watch the various ceremonies, you'll enjoy it far more if you take an active part, working your way through the various offices and up to the Master's Chair. Taking part in the ceremonies, especially as Master, can give your self-confidence a tremendous boost.
  11. Is that why it was the last edition? 😄
  12. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Masons-Craft-Knapkin-Holder-Freemasons/dp/B01MRG8XBQ I quite fancy one of these too.
  13. Changing banks is always a nightmare. Our current Treasurer recently changed our lodge accounts to Metro Bank, which conveniently has its head office branch near Freemasons' Hall. It seems to be OK now but he had to go through a lot of hoops and hassles.
  14. I was given a pair of cufflinks including the G for my birthday. I wouldn't have bought them myself, but I'll probably wear them for lodge meetings (when no-one will see them) and when the person who gave them to me is around. The problem, I think, is that unless you know where to look most Masonic jewellery that you find online does include the G. I agree with Sentience - it's too strong to say that the G is meaningless or not recognised within UGLE. As far as ties are concerned, note that if you buy a black one it should be plain black with no S&C on it, even in the weave. I have been known to wear my Craft tie (original version) outside lodge meetings, and I believe it was intended for that purpose as well as in all meetings. UGLE will shortly be selling a new tie specifically for non-lodge wear.
  15. Not under MetGL in London, they don't. Nowadays there's an elaborate points system for assessing 'worthiness' and if you don't get enough points you don't get LGR. The criteria for SLGR are even more stringent. In practice, a Secretary will send a brother's CV to the VO, and he will say whether it's worth proceeding with the application.
  16. Or as in J in Chapter? That would fit with the circle and triangle.
  17. Try uploading a hi-res close-up of it to Google Images for a search.
  18. The shortest toasting I've seen is in our Mark lodge, some of the members of which (not me) are so senior that no-one dares to argue. We do the Queen and the GM, then the WM and the Visitors. The WM is toasted by saying "The Master" and any response longer than "Ta" is considered too long. Visitors are told that they may respond if they wish but they'll never be invited back. There is no fire at all and the whole lot gets done in 5 minutes.
  19. You can do it either way. As DC I encourage the WM to stay standing until the toast to the Met Grand Master is concluded. We then all sit down, and only those below the rank of LGR stand for the next one to Met officers. This speeds up the process and is appreciated by brethren with back or knee problems who don't want to keep bobbing up and down.
  20. Met GL has a dedicated spreadsheet available for London Treasurers. Details are on the London members' site Porchway (search for Treasurer).
  21. The Circle and Triangle do of course make an appearance in the Royal Arch.
  22. The Freemasons were shown as benevolent in this series (as far as I remember). In any case, it's quite likely that the character would have been a Freemason, as he was well in with Washington.
  23. Standing in the top drawer of his bedside cabinet?
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