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  1. Good to see a Lodge engaging with a worthy local cause and it being covered favourably in the press.
  2. Thanks - another book to try and acquire :).
  3. Thanks for that. What I am particularly trying to determine is why he is of such prominence especially in the Mark Degree when the Lodge is opened in his name rather than the GAOTU.
  4. I am trying to obtain the book Tell Me More About The Mark Degree by Neville Barker Cryer. I have ordered it twice from sites saying that it was in stock only to be informed that the publishers have said that it was not available. Does anybody know a seller? It is very expensive on AbeBooks. (Yes, I have tried the owner of this forum).
  5. It is this complication that is the problem - at least for me.
  6. Thanks. I also have other references to this. Many thanks.
  7. I am trying to determine who Adoniram was. Without going into detail this individual first appears, to the best of my knowledge, during the Craft Installation ceremony. He also features in the opening and closing of the Mark Degree and in the Mark Installation ceremony. Biblical references point out to him being either over the tribute (tax collectors) or over the levy (forced labour). Another source refers to him as the person that succeeded HA as Chief Architect of the Temple. In addition Mackay describes him as being the chief overseer of the 30,000 hewers who were sent to cut timber in the forests of Lebanon. This ties in with him being over the levy. Any ideas/pointers?
  8. willf


    Where do you buy your socks from? Mine never last and I need some new ones. As an aside what colour socks do you wear for Chapter (if you are a Companion)? I have seen an increasing number wearing red (or maroon, i'm not sure of the exact colour).
  9. DVD available to pre-order:http://letchworthshop.co.uk/masonic-dvd/1282-inside-the-freemasons-dvd-pre-order.html
  10. A parade in full Regalia in Cardiff last Saturday.http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/not-secretive-now-how-freemasons-13065620
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