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  1. Belfast Telegraph newspaper reports on 150 anniversary meeting https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/video-news/video-150-years-of-northern-ireland-freemasonry-36961575.html View the video and observe the vacant balcony seating. A very disappointing turnout.
  2. Lagavara1

    Masonic benevolence

    ...there was a young man standing by my bed in the top drawer of the bedside cabinet.... is the newspaper text. ..there was a young man standing by my bed 'LOOKING; in the top drawer of the bedside cabinet.... i think 'looking' should be inserted for clarity!
  3. Lagavara1

    Stood down

    Sorry, 4 members (not 2) suspended from the Grand Master Lodge.
  4. Lagavara1

    Masonic benevolence

    'I looked up the corridor to the bedroom and there was a young man standing by my bed in the top drawer of the bedside cabinet with several of my Masonic cases open.' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-43921050
  5. Lagavara1

    Truth upon fake ?

    This website was hosted and circulated weeks ago. www.fakemasonry.com I have not met anyone who doubts its narrative.
  6. Lagavara1

    Dot , star or blank

    Thank you gsudron, I accept your explanation to matters. I have now since applied this knowledge to random topics to prove your answer. Sorry for doubting! Funny how fellow contributors unaware. I think it a good idea, now that i know what it is about. However i often just run my curser over the initial post to read same, of which I am now knowingly / technically not registering that i have read it. So now i have a lot of backreading to do!! L1
  7. Lagavara1

    Dot , star or blank

    Hi gsudron, And waht about feint star? Here is a screen shot for others to view.
  8. Lagavara1

    Dot , star or blank

    On the left hand side of each Topic listed is a column. It displays a solid dot, a feint star, a solid star or it remains blank. What do they signify?
  9. Lagavara1

    Stood down

    The passage of time brings clarity to, the standing down the Grand Secretary and his Assistant within Grand Lodger of Ireland, as announced during Grand Lodge St John Day communication, December 2016. Now ,with the circulation of Grand Lodge St John Day communication, December 2017 it informs upon the Grand Masters Lodge(GML) and that , ‘ I will recall the meeting (GML) of the 14 October 2016 which at which standing orders were suspended and finish the business of that meeting. Immediately following that new lodge, Square and Compass 998 will be consecrated for members of GML who wish to affiliate to, so they can continue to meet.’ Also now disclosed is that 2 members of GML were suspended by Grand Lodge during the past year. So a tyled meeting of the GML is suspended. Subsequently paid staff, and members of GML are stood down, and other member are suspended from the Order. Then the suspended meeting is recalled to finish its business and a new lodge opened with a directive for remaining members to join. GML, evidently not a lodge working in the tenets of Peace , Love nor Harmony.
  10. Further to 'Enough is Enough' media. Please read these 3qty articles ( 2qty newspaper and 1qty masonic blogger) in sequence they published following UGLE full page adverts 1st https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/zero-discrimination-against-freemasons-in-northern-ireland-insists-leader-36584114.html 2nd https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/opinion/columnists/ruth-dudley-edwards/freemasons-do-a-lot-of-good-and-no-harm-why-cant-the-progressives-let-them-be-36591279.html 3rd http://irishfreemasonry.com/blog/ As an IC mason I distance my self from the disparaging comments and views quoted by our Irish Grand Master, Dougie Grey and our renowned blogger Bob Bashford. IC members should not lambasting the workings and proceedings of other Grand Lodges particularly those of whom they are in Tripartate agreement. Both of them should should apply their aspirations of how great we are to actually dealing with the magnitude of IC transgressions which to date both UGLE and GloS have not acted upon.
  11. Lagavara1

    Our Masonic giving

    Current news story is running - regarding the now defunct Presidents Club Charity Event and Great Ormond Street Hospital whose spokesperson stated "due to the wholly unacceptable nature of the event previous donations would be returned.’ However, some of its other donors to GOSH have reportedly objected to the hospital's stance and are said to have threatened not to give it any more money in the future. Now if we apply the above scenario to our Order should we be more proactive in being discerning whom we assist. With ‘Enough is Enough’ as the new mantra should our Masonic charitable donations be only given to those bodies and organisations that openly are supportive to Freemasonry in general and non discriminatory in particular to our members?
  12. Lagavara1

    Masonic integrity

    As previously mentioned on this forum - Senior Officer (IC) guilty of fraud and sent to jail etc. It now transpires that this officer, with other officers brought unmasonic conduct charges against 3 members asking into financial matters, during the same period of which his fraud was ongoing. The 3 members gained suspension. General thought, is that Grand Lodge Ireland should review the reason of the unmasonic charges against the 3, as some of the other officers who also signed the charge sheet still remain in office despite themselves having been proven of unmasonic conduct. The officers wrong doing was regarding their abuse of position against the same 3 members just weeks prior as they had queried the deliberations of a sub committee which was tasked to sell the Provincial Hall. (Money again) I have little faith that the IC will worry that a criminal was involved in suspending other members as enough is never enough for despots. But if this occurrence was in UGLE or GLoS would the Order not step in to protect its integrity?
  13. Lagavara1

    Reform is blocked

    https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/dec/31/freemasons-blocking-reform-police-federation-leader I am dismayed that the retiring chairman (Steve White) of the Police Federation that he only now feels it an appropriate time to make comment. Surely this is a mischievousness action as his time to raise matters was when he was first concerned. Now the new chairman has to immediately manage issues raised. UGLE has responded 'We are parallel organisations, we fit into these organisations and have high moral principals and values.' The real issue the Order has is that the the rank and file member has become accustomed to turning a blind eye to those who improperly govern within. And and equally block reform and the upholding of masonic principals and masonic values. Let the police look after itself, and let other organisations look after themselves while we sort ourselves out first.
  14. From authoritative blogger Rt W Bro Bob Bashford. http://www.irishfreemasonry.com/news/ An update regarding the mismanagement of Provincial Masonic Hall of Antrim. The control of the Masonic Mural is now in the hands of the developer. Not bad - sell a building for £1.6m and get possession of a unique Mural for free. Successive senior officers had been managing the sale of the Hall for some 15 years previous and paid consultants. A happy and prosperous new year for the developer is assured.
  15. Lagavara1

    PGL of Antrim Officer in Court

    sojourner, I am sorry to learn of your personal circumstances regarding Shipman. Thank you for your comments,which i fully concur. The 'bad taste in the mouth' is made worse as the Order never appears to address its position, policy or pathway when their own self serving officers are exposed by ordinary rank and file members. Whistle blowers are discouraged, shunned and even pushed out of the Order It is however the numerous professions, as such which you have listed, that now are no longer in denial. Some took a while, but eventually they conceded to public awareness and expectations. The Order unfortunately has not embraced anything and is becoming more removed from society rather than being a part of it. Lagavara1