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  1. Absolutely - the Law of the land should be adhered. Have been searching websites on Irish Orders and only that of GL hosts a data notice. I also think each individual order is responsible for its own data. And on further searching I note GL MMM hall website privacy notice is only applicable to its website usage and not any of its Orders.
  2. And back to topic - GLoI informs on its data protection notice with reference to 'Masonic entities'. see item 6.... https://freemason.ie/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Data-Protection-Notice.pdf “Masonic Entities” includes any Lodges you join or have joined, their Provincial, Metropolitan or District Grand Lodges, the Grand Lodge of Ireland, Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Ireland, Grand Council of Knight Masons, Great Priory of Ireland and the Ancient and Accepted Rite for Ireland. This would imply that all these Orders as listed above are Masonic despite its - Declaration stating ... This Grand Lodge is a Sovereign and independent Body practising Freemasonry only within the three Degrees and only with the limits defined in its Constitution as “pure Ancient Masonry”. It does not recognise or admit the existence of any superior Masonic authority, however styled. All home Grand Lodges state the same Declaration. The Data Protection Masonic Entities and the Declaration are contrary positions.
  3. UGLE - Aims and relationships of the craft and GLoI - Declaration, both these Grand Lodges inform under item 9. This Grand Lodge is a Sovereign and independent Body practising Freemasonry only within the three Degrees and only with the limits defined in its Constitution as “pure Ancient Masonry”. It does not recognise or admit the existence of any superior Masonic authority, however styled. It is from this i also deem Appendant Bodies in same manner as Mike. Not actually Masonic in nature but their members can only be recruited from craft membership.
  4. This article was page 3 in this mornings Belfast Newsletter paper. A very innovative manner to also celebrate Arthur Square Hall being open for 150 years. https://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/people/fallen-freemasons-remembered-in-all-encompassing-stone-memorial-1-9221103
  5. https://freemason.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Laws-Constitutions-5th-October-2019.pdf Grand Lodge of Ireland now hosts it new L&C. as 5 October 2019. Well partly hosted, as it only shows 49 pages as I presume the other 150 odd pages are to follow. In subordinate Lodge workings if the T's are not crossed and I's are not dotted then expect much displeasure ! How can a Grand Lodge indicate approval as 5 Oct 2019 and not have entirety of the L&C completed?
  6. Freemasons' Hall Arthur Square Belfast have hosted several papers (6) regarding the hall nearing 150 years existence. The paper on Women Freemasons compliments those members who served in The Great War. Interesting that the hall is offering accommodation Re Tyler's Rest article. The link is https://arthursquare.org/blog
  7. I wonder why Amnesty International and local politicians getting involved with this occurrence when no investigation and without an outcome declared. I suspect this reporting and opportunist occasion is by an aggrieved person within or without the Order. Antrim Province remains in a schism with internal leadership issues. I am Antrim an member but my allegiance is to the Order not the middle management that exists solely for personal acclamation.
  8. Its upon Freemasons' Hall Arthur Square Belfast - i obtained the below image from google maps street view https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@54.5986943,-5.927419,3a,18.4y,6.49h,112.84t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1suISrGv-ERJlT8oWKywKhzg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en-GB
  9. This motif is on facade of a Hall in Belfast (IC) The outer circle is not part of the motif. Any explanations to its origin or meaning please.
  10. Grand Lodge of Ireland has again revamped its website - same address https://freemason.ie/ The 2015 revamped web site was inferior to content as what was previously hosted with extensive back catalog of minutes historical matter. And now this second revamp there is less material hosted. Not even a news section. Keeping the membership in the dark!
  11. Best wishes to Frank (contributor to this form) on attaining Provincial Assistant Grand Master rank yesterday.
  12. Hello Mike, I am aware, from your postings, that you are about at UGLE HQ during the working week, which also is fine with me. However, previous dialog with any brother often progresses to the dire manner governance subject in Freemasonry. So less it be a chance encounter with a stranger I would usually allocate at least an hour / or a lunch meeting. There upon a greater rewarding time. Thank you for the invitation - and if you can spare the time - i will. Lagavara1
  13. Whilst i was over in London, for various armistice events, I also revisited the UGLE museum for the Bejeweled Exhibition. I thought it worthy and a pleasant intriguing broader perspective on and within Masonry. And the floating ashlar show balloon, within the Lords Mayors Show Parade, depicting £100 million Masonic charity monies, was thought provoking without being self appreciating. Well done on both initiatives.
  14. Freemasons' Hall Arthur Square Belfast has refreshed their web site. https://arthursquare.org/ It previous website was only hosted 10 year ago and the Hall has taken the occasion of commemoration 150th anniversary of laying foundation stone to refresh. Hall also acquired an once lost original artwork to mark the event on 24 June this year. Here is link of the Belfast Newsletter on same. https://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/pictures-inside-ni-freemasons-hall-no-handshake-needed-for-tour-of-once-secret-location-1-8624638
  15. I would have thought that in June 2015 when GLoI took the decision to change its website which had lots of information, regular updates including GL minutes to the now existing, totally useless website - that it was being done at behest of a webmaster. What GL has successfully achieved by their implantation without discussion is the eradication of decisions by GL contained within their own reports. Each report insignificant when read independently but when appraised collectively a wholly different account to matters became transparent. Nor has the recruitment of a new Grand Secretary with necessary skills changes matters one iota.
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