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  1. Freemasons’ Hall Arthur Square Belfast, has reopened from the Covid lockdown with an Eat First initiative. The hall manager advises that to minimise issues raised under a risk assessment that holding festive boards prior to actual meeting has positive outcomes. 1Eating first enables a much needed social aspect between the brethren before entering a Lodge room for rigid formal proceedings. 2 Eating first eliminates the need to rush the meetings – which are most likely to be more lengthy – as the caterers demand an actual arrival time in the dining room. 3 Eating first also is more akin to when members would normally eat at home. That is generally 6.00 to 7.30 rather than sitting down to a meal from 8.30 onwards. 4 Eating first does not alter the time the Lodge members normally arrive at the hall. I think this a good initiative and maybe Covid has enabled change. Maybe, not suit everyone and eat first is not compulsory. And absolutely no rushing during the meeting has to be a worthy benefit. Definitely suits me and my associates. Any one else doing something different since lockdown has ended?
  2. My Province of Antrim has directed that meetings in the Province may commence from the Covid lockdown this coming Friday 1st October. I curiously wondered what other Provinces, or upon those lodges that reside in our Grand Lodge building in Dublin have been informed. Regrettably, it appears no news from the Grand Lodge of Ireland is listed, apart from 2019 Golf and St Patricks day. This is the news link https://freemason.ie/news-updates/ UGLE and GLoS have hosted numerous news items, especially surrounding Covid, No doubt on our return we will be cautioned upon apathy. Cast not the first stone! Hope all goes well and best wishes to the returners.
  3. Belfast Newsletter April 2021 https://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/people/freemasons-group-awarded-will-cash-3209435 An excellent result by diligent members.
  4. The 4 series BBC crime drama of Bloodlands has concluded. Storyline was fiction, based in Northern Ireland. Filming of the internal police station scenes / hallways, stairwell and offices where recorded in the former Provincial Masonic Hall, Rosemary Street Belfast. Sadly, the purpose built hall was sold around 2015 but the Masonic Offices for Antrim remain in a nearby adjoining street above a bookies office.
  5. Hello Serpion, Re - Your interest in starting a new Lodge under the jurisdiction of Ireland or Scotland. Personally, with the 'knowledge' gained from being a PM / PK and PP in the Irish Constitution, and if i could recommence my masonic pathway i would join an Order of masonry for men and women. That would be - International Ordre of Freemasonry for Men and Woman / Le Droit Humain - British Federation , which sit in England and Ireland. And similarly is the Grand Lodge of Hibernia - Ireland only. When a renowned leading UGLE masonic member of recent years jumped ship and explained why - I knew that i could have joined better ! Best wishes on your pathway. Lagavara1
  6. At least The Order was not portrayed as the organiser of the rave. A friendly journalist maybe !
  7. This article was page 3 in this mornings Belfast Newsletter paper. A very innovative manner to also celebrate Arthur Square Hall being open for 150 years. https://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/people/fallen-freemasons-remembered-in-all-encompassing-stone-memorial-1-9221103
  8. https://freemason.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Laws-Constitutions-5th-October-2019.pdf Grand Lodge of Ireland now hosts it new L&C. as 5 October 2019. Well partly hosted, as it only shows 49 pages as I presume the other 150 odd pages are to follow. In subordinate Lodge workings if the T's are not crossed and I's are not dotted then expect much displeasure ! How can a Grand Lodge indicate approval as 5 Oct 2019 and not have entirety of the L&C completed?
  9. Freemasons' Hall Arthur Square Belfast have hosted several papers (6) regarding the hall nearing 150 years existence. The paper on Women Freemasons compliments those members who served in The Great War. Interesting that the hall is offering accommodation Re Tyler's Rest article. The link is https://arthursquare.org/blog
  10. I wonder why Amnesty International and local politicians getting involved with this occurrence when no investigation and without an outcome declared. I suspect this reporting and opportunist occasion is by an aggrieved person within or without the Order. Antrim Province remains in a schism with internal leadership issues. I am Antrim an member but my allegiance is to the Order not the middle management that exists solely for personal acclamation.
  11. Its upon Freemasons' Hall Arthur Square Belfast - i obtained the below image from google maps street view https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@54.5986943,-5.927419,3a,18.4y,6.49h,112.84t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1suISrGv-ERJlT8oWKywKhzg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en-GB
  12. This motif is on facade of a Hall in Belfast (IC) The outer circle is not part of the motif. Any explanations to its origin or meaning please.
  13. Grand Lodge of Ireland has again revamped its website - same address https://freemason.ie/ The 2015 revamped web site was inferior to content as what was previously hosted with extensive back catalog of minutes historical matter. And now this second revamp there is less material hosted. Not even a news section. Keeping the membership in the dark!
  14. Best wishes to Frank (contributor to this form) on attaining Provincial Assistant Grand Master rank yesterday.
  15. Hello Mike, I am aware, from your postings, that you are about at UGLE HQ during the working week, which also is fine with me. However, previous dialog with any brother often progresses to the dire manner governance subject in Freemasonry. So less it be a chance encounter with a stranger I would usually allocate at least an hour / or a lunch meeting. There upon a greater rewarding time. Thank you for the invitation - and if you can spare the time - i will. Lagavara1
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