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  1. I can think of a couple that fall under c) Groups claiming to be Masonic which Grand Lodge believe to be irregular which aren't listed Regular Grand Lodge of England Grand Lodge of All England Until recently I thought both had died out but I saw something online the other day that suggested that RGLE at least was still operating and trying to gain ground in the US Wayne
  2. Good Morning ;-)

    A very warm welcome from me too Wayne
  3. Hello

    A very warm welcome from me too Wayne
  4. Initiation on Saturday

    Congratulations my soon-to-be-brother Wayne
  5. Ban on KT mugs

    Definitely looks like a bit of backtracking taking place!https://news.sky.com/story/council-apologises-for-banning-woman-for-selling-knight-templar-mugs-11079897Wayne
  6. An Ode to the Secretary

    Sounds about right Wayne (Secretary or equivalent in 2 Masonic bodies!!!!!)
  7. Ban on KT mugs

    Yes - I spotted that hence thinking there was more going on than meets the eye Wayne
  8. Ban on KT mugs

    I'm sure there must be more to the story than is stated but the market trader does make reference to the Masonic Knights Templarhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4973074/Market-trader-56-BANNED-town-centre.html Wayne
  9. Hello!

    A very warm welcome from me too Wayne
  10. I'm planning to be at that one too Wayne
  11. I'm going to be there (God Willing) Anyone else attending? Wayne
  12. Lodge interview

    A very warm welcome from me too Wayne
  13. 1717 and all that

    Would be good to finally meet Mike Am planning to come up to the November meeting as well Wayne
  14. 1717 and all that

    Apparently they are going to debate the issue at Quatuor Coronati lodge in February. Planning to travel up to London to watch the fun https://www.quatuorcoronati.com/meetings/programme-for-the-year/ Wayne
  15. Hello all.

    A very warm welcome from me too Wayne