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  1. Matatu Man

    Returning Brother

    Welcome back, Bro. Bevan.
  2. Matatu Man

    KT Sword

    Probably sounds like a stupid question but what is the little red felt pad on a sword blade (KT), just below the hilt, for?Is it just for protection during shipping after manufacture and can be discarded thereafter, or should it remain in place?The reason I ask is that I have recently joined KT and during my first full meeting the thing keeps falling off and I'm concerned about losing it.Should I consider some way of fixing it in place if it is necessary or can I just forget about it?Also, any other tips for sword maintenance? The kit for KT was expensive so I want to ensure I take care of it properly.
  3. Matatu Man


    Unfortunately the url of the new site is blocked by my system at work . I always started and finished my work day by dropping in and seeing what the latest activity and discussions might be. Now I'm limited to home visits only. Oh well.
  4. Matatu Man


    I just got back from my short vacation to find the new set up. Looking good, Mike. Thanks and well done.
  5. @mikevieTechnically, no.But there are various ways to access on-line streaming options like Android TV.OR... I'm going to wait a couple of weeks now as I'm off on a three-week business trip, and order the DVD set.
  6. I finally found a solution and have ordered an Android TV box (runs apps like Kodi and Mobdro) which arrives on Friday.I will be watching via the Mobdro app. :D
  7. Matatu Man

    research help

    Indeed, it is only in the most recent few years that Calcutta changed its name the 'K' version, following Bombay's change to Mumbai and Madras' change to Chennai.I still know many Indians who still use Bombay and Madras rather than the new (old?) versions.Bit like Burma/Myanmar!
  8. Matatu Man


    Thanks, Ian. Great advice indeed.However, once I figured out the sizing I went ahead and ordered from my usual preferred supplier in the UK and have received the full kit.And very happy I am indeed!Superb quality.It's ironic really. My application has been entered into the process and it could be anything up to a year before I'm in. So I thought I might as well go ahead with purchasing the regalia as, in the past, I have often found that it can take quite a while to get multiple pieces as often some are not in stock and can take months until they become available. This is usually the case when you need things quite quickly.As the Euro/Pound exchange rate is currently quite favourable I decided to go ahead as it made quite a saving on the full package.So I ordered via the internet on the Sunday, received a mail THE NEXT DAY to say that the order had been dispatched and it was delivered on the Wednesday! All because there's no hurry!
  9. Matatu Man


    Aah, I think I've got it now!My favourite supplier lists the tunic by chest sizes and the mantle by length.In both cases it appears that their XL would be most appropriate. Actually all the suppliers only seem to go up to XL, so I guess that's it then!
  10. Matatu Man


    Hi Roy,It is an English KT Preceptory.
  11. Matatu Man


    Speaking of the regalia, I am in a bit of a conundrum.I have just submitted my application and am now looking at equipping myself.Living on the continent I will have to buy my kit by mail order, which is not a problem as the usual suppliers (I have a regular favourite) offer complete packages which appear to be very good value. But my question revolves around sizing.My proposer, who lives near me said no problem, come round and try mine on for size. (He has a great 'Festive Board' belly which is probably bigger than mine!)So, first we tried the tunic.I was surprised to find that it was a 'close' fit, and better worn without a suit jacket. But I was amazed that there was only one label in it marked 'M'. He and I are both normally XXL in clothing shops.There was no other label in it. No manufacturer/supplier, etc.The Mantle was okay-ish, I guess, but I have no experience of how it should fit/hang. It contained no labeling of any kind.He bought all of his second-hand and doesn't know who the manufacturer/supplier might have been.So I went back to look at the suppliers' on-line to double check how their sizing charts work.It appears that the tunic is measured in length only. No chest size or anything else.I don't know what length would be appropriate is I don't know how it should be worn. How low below the knee, or above the shoe should the lower hem hang?And for the mantle is it just my normal chest size?To give you an idea I am sized ('chubby' build!) as follows:Height: 5ft 10-11ins (1m 79cm)Chest: 48-49 depending on supplierWaist: 42-44 depending on supplierIns. Leg: 31.5Hat size is not a problem.So any guidance offered would be greatly appreciated as it would be a pain to order, wait, and then receive the wrong stuff!
  12. Matatu Man

    Happy New Year

    Thank you, Tom.Wishing a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous new year to Brethren all.
  13. And a warm welcome from Luxembourg, Brother.
  14. Almost three years for me.Our Grand Lodge stipulates a minimum of fifteen months between degrees."Who has made such progress as..... "