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  1. The Grand Lodge of Ireland have suspended all activity in all branches until 31st August. Frank.
  2. Wrong and wrong. I know this is way off-topic and getting very old, but there is no requirement for obligations and prayers to be read in I.C. Obligations are largely not read while prayers are, but there is no requirement that they MUST be read.
  3. Frank


    It took me a while, but I think I am here. Frank
  4. Not much help I know, but none of these (except the organ) could be used in I.C. lodges. It is not permitted to have any device in the lodge room unless it is intrinsically incapable or recording. This would, of course, ban all mobile phones - a very good thing in my opinion. Most lodge rooms have an organ/piano/keyboard, but unfortunately the people able to play such are few and far between. This really only leaves a record player for use in our lodges, but I imagine most modern players would have a recording facility included, which therefore forbids them. Occasionally, in some lodges, there is an a capella rendition of the opening and closing odes, but this requires a brave brother to start. Maybe we should have a keyboard training course so that at least the odes could be accompanied. Any music experts think this would be possible?
  5. H, the Calendar and Directory says it meets on 2nd Monday in March, June and September at Masonic Hall, Alexandra Road, Gateshead, NE8 1RE. I'll PM the Scribes details if that would be any help. Leith Hill Council 108 has since opened in Sutton, Surrey. Again, I have more details if anybody wants them. Please be patient; I'm not on here as often as I used to be.
  6. Sparker (18/03/2016)... and where else would you go from J to H to Z? That's right, the Irish alphabet!T.Sparker:1. Congratulations.2. As you know, our legend refers to the repairing of the first temple as opposed to your building of the second temple.The 3 principle officers in an IC RAC are Excellent King, High Priest and Chief Scribe (in that order of rank). What are the equivalents in HRA? 3. I see you are now a Royal Master. "'Well how'd you become Royal then? I didn't vote for you." (Apologies to Monty Python.)4. Please send your full postal address; several of my Irish brethren would like to discuss your last post with you!
  7. bod (07/03/2016)It's always a good idea to have a press officer who knows how to deal with the press, and what to expect......Yes Bod, but do you know where we can find one?
  8. There is a saying along the lines of, "any publicity is good publicity". This article proves that saying wrong. I would not presume to tell another Province or constitution how to act, but if this was my Province, and my "so-called" publicity officer, I would be having serious words with the PGM and the hierarchy. Anyone from the Province of Devonshire on the forum?
  9. Mike Martin (22/02/2016)Yes I do, having researched his membership some years ago.Kenneth James Noye was Initiated in January 1980 into Hammersmith Lodge No. 2090. He Automatically Ceased membership under Rule 148 (non payment of Subscriptions for 2 years) in 1987, he had held no Offices in the Lodge. He was subsequently Expelled when it became known that he was actually a criminal Any knowledge about his attendance record?
  10. willf (01/02/2016)Frank (31/01/2016)Congratulations Allan. I am going back in (after a gap of 26 years) on 1st Feb. I'm sure it will be great, but nothing like the excitement of your (and my) first installation.I hope that you enjoy your evening Frank.Thank you Will (sorry for late reply). It was a superb evening, both in Lodge and at the festive board. The installation of the officers went seamlessly, proving the point that the actual ceremony ALWAYS goes much better than the dress rehearsal. There were veiled comments about a two-year stint. Someone has a surprise coming at the next election in October, and it ain't me (probably)!
  11. I hope it is not only the Irish Constitution which uses the phrase "...respect all genuine Brethren and discountenance all imposters." (Laws and Constitution, summary (7) of the ancient charges read to the Master-elect.) This holds true for the freemasons belonging to this forum as well as in our Lodges. I don't think that refusing access and discourse to a conspiracy nut is being rude. If anyone thinks it is, then I'm afraid I will be as rude as I please in defence of freemasonry and this forum. This is my last post on this thread.
  12. Tom Cherup (05/02/2016)Frank (04/02/2016)Mike. Rules, smules! Dump him.Frank I have to agree with Mike. We are here not only Freemasonry, but to educuate the mis informed.With all due respect Tom, that is rubbish. Genuine enquiries we should welcome and encourage. The nonsense this person is spouting does not deserve the space. This is our forum and we do not have to accept it, no matter how much you think you can change him.
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