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  1. The Grand Lodge of Ireland have suspended all activity in all branches until 31st August. Frank.
  2. Wrong and wrong. I know this is way off-topic and getting very old, but there is no requirement for obligations and prayers to be read in I.C. Obligations are largely not read while prayers are, but there is no requirement that they MUST be read.
  3. Frank


    It took me a while, but I think I am here. Frank
  4. Not much help I know, but none of these (except the organ) could be used in I.C. lodges. It is not permitted to have any device in the lodge room unless it is intrinsically incapable or recording. This would, of course, ban all mobile phones - a very good thing in my opinion. Most lodge rooms have an organ/piano/keyboard, but unfortunately the people able to play such are few and far between. This really only leaves a record player for use in our lodges, but I imagine most modern players would have a recording facility included, which therefore forbids them. Occasionally, in some lodges, there is an a capella rendition of the opening and closing odes, but this requires a brave brother to start. Maybe we should have a keyboard training course so that at least the odes could be accompanied. Any music experts think this would be possible?
  5. Reading the reaction to this banner, the polo shirt and the anniversary logo on other threads, I detect a meanness of spirit from certain quarters. Is it not possible to fall in behind these initiatives, even if they are not to your personal liking? Can you not use the logo as an introduction to the ancient heraldry of the coat of arms? Can you not buy a shirt and wear it on holiday, which will, almost certainly, be recognised? Could you not make an effort to support the banner if it passes near you? Or is it more important to belittle these efforts so that you can be seen to be of superior taste/class/education? I meant this reply to be a gentle rebuke, but really...shame on you.
  6. H, the Calendar and Directory says it meets on 2nd Monday in March, June and September at Masonic Hall, Alexandra Road, Gateshead, NE8 1RE. I'll PM the Scribes details if that would be any help. Leith Hill Council 108 has since opened in Sutton, Surrey. Again, I have more details if anybody wants them. Please be patient; I'm not on here as often as I used to be.
  7. If you are having a social event, why would you want masonic toasts of any kind? If you are having a masonic event, why would you want non-masons present? There is a common-sense compromise that you can have non-masons at masonic functions (say a dinner to celebrate an installation) , with the usual toasts, but without the masonic trappings.(Quote.) "I think its a bit over the top if any of my Brethren, Provincial, UGLE or otherwise wanted to tell me I couldn't tell my wife about the Tyler's Toast. Its not a secret and its easily and readily found on the internet anyway. " (SW)I don't know the Tyler's Toast, so I can't comment on the contents, secret or otherwise. But why would you want to tell your wife about it? Surely you do not need any Brother to tell you this. The various obligations you have taken would tell you this. Do you remember the phrase "...hidden points, secrets or mysteries..."? Would the Tyler's toast fall into one of these categories? And it does not matter what she can find on the internet. You did not promise that she (or anyone else) would never find out any masonic 'secrets'. You just promised that YOU would not reveal them to her (or anyone else).
  8. Sparker (05/04/2016)So.. a hypothetical Mason in a hypothetical Province places a hypothetical ad for his hypothetical business in a hypothetical publication for...say... new Royal Arch Masons...by way of "sponsoring" the publication.I've highlighted the phrase "new Royal Arch Masons". Norwichman is referring to regalia, but as I read your post, this Mason is advertising for new Royal Arch Masons. If this is for his Chapter, I don't see anything wrong with it. Why he would want them for his business is less clear. However your post could be read that he is advertising a product to new RA Masons (which I assume is what norwichman read). In that case, he is within our Laws in advertising in a masonic publication to a (largely) masonic readership. It would be strictly against the rules to use masonic membership, or symbols or emblems to advertise in a non-masonic publication. This latter would be dealt with as unmasonic conduct. It is even forbidden to display masonic certificates in a business premises. I can see a case for masonic bodies being allowed to advertise membership in this way, but otherwise I am in agreement with my Grand Lodge on this.
  9. Sparker (18/03/2016)... and where else would you go from J to H to Z? That's right, the Irish alphabet!T.Sparker:1. Congratulations.2. As you know, our legend refers to the repairing of the first temple as opposed to your building of the second temple.The 3 principle officers in an IC RAC are Excellent King, High Priest and Chief Scribe (in that order of rank). What are the equivalents in HRA? 3. I see you are now a Royal Master. "'Well how'd you become Royal then? I didn't vote for you." (Apologies to Monty Python.)4. Please send your full postal address; several of my Irish brethren would like to discuss your last post with you!
  10. Bootlebuck1 (11/03/2016)Your right Tony, and Medic as you know, there are others to consider, but that isn't your fault, but if you really want to go and think you should, then of course you should....I hope it works out Allan, I apologise if I have got the wrong end of the stick (your posts are a little difficult for me to read) but you seem determined that Medic should confront this man. Is this really what you are suggesting? I think Medic made a sensible decision not to go. Mike M and Sparker have given good advice, which I endorse. Medic should get on with his own masonry. He should not go out of his way to avoid this Brother (except in his own lodge), but if their paths should cross, Medic, while he should remain open to a reconciliation if that is what he wants, should stay out of his company.
  11. bod (07/03/2016)It's always a good idea to have a press officer who knows how to deal with the press, and what to expect......Yes Bod, but do you know where we can find one?
  12. There is a saying along the lines of, "any publicity is good publicity". This article proves that saying wrong. I would not presume to tell another Province or constitution how to act, but if this was my Province, and my "so-called" publicity officer, I would be having serious words with the PGM and the hierarchy. Anyone from the Province of Devonshire on the forum?
  13. Frank (19/02/2016)Trouillogan (18/02/2016)This practice has pretty ancient origins. The newest, and therefore most lowly, member had a trowel and usually introduced the next new member. For this reason we have the phrase 'monarchs themselves . . . have not thought it derogatory to their dignity to exchange the sceptre for the trowel'I always thought this was a purely symbolic phrase. Nothing to do with a physical implement, just a way of saying that the Brother was prepared to set aside the symbolic trappings of monarchy and take up the symbolic tools of the working man.We do not (to the best of my knowledge) have a Trowel in our Craft or Royal Arch. It does feature heavily in Knight Masonry, where the Excellent Chief (Chair) uses one in place of the maul/sceptre, and it is one of the implements handed over to him at his installation.I suspected I might have been speaking too soon! Reminded by Trouillogan, I checked Grand Lodge laws, which state, "Each Lodge shall have a Seal wherewith to verify the Lodge transactions. The device shall consist of a Hand and Trowel, together with the number and name of the Lodge, and the name of the place where held. (Law 161, Laws and Constitutions of the Grand Lodge of Ireland, 2011.)
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