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  1. On the Dan Snow BBC programme regards the Klondike Gold Rush circa 1900 there was a shot of a graveyard at a staging post containing some of those who did not make it. He stood alongside a grave clearly marked with a Square, Compasses and the letter G.
  2. Trapsing round after the Deacons is being seen too much.Why anyway do you need to be seen as a DC during the ritual unless required to move someone or take an item?
  3. Whist you may well feel that he should be more vocal in Open Lodge, what do the rest of the Lodge feel? Perhaps they are happy with his method.Please don't take offence at this because it maybe just me. But if I had a DC following me in Mark or any other degree I would quite quickly tell him where to go. I would take it that the DC was expecting a slip up hence his hovering and wanting to be seen and show off.In Open Lodge discreet prompters stationed by the DC if necessary for that purpose is all thats required. Handling the situation discreetly.Many years ago in my Mother Lodge a young SD in a passing got to the SW chair and blanked, nobody helped. The DC with a loud Tut grabbed his wand and marched to the rear of the SD and prompted. The SD was so embarassed and the whole event was an embarassment that he dropped out a short while later.Beware of over zealous DC's, and I have been one.
  4. The first thing to remember is that a DC is an additional office and therefore can be dispensed with. Perhaps your particular Lodge in this case does not need one.However having been a DC in the past I saw my role primarily at the LoI, with an assistant to hone the ritual and polish the rubric, as well as encouraging those coming along into Office.At the ceremony he should only be dealing with the running of the meeting where he is required. The IPM should be prompting the WM and if required other prompters should be stationed near the JW and SW to assist. There should be no calling from the E to W of a word!The main thing is if the ceremony is flowing, even if a sentance is left out, keep going. Stopping and starting often leads to further errors by the Brother concerned. Common Sense prevails.However if the ritual and rubric are correct and the meeting flows, the Lodge gets praise, if it falls apart and is poor, the DC is blamed. Part of the territory!!
  5. Unsure but R.W. Bro H. Keith Emmerson DepGM In Mark is!No connection but what a great keyboard section The Prog Rock Masonic group would have been when Rick Wakeman is included!
  6. Throughout time there has always been that ages 'modern man'. Its the generation who adopt the new changes in social and economic trends.For instance today's modern man in the home may well do as much housework as their wife/partner. Change nappies etc. Certainly something that my 90 year old Father did not do and was taken aback that I was doing just that 20 years ago! However demands are higher from today's generation, information and results at a touch of a button, job hopping, time poor, money poor, fast paced and particularly the 'me' generation.However Masonry must look at the type of members it wants as the above does not fit all. After all not everyone who lived through the 60's and 70's was a drug taking nymphomaniac! Which is often the epitaph of that generation. Some of the above does fit the current working man with regards time and money. In that sense we do need to look at cost and meeting times. Paying £300 for a Lodge Subscription and starting at 3.30 on a weekday may not be suitable to current let alone future masons.It is interesting that speaking to some of the younger generation who are members it is often the opposite to the 'modern world' which attracts. Almost a throw back to the olden days, the dressing up, with a tie, learning ritual, discipline etc.So we should be careful that in our striving to attract the 'modern man' we exclude those who are more suited.
  7. Medic (01/02/2016)chestnut (01/02/2016)We must first assume that the Master Elect can carry out the duties required unless he has indicated otherwise and would delegate responsibility to others. The starting point, which is seen so often, is for the Secretary/PM's to immediately assume responsibility for all decisions leaving the new WM feeling like a puppet.I do not feel like a puppet but I understand what you are saying. When you say carry out the duties required what do you mean e.g. bits of ritual? we all do that. bits of ritual? we all do that - Some don't.My comment was not directed at you but to those Masters who I have spoken to who were told what to do, given their officers, meals chosen for them etc. At its basic level the Masters duty is to perform ritual, in whatever capacity they can. However there is more to it than just that:Chair GPC meetings.Oversee any other committee.Engage with the DC and Secretary on Lodge matters including degrees or Provincial matters.Engage with any Festival CommitteeRepresent the Lodge at any Combined Lodge meeting, Installation meetings and Provincial Meetings.It is the Master who is responsible for the Lodge whilst in his tenure.
  8. We must first assume that the Master Elect can carry out the duties required unless he has indicated otherwise and would delegate responsibility to others. The starting point, which is seen so often, is for the Secretary/PM's to immediately assume responsibility for all decisions leaving the new WM feeling like a puppet.
  9. I am always a little puzzled by such incidents.The Master is elected by the Brethren to preside over the Lodge.The Master appoints and invests the Officers, with the exception on those elected.His Officers are ultimately his choice and work for him on behalf of the Lodge.It is not acknowledging the responsibility of the Master for any committee to overrule or enforce.No Master should devolve his responsibility. He has final approval or veto.Of course simple management and cooperation within an organisation means that a level of politics and compromise is required. By all members.
  10. An interesting question and one which I often hear.Our Masonic ancestors, as old photos can confirm, proudly wore all their jewels, charitable and PM's all at once. These were awarded on attainment and worn until their death or their jackets gave out, whichever the sooner.It then became a custom for PM's jewels to be presented and worn until a Provincial or District rank was obtained. But these jewels were kept by the recipient. Nowadays due to the expense of these jewels they have been returned to the Lodge, when no longer being worn, to be passed onto a new recipient.I am fortunate to have and wear 3 PM's jewels, 2 of which have been recycled to me from Brethren I knew and respected but are no longer with us. In my current Lodge there is a PM jewel worn by the IPM which is then returned. There is an ongoing discussion as to what a Brother gets after that!
  11. Pay money to fund it and 33 episodes? Sceptical to say the least!
  12. If the R&A can rebrand themselves surely Freemasonry can?
  13. I quite like it.Its clean, modern and simple. The reason for this I would imagine is that UGLE then hold copyright over the new official logo which can not be reproduced without permission.If you look up Freemason Logo you get the S&C in many guises but not the Coat of ArmsI am concerned over the term rebranding which usually means that all other logos, refereed to here as the Arms, are dropped. Surelly on official in house documents such as the warrant or a certificate it will remain as an embossed stamp?
  14. Sadly the point has been missed by some of what the content is saying.This is not the simple act of learning a new task.Take the first line, I would rather SEE a sermon than hear one any day.For me this is simple, dont tell me how to act show me how to act. Your good deeds and approach to life will show me how to live mine by example. If we apply this to Masonry many say the words and dont act on those words.
  15. There are many good points raised. Some of which I have spoken about at a Lodge level, Officers on a 2 year cycle, twinning with a mutual lodge and attending each other meetings etc.But the fact is that there is point when the Lodge is too small with working Masons to operate effectively, just as there is a point when it is too large and stifles progression. But as Masons we have to have an open mind and show a little Brotherly Love which at times is lacking.We believe or most believe that their Mother Lodge is the best and that is how the ritual/rubric should be done. However when encouraging a Lodge to join through their demise perhaps the receiving Lodge should acknowledge the Lodge which is closing. Show on the summons the crest of the Lodge which is joining. Giving that Lodge still a sense of identity and continuation in name only at least. Perhaps incorporate some of their working, you never know it could enhance and reinvigorate their meetings.Welcome members and make them feel included as a whole not as a clique to be pitied. "Poor them their Lodge closed!" We have to come up with a solution which suits everyone as this will be happening more and more.Unfortunately the one lodge one meet rule is there so that a Brother does not continue meeting and does not pay his way towards cost, UGLE and Grand Charity thus increasing the costs of those who are attached. Not every Mason can be trusted, strange as that may be.
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