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  1. Do you REALLY believe Masonic discipline would have been applied in such a Draconian way? I'm sure that the Master (and more importantly, his Secretary!) would have been educated in the correct procedure.
  2. Morning all. I've been away for a few years. Just catching up. HTM.
  3. Sparker


    https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/152295716078?chn=ps&dispItem=1&adgroupid=49150986128&rlsatarget=pla-327951032125&abcId=1129006&adtype=pla&merchantid=101724755&poi=&googleloc=9046545&device=c&campaignid=861364963&crdt=0 And.. (oh, dear God....)... these.. https://www.zazzle.com/masonic+underwear
  4. Mike Martin (08/06/2017)Or maybe even the guys who provide us with this Forum: http://www.thefreemason.com/s-14-knights-templar.aspxI haven't checked lately, but when I have been buying stuff in the past, I always found this site more expensive than others for comparable things.T.
  5. It's not really about what the actuality is, it's about how it comes across.And I agree that the two programmes so far, could, to those with a less than open mind, make us look different to the reality.So far we have seen a farmer whose ancestors have been of elevated rank.. and he sees the Craft as a sort of "protection".. which, of course it is NOT.He seemed to be well to do and there's no shame in thinking that his son was well off too.The boxer owned a building firm.. big house.. nice car.. well to do.Rick Wakeman..... well off.....Vas Blackwood.. actor.. well off (probably)The coloured man who was Initiated did definitely make reference of his reasons for joining as "to find out the secrets" and also to make business connections.. and afterwards did comment... in a sentence..that it's more about giving. That could have been accentuated more.Did GL get to see this and approve it before it was broadcast?T.
  6. One word. WAIT!It's so easy to join a Chapter. the only requirement is that you have been a Master Mason for four weeks or more and you're in.It's important to realise that it is not another Degree. It is the completion of the Third Degree. Now when I first came in to Freemasonry, I was, like you, very interested in the whole deal and wanted to walk before I could run. Big mistake. I joined a Chapter and found that I didn't really enjoy it, as I didn't really understand it. I left and concentrated on learning as much as I could about the Craft. When I found I had a much greater handle on the Craft (although there is a HELL of a lot more I don't know about the Craft... but you never ever stop learning!) I decided to join my own Lodges' Chapter and have not looked back.I have recently taken the Chair of Z and am enjoying it immensely. I would recommend that you do the same thing....wait. There's plenty of time. At the very least, wait until you have gone through the Chair of your Mother Lodge then join your Mother Lodge's Chapter. If you wish to widen your circle of friends within Freemasonry.. visit often!All the best,T.
  7. Hi Darren,firstly, welcome.This forum is like Freemasonry in general. you only get out as much as you put in. You really should try to contribute to the forum and you will find it far more interesting and stimulating.I look forward to your contribution to the forum.T.
  8. 3GP441 (01/03/2017)But if it's H surely it should be Omniscient..........Depends... if its in our Chapter, one month Z is omniscient the next hes omnipotent and the next he's omnipresent.... still.. hes a lovely guy and he can be forgiven this slight transgression heheheT.
  9. LYTA (09/03/2017)Morning! x I have many subjects of a delicate nature to ask of guidance , As being in that i have been considered verbose within conversation.As to literature to whom he had considered ; What grounds are there for family to view item or articulate from ?(there is direction within this i can assure)You can ask anything you like in this forum.T.
  10. Sentience (12/02/2017)Congratulations Alan. It's a wonderful experience, but is so easily spoiled by having to juggle internal politics, apathy and childish spats. Sometimes you want to use something other than the gavel block to bang the gavel on. :-DCouldn't agree more Sentience. Which is why I have petitioned the Grand Master himself, to allow me to form the para-military wing of the Freemasons. It's name will be "The Most honourable Order of Not Taking Any More S*** From Those Brothers Who Really should Get a Life and Stop Moaning". It's role in this society of men, is to mete justice (corporal or capital depending on the offence..but we'll always push for capital) like in the olde days, on anyone who talks complete and utter twaddle, gets a titty lip because they can't get their own way and the worst offenders of all, those who throw a hissy fit because they don't get to wear a fancier apron than Brother X because they've been passed over for a promotion. For the condemned, there will be no right of appeal, no second chances and most seriously of all.. no hope. Now.... who wants to join?T.
  11. Anyone got a spare ballot box they don't want?.. or anyone know a Lodge closing that will be divvying out its furniture....oh and balls as well please?? Ours has been "borrowed" and not returned. I will of course pay postage.Cheers,T.
  12. Bootlebuck1 (10/02/2017)At last nights meeting, the Brethren elected me as their WM for a consecutive year.....I will be proclaimed by the IPM at the March meeting..I am honoured....but it's tha same feeling as last year, a mixture of excitement and trepidation You'll be SO much better than that bloke they had last time!All the best Bro.T.
  13. PM George (09/02/2017)I do apologise for trying to be helpful.I promise not to do it again.George, on re-reading my post, it did come across as being sarcastic, but I promise you that it was not meant that way. I really did not know that and am grateful for your help.Cheers,T.
  14. leckie1uk (08/02/2017)Catechism went ok with no dramas. Didn't work my 3rd degree as they could not get enough Brethren to attend on the night. Disappointed? Yes, a bit but then there is no rush; I guess. I was just so psyched up for it when I arrived. Never mind. Has this happened to any other Brother?Nope. Although my Lodge is very small, we always have enough bodies to do the jobs required.It's worth waiting for though. Stick with it.T.
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