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  1. aye.. was a good day.so much to take in though...looking forward to the next 3rd this month so I can try to make some sense of it all :)
  2. thank you for your replies. I will see how much interest there is and what the brethren would like to do in regards to visiting. some may just want to visit FMH and not attend a lodge visit.Brother Paul. your offer is pretty spot on for what I had in mind date wise etc, so if this gets off the ground I will contact you.
  3. we have had a couple of 50ths and 60ths but not a 70th yet.I image a 70th is rare indeed
  4. OK... I think I may have volunteered to organise a trip for those within my lodge to go to freemasons hall at some point in the not too distant future...we are based on the Wirral (Centenary Lodge 5896 - a great lodge if anyone ever fancies a visit btw*) so it would be an overnight trip so I was thinking maybe we could take in a lodge meeting whilst we were there.so my questions are:Given there is likely to be about 20 people how would you suggest I go about seeking a lodge to visit whilst there?Dining will need to be taken into account, should we seek to dine at FMH or opt for a cheaper meal - this will obv influencebe influenced by the lodge we end up visitingAny advice as to the best way to approach FMH to get something organised tour wise. it would be nice to do something special rather tan just the standard "non - masons" tour?Its also likely that the visit may have to take place over a weekend, will this limit what we can do?Any help gratefully received.* seriously we are a fun lodge and yet seem to manage to take our ritual seriously at the same time... (k that's the advert completed... :) )
  5. guess I had better make sure I know my lines then... :)
  6. aye, i have seen that too. however i do know that some lodges in poland have, or had, close ties with France and tbh visiting, even unwittingly, what turns out to be an irregular lodge so early on in my masonic career isnt something i want to risk.for now i will leave the fact that my Polish is abysmal out of this discussion ... )
  7. wolfy (07/01/2013)Rick C (06/01/2013)cant do feb as i will be in poland (am yet to find a lodge in krakow :) )If you ever find a lodge in Gdansk, please let me know! My wife comes from Poland so may be interesting! actually, an email to province may be in order here...Very best of luck with your raising, I am sure you will love it!!!closest i have come to a lodge in poland is http://wlnp.pl/site/index.php?page=polish-lodgeshowever i am not certain they are regular lodges or approved by UGLE... i too feel an email to GL or province comming on to aid my search as i am back in KRK middle of feb for a week and it would be awesome to have my fisrst visit as a MM in polandfrom what i know the lodge in krk follows scotish rite but my attempts to contact them have so far prooved fruitless. there is also a possible complication of connections with france which means i am wary of visiting without having any official OK from GL.
  8. Hadrian2 (06/01/2013)Good luck for February Rick, it will be a great experience.I'm unsure as to what you mean by .... "..when visiting as a FC there is little pressure on you and its rare to arrive at a lodge and be asked to do a job.."The only job you are likely to be asked to do when visiting, is to give the visitors speech at the FB. Unless the lodge you are visiting is so short of officers, that they ask an experienced visitor to stand in.sadly many lodges I have visited arewere struggling and its reasonably common IME for an experienced visitor to be asked to fill a position when numbers or experience are low. I, as a FC have been IG and briefly Tyler on a couple of occasions when it was possible to not have to go up to the 3rd and the lodge i was visiting didn't have the spare brethren present to fill each post (the lodges in general have enough members to remain viable ... just not enough of them showed up). The irony is the lodges where I have done this have been some of the friendliest and "best" I have visited and once raised I plan to become a joining member at one of them.
  9. cant do feb as i will be in poland (am yet to find a lodge in krakow :) )but the may one is doable. will pm you my contact details and we can make the arrangements
  10. the only real restriction i have encountered is when visiting outside of my province (and country). i have however visited one lodge in west lancs (linacre) and one in belgium. the hassle involved though meant i restreicted my visiting in the main to lodges in my own province.being raised means i wil be able to take advantage of offers of visits in scotland and other places (having a clearance cert will help greatly here)i think you are right in that spending time in the degrees wil help. you can appreciate the work being performed without having in the back of your mind the next set of ritual you have to learn.
  11. well 2nd of feb sees my tenure as a FC come to an end after a very enjoyable 18 months.one of the things i have enjoyed about the period is that when visiting as a FC there is little presssure on you and its rare to arrive at a lodge and be asked to do a job :)havimg said this during my many visits I have delivered the 2nd degree WTs and performed the duties of IG when the lodge being visited needed someone to perform these roles. My time as a FC has been much longer than most expereince and I have to say I feel my enjoyment of the craft has been enhanced as a result. I have been able to enjoy seeing how different lodges perform their versions of ritual and see several initiations and passings. It also gave an opportunity to gain an understanding of the degree before progressing to become a MM. I can heartily recomend any new bretheren do not race to get through the degrees in a hurry and to take the time to enjoy their time in the various degrees. take the opportunity to visit other lodges and broden your experience of ritual outside of your mother lodge. i have have met some great people through my visiting and would particularly like to thank the bretheren at marlowe, peninsular, prince llewellen and minerva lodges for my experiences there.but the 2nd of feb sees my raising and my progression within the craft and movement towards the ladder and away from the stewards bench - which i have to say i have thrououghly enjoyed.I would like to extend an open invitaion to my raising to the bretheren of this forum which is on 2nd Feb at 15:00 at Clifton Road in Birkenhead. If you would like to attend I and my fellow bretheren at Centenary Lodge would be happy to see you both for the ceremony and at our festive board.
  12. missed this one. WT were the short version... as I delivered them (as a FC) and was unaware there was a long version up until reading this. now i know there is a long version i will learn those so i can give the option of the long way on my next delivery nice to ble to bring a bit of variety to a ritual.first though i have to learn my answers for my rising on 2nd feb - something that i am very much looking forward to.
  13. Apologies to those not in the UK, esp our american and antipodean brothers for the thread title.Anyhow... My work takes me to all sorts of weird and wonderful places but recently I have found myself in Belgium and Poland a lot. I have secured an invite (and permission from GL to attend) a lodge in Belgium when they go into light again but Poland is proving to be a bit trickier...Also looming on the horizon are Brazil, USA - Chicago area, and possibly hong kong.For me this gives a great opportunity to see how masonry operates outside of the UK and whilst there will certainly be some language issues (my Polish is dire). to me this is more of a challenge than a problem :)I was wondering what other peoples experiences were of visiting places far afield and how you found a lodge to visit (google springs to mind but there will probably be other routes)?Also of interest to me would be your experiences of lodges in other countries and any advice you could give.
  14. for which I am grateful.thanks for the replies.i can see obvious links from my knowledge of the guilds and their aims and what i currently understand about freemasonry. it will be interesting to read more on this particular topic and see how it progresses. i can also foresee a visit to a scotish lodge at some point :)
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