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  1. It’s not unusual for some lodges to have a regular L of I designated “junior lodge” where all the positions, including the chair, are occupied by junior brethren who practice ceremonies and shadow the “senior “ lodge as a way to give junior Brethren a chance to experience their future roles.
  2. There lies the problem. You are assessing a Brother's worth on his ability to deliver ritual. We are not an amateur dramatic society. I judge a Brother on whether or not he is just and upright, i don't give a damn whether or not he can memorise the ritual.
  3. Although some lodges are in decline, others are thriving. We have so many ceremonies to perform that we are doing 2 ceremonies every meeting and passing work on to other lodges. Five of our current brethren were passed in other lodges, including our reigning Master. We have 40 members, 3 of whom are FCs and 2 EAs with another initiation this week and 2 candidates waiting to be interviewed.
  4. Peteste, i have copied a line from the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London's website: Contact Metropolitan Grand Lodge direct with details of where you live and work and where we can contact you. We will then arrange for someone to contact you in order to discuss matters further, with no obligation on either side.
  5. As our ceremonys are based on myths and legends,why would one more make any difference?
  6. So how long before we stop being "Brethren" and become "stakeholders"?
  7. I'll just repeat what Trouillogan said,as it bears repeating:All of this has no progressive connection whatsoever with the Craft in England and Wales which comprises three degrees and three only: the Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason including the Holy Royal Arch.
  8. I don't think so. The last comment was 2 hours ago and the article has been there 3 days.
  9. What's most interesting us that there are only 6 comments. There is great concern amongst our rulers regarding the public perception of Freemasonry when the fact is the general public as a whole just do not care. We are not on their radar. I have been a Freemason for over 30 years and have never heard anyone outside of my Masonic friends mention it.
  10. Does any Brother know of any Lodges that have bought the Master's Collar centenary jewel? Only £300.
  11. A friend of mine in a similar situation joined a PM's lodge that met infrequently and had low subs and that gave the freedom to visit more often until he found a "forever home".
  12. mindmagic (23/01/2017)Lewis (22/01/2017)mindmagic (22/01/2017) especially important if you keep having to buy new ones on promotion.Why keep buying new ones on promotion? One should last for all your promotionsMM to WM, WM to Provincial/Met rank. I've just discarded MMM and RAM aprons.MM to PM just means change rosettes to levels and promotion to dark blue means ebay (£20 including collar and jewel.) Or is that just me?
  13. I am having a little trouble understanding the point of such a jewel. A Past Masters Jewel shows the Masonic Community that you are a PM and a RA jewel shows that you are a member whilst a charity jewel shows you have supported the relevant charity,all of them marking a personal acheivment whereas this jewel does not show anything about you apart from the fact that you can afford a jewel. Or am i missing something?
  14. I don't know whether or not you allready do this but it always a good idea to get the Tyler into the habit of providing the JW with a list of visitors and their lodges which you can then mention either briefly or at length and build your toast around it.
  15. I dont think we can say that this is just one clerics opinion. He is just following the judgement of the General Synod which seems to be official policy of the Church of England.In fact he himself says:Although,as I have already stated, I make no judgment as to whether Freemasonry is compatible with Christianity, I cannot help but note that when it last discussed the subject the General Synod of the Church of England, by a very sizeable majority, by accepting the last paragraph of the Report Freemasonry and Christianity : Are they compatible?,decided that there were a number of very fundamental reasons to question the compatibility of Freemasonry and Christianity.
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