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  1. If you could redesign regular Freemasonry to include any Rite or Order, which ones would you include? Or do you think that having a selection of (relatively) independent Orders to choose after a Craft (perhaps + Mark) and HRA backbone is the best way to do things.......
  2. And Scientific No.88 and Isaac Newton 859 in Cambridge too......
  3. If they came and saw our Demo of the Irish 1st they might? Point or points more accurately
  4. 3GP441


    Is that forty and two, or two and forty?
  5. 3GP441


    Hi Here is a good place for answers, ask away
  6. Welcome Jake! Castle Grove is a lovely building, and I have happy memories of visiting there and dining at Bryans fish bar afterwards. Welcome to this forum too, there are lots of enthusiastic and knowledgeable UK masons here so never be afraid to ask a question or for advice...... I look forwards to hearing of how you progress Jon
  7. Sentience, Come to Cambridge for a visit sometime, either Sontaran, David or myself can arrange a Lodge meeting. We are a good bunch, the Province is small and happy and you'll enjoy it S&F Jon
  8. Hi Eric, Welcome from me too, I live in Cambridge, hail from near Pompey and have maternal family in Kirkbride near Annan! Enjoy being a FC, FM is a long race and not a sprint, so it is worth taking time to enjoy each stage that you pass through; IME you will look back and understand some of the lessons of a Degree many years after taking it. Do ask questions here if you like, the posters are a nice bunch and a wealth of (mostly useful 😁) knowledge! I hoe that someone has directed you towards the UGLE Solomon website as it is a great learning tool too (https://solomon.ugle.org.uk).
  9. It is not printed in italics in most Rituals that I have read I therefore assumed the archaic English use from around the time that the Rituals were first written. Ipso facto my postulation! S&F Jon
  10. I particularly enjoyed finding out that disquisition (an HRA one) meant an explanation S&F Jon
  11. Again the Irish Ritual is explicit on this point, referring to the old word 'helan' to cover ( I am a member of an IC degree demo team). BTW I still have youngish children, so I am familiar with having my patience tried and proved! S&F Jon
  12. It is explained fully in the Lectures and also in the Irish Constitution Ritual where it a Lodge is defined as being Just because the VSL is open on the Altar.
  13. FG all, One of my interests in Masonry is the language we use in the Ritual and how they have changed. A good example is Peculiar, nowadays it generally means odd or strange...but at the time the majority of Rituals were established it meant particular or specific, you may have referred to a close confident as 'my peculiar friend' . Thus a Peculiar system meant a specific or defined system. A second good example is fine. An example is in the address to the WM : 'In fine, Worshipful Master, by a strict observance of the By-laws of your Lodge, the Constitution of Masonry.....' I have heard this pronounced 'fee-nay' as if it were Latin, however it is an obsolete word meaning conclusion or finish, hence 'In conclusion, Worshipful Master.....'. Does anyone else out there enjoy this aspect of Masonry and have a good example of a word or phrase that we use in a different manner to the popular world? (Did you see what I did there?) S&F Jon West PM,PZ etc
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