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  1. Also to set up a new Lodge you would need the appropriate number of other Masons of sufficient rank as defined by the regulations laid down by the Masonic authority you wish to form a Lodge under. I cannot see such a project coming to fruition. My question is, assuming that you hail from either Scotland or Ireland, and that you are determined to set up a new Lodge; what is the issue of forming a Lodge under the authority which rules the area you are in? Freemasonry is universal and the although there is slight variation in form between the three home GLs the content is consistent.
  2. Either way I would play from the West End 😜 but I am Perfect!
  3. Taylor it to your own game style then 😝
  4. Are you Hampshire then NQSU? I was originally a Pompey Mason........
  5. In Cambs we do both, Lodges handle resignations initially but inform Province via our internal online system. This means Lodges can do exactly as Trouillogan says and attempt to settle the matter in Lodge, but if not Province can try to help find another solution, and at worst can have the information regarding why someone leaves and address any consistent patterns. The nice thing about a small Province is the feeling we are all on the same team and Province is there to help rather than impose......
  6. What has really helped this in Cambs is that every Lodge has some form of Lodge profile. That way once prospective Candidates have had an initial series of contacts, are deemed serious and fit the basic criteria for becoming a Mason they can see which of a number of Lodges may appeal to them.
  7. We ever you go and and whatever you do.........
  8. I am pretty sure I married her........
  9. It might be American Armorial for the Gibbs family: https://www.americanheraldry.org/heraldry-in-the-usa/roll-of-early-american-arms/g
  10. Here is a starting point: http://www.gadu.org/wp-content/uploads/kabballah-and-freemasonry.pdf
  11. Is that Mark and Passing of Veils before HRA a la our Caledonian Brethren?
  12. If you could redesign regular Freemasonry to include any Rite or Order, which ones would you include? Or do you think that having a selection of (relatively) independent Orders to choose after a Craft (perhaps + Mark) and HRA backbone is the best way to do things.......
  13. And Scientific No.88 and Isaac Newton 859 in Cambridge too......
  14. If they came and saw our Demo of the Irish 1st they might? Point or points more accurately
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