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  1. I have been present in Grand Lodge when the Brother who is facing a charge has been there and put his case to the brethren. Could be a bit tricky to achieve where the person in question is already behind bars. Unlikely he would be allowed out for the day to attend a Masonic Meeting.
  2. Where in the north of Scotland are you? We may be able to put you in touch with the Provincial Grand Lodge in your area, and they can put you in touch with your local Lodge's Secretary. I'm a bit disappointed to hear of your lack of success in getting contact with a Lodge. My own Lodge only has had one enquiry through our website so far, and we made sure that we responded immediately to his questions.
  3. George VI also resigned as Grand Master of Scotland when he took the big chair.
  4. It may be of interest to you - The Grand Lodge of Scotland is currently engaged in a project regarding brethren who served in World War 2, The Korean War, and the Falklands. They are hoping to interview these brethren. Where they will be going with it after that, I know not.
  5. A nice extract from our local paper regarding my local Lodge's 250th Anniversary celebrations. Unfortunately I couldn't be there due to work commitments. From what I've heard it was a grand day out. http://www.largsandmillportnews.com/news/15471618.Largs_Masons_celebrate_250th_anniversary/
  6. I've been looking forward to watching this series for some time.Interesting to note from the bottom of the internet page (Dave Gorman's favourite bit) that to join our fine organisation is a cardinal sin and to enter into the service of Satan. Who knew?That's given me something to look forward to in the afterlife - eternity beside a big roaring fire.Then again - maybe not.
  7. The suggestion of a local technical college isn't a bad idea.We don't have a local technical college, but what we do have is a shipyard, and one of our members works there.The perfect opportunity for him to demonstrate his metal-working skills.Thanks chaps.
  8. Thanks - I'm definitely not in England. (not that there's anything wrong with being in England)I quite like England - especially the way they ferment their apples.
  9. Thanks Guys,The horse brasses will be no use - I've already looked at those. He just wants a plain S. and C. without all the extra bits round it. If they were to be removed the emblem would be too small.Something like the car badge would be great, but again it's too small at only two inches. I'll keep looking. Something about four inches or bigger.There must be something out there on t'internet.
  10. Hi Chaps,My Father in law is in the process of making a lectern for our Lodge and he would like to put a square and compasses on the front of it.I'm trying to find one about 3-4 inches either brass or chrome (you get the picture - some shiny metal)If anyone has any ideas where I might find one that would be most appreciated.George
  11. I do apologise for trying to be helpful.I promise not to do it again.
  12. It still could be. Some Lodges have different designs for their jewels of office.There is some variations between Lodges.
  13. In the Scottish Constitution the Treasurer's Jewel is two keys in saltire.It might be that.
  14. What interested me was the two comments at the bottom of the web page.One clear statement that Freemasons worship the devil. (I must have nodded off during that degree - I didn't notice it)The other one complains about the poor love being deserted by his brethren.Did this person expect that the poor mistreated guilty party be been given the full support of his brethren? Strange.
  15. Mine is artificial. It's much lower maintenance.As an aside, in our Lodge, someone who has gone through the chair is gifted PM's regalia by the Lodge. He doesn't need to buy his own.Everyone else either buys their own or uses a plain linen one which are kept for the use of anyone who doesn't have one (visitor or member alike).
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