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  1. By all means do so. What version of Office? - last version I have is 2007, but you should be able to save in that format and then 'update' it if I manage to fix whatever is wrong.
  2. Don't use Base (LO) unless you are really sure what you're doing. Access is ok for what you want IMO. And as far as the 'pro' side of things are concerned, my particular expertise is on embedded software (eg GPS), military or aviation (although it's all 12 years out of date now). What's the problem you're having? - I can't guarantee I know the answer, but unless you ask the question ...
  3. I doubt it did - it's easy enough to change font/colour when replying to a post (as I've done .. using 'bold' and the colour picker) What's actually the problem? (retired s/w eng here...) PM if necessary
  4. I read that as being the various lodges/chapters/preceptories/tabernacles/etc he belonged to -
  5. For that matter, lodges -at least under UGLE- are also private bodies and can therefore make whatever stipulations they choose.
  6. We ditched the 3 course meal quite a few years ago(!) - now it's 2+cheese; the only time we have 3+cheese is at Installation. We meet Saturdays so leaving early rarely happens until the weather is bad. Invariably we've finished by 9.30 .. 9.45 at the latest.
  7. I hope you're not mixing up Scottish Rite with the Ancient & Accepted Rite; whilst there are similarities, they are not the same (and the former is recognised as being incompatible with English Frremasonry). Under the Scottish Rite (as I understand it), a Christian belief is not a requirement. It is however, a requirement of the Ancient & Accepted Rite as practiced under the English system.
  8. No, you may read have books written by Freemasons, but that doesn't make them books ABOUT Freemasonry. Not the same thing at all. And even if the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was founded by 3 men who also happened to be Freemasons, it doesn't make it Freemasonry - or anything to do with Freemasonry. From Mike's comment I suspect you might not actually see this, but be that as it may, I will still reiterate that nothing in your studies of interest have anything to do with Freemasonry so we can't help you in your quest. By the way; the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (as distinct from the Greek NeoNazi political movement) no longer exists; it -according to Wikipedia, was dissolved in 1903 .. over 100 years ago. There have been a number of 'organisations' of a similar name, but they are as irrelevant to us as Freemasons as was the original.
  9. You need to contact the Provincial Secretary (I speak as a former ProvAGSec)
  10. Wow. Just ... wow. A bit of an attitude there .. just because he thinks we're not being honest. Ah well - you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. He obviously doesn't understand why I answered as I did, as reading a load of books written by people who also happen to be freemasons is not the same as being a member!
  11. I think you completely misunderstand what Freemasonry is about. First, not one of the subjects you mention have anything to do with Freemasonry - except perhaps Kabbalah, and that only by those interested in the esoteric side. Secondly, it matters not one whit if you are poor or not particularly successful in your chosen career - the only financial consideration is: can you afford an annual membership fee without impacting on your family. What matters is you; are you what people would describe as a good man. Do you believe in God (Christian description for ease). Those are the things that matter. Freemasonry is about learning about yourself; about learning how to be a useful member of society, and gaining the support of like-minded individuals. It's not about investigating the sort of things you mention -unless it's something you personally are curious about, but you won't find any of that in Freemasonry or in our lodges. Incidentally, regarding your email question; assuming you started emailing last year, it's distinctly possible that you haven't had any replies solely down to the pandemic - particularly if, as has been the case in England, all activity has been suspended .. there may not have been many people checking routine enquiries.
  12. Not to mention that the hall bookings are likely already in place and therefore no issues with trying to get space in an already likely fully booked calendar!
  13. We've got 3 in the pipeline; a service lodge, a daylight Installed Masters lodge, and I can't remember what the 3rd is. And a couple of years ago, a Stewards lodge. The ProvGM is the instigator of all these.
  14. ... and further to Mike's welcome, please be aware that joining this message board does not mean that you are now a Freemason. It's a fairly common misperception that you can join online.
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