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  1. Sontaran

    Badge replacement glue

    It's now an old thread, but in case anyone else comes across the thread with the same question, Copydex. It's ideal as it's possible to peel an old badge off when you need to replace it after a promotion.
  2. Stephen; I don't think that's something you should get hung up over - you have to remember that among the older generations (and I fall into that category), the concept of male/female (which is really what's being referred to I think) is much more black/white than perhaps it is among the younger generations as psychological and physiological knowledge improves. Does that make your compass any different to the bulk of the members or with freemasonry? Not in my opinion, just with individuals perhaps. The question is whether you are able to accept that others may have a different opinion that you can live with - and I suspect the answer to that is 'yes', and it's right therefore for you to continue .. it would be a 'poorer' world if we all had exactly the same opinion of things. That we can each hold different opinions but still get along by respecting each other is the one big difference that those of us who are Freemasons have over many who are 'outside'. I can fully understand what seems to be Sojourner's feelings are, I don't necessarily agree with all of them, but I can respect his right to feel that way and I'd happy sit next to him and chat - because a disagreement on something relatively insignificant is meaningless.
  3. Sontaran

    Derby druids/freemasons

    This is your best bet for the 'druids; http://www.thanetdruids.co.uk/index.htm They may have some info.
  4. Sontaran

    Derby druids/freemasons

    Lodge 610 is Colston lodge and is based in the Bristol area, so I can say that it's not a Masonic lodge - it could though, be a Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (RAOB) lodge; we can't help you if it is, but you may want to contact them to check www.raob.co.uk (offline for maintenance a few minutes ago) Another possibility (as I see you posed the same question on RootsChat), is the Ancient Order of Druids - the Friendly Society.
  5. Sontaran

    Harry Potter the Freemason?!?

    I think she's talking about the triangle and circle
  6. Sontaran

    Greetings from Norway

    Oh God. Not again! I'm losing the will to live ...
  7. Sontaran

    Am I considered a mason?

    Ah, I possibly see your problem - particularly if it's the individual you refer to .. and that would appear to be the case as you're talking about dues. Under the circumstances, your best option may be to request a private meeting between you, him and the Grand Master/Secretary to thrash out the issue. Failing that, I really don't think we can help you on this one.
  8. Sontaran

    Am I considered a mason?

    You definitely need to contact the Grand Secretary! - if they're asking for 7 years worth of dues and you only owe 2, that's extortion and illegal. But I'm confused; if you've moved to another state, what's the issue with contacting him? - He can sort the problem out .. remember, the Grand Lodge will have a record of when you joined and can overrule the lodge. That would allow you to demit (resign) and join one local to where you now live. Given the issues you appear to have with Delaware lodge, once the GSec has sorted it out, you could ask him for the necessary assistance in moving.
  9. Sontaran

    Am I considered a mason?

    I would add, that you have as much right to put a picture up of the S&C as the next man - and the same right to do so as a non-mason. It's a free world (at least it is wherever Freemasonry exists!). I understand though, that some Prince Hall Masons refer to the S&C as the 'light' and it would appear that they believe it to be something that no-one except a mason has any right to display. That however is complete rubbish. It may well be one of these individuals who 'ordered' (he can't ..) you to take it down.
  10. Which (just out of curiosity) is what? - you don't have a signature or anything to identify who you are. I know (from another post) that you're a member of the District Grand Lodge of Lebanon, but I'm curious as to what position you hold. Here in Cambridgeshire, the rule is 'at the bar you call me what you like -"oi you" will do :), once the regalia goes on, it's the respect due to the office'. So at the bar, the ProvGM is called 'Bill' (if you know him well), when he puts his regalia on it's, 'sir', and when he enters the lodge room it's 'Provincial Grand Master'.
  11. Sontaran

    Am I considered a mason?

    To be honest, it's difficult for most of us on this forum to be able to give you a definitive answer because it is biased towards Freemasonry as practiced under the English Constitution; from your description, you appears to be under one of the US state Grand Lodges, and their rules are different. Under the EC, it's true, the moment you become an Entered Apprentice, you become a Mason, and you are for life unless you choose to resign from Masonry (not an individual lodge). I understand though, that under some of the US State GLs you don't become a fully fledged Mason until after your 3rd Degree - and possibly, as the guy said, after the catechism (whatever that might be - as I said, different GLs, different rules/ritual). Even then, it may be that your membership lapses if you don't pay your dues; I've no idea. Realistically, the only authority that can give you a definitive answer is the Grand Lodge under which you took your degrees - not the individual lodge, the Grand Lodge. I'd recommend contacting the Grand Secretary and posing the same questions to him. Why him and not the individual lodge or member? Because it's not unheard of for the wider membership to be 'ill informed' as to what the rules actually are; it is however, the Grand Secretary's job to know. I am concerned though, that as you appear to be being asked for pretty much the same figure again, that you've actually joined a regular Grand Lodge - what is the name of the Grand Lodge? - it'll be something like the ones over here .. The United Grand Lodge of England, The Grand Lodge of Scotland, The Grand Lodge of Ireland. What's yours called? Best of luck.
  12. Sontaran


    It really is. No one expects you to give a 15 minutes speech!
  13. Clarence Alfred Stuart Hadler - CASH
  14. Sontaran

    Who are the Freemasons? - asks the Sun

    I use the Sun - if I run out of loo paper ...
  15. Sontaran

    Lodge in warsaw poland

    Have you looked at their web page? http://wlnp.pl/site/index.php?page=contact