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  1. Clarence Alfred Stuart Hadler - CASH
  2. Sontaran

    Who are the Freemasons? - asks the Sun

    I use the Sun - if I run out of loo paper ...
  3. Sontaran

    Lodge in warsaw poland

    Have you looked at their web page? http://wlnp.pl/site/index.php?page=contact
  4. Sontaran

    Sporting Freemasons

    I wonder who I contact to mention two that I personally know who are missing - or if I should? W. Bro. D. Gent, PAGDC (and a past Inspector General in A&AR) who was a Division 1 (as was) football referee .. he did his second as a double with my father, and Bro. Dick Rogers (dec'd) who was Hon Sec of Cambridgeshire FA - we have a picture of him shaking hands with the GM in his (former) role as President of the FA. Dick was my seconder into masonry.
  5. Sontaran

    Hey there

    It depends on what you mean by accurate answers. Freemasonry is or can be different for each individual. Whilst there is a lot that is common, it's a personal journey for everyone, so every answer you get will be from the individual's perspective; hence you should get a balanced view.
  6. Sontaran

    Hey there

    Ask all of us; that way you'll get a number of opinions and not just one individual's view (although Mike is a good source I hasten to add!)
  7. Sontaran


    I'm curious; if we're talking about the US, I assume you're thinking of leaving a 'mainstream' GL and moving to a PHGL or the other way round...? - and not moving from (eg) one mainstream to another? And moving AS A LODGE rather than just as individuals? Assuming that's correct, you'd first need to check that the 'receiving' GL is willing to take you .. and if we ARE talking about moving to a PHGL, you might want to check if there is mutual recognition .. if there is, you might well find they won't accept you as it could cause some major issues between the Grand Lodges. If you're talking about moving from one mainstream to another - or PH to PH, then I think it unlikely due to territorial issues and state borders.
  8. Sontaran

    Brazilian visitors

    And make sure you let Met know of the error!
  9. Sontaran

    Brazilian visitors

    That wasn't clear from his OP! - in which case, nae problem! (Although the other brother would still need the clearance letter!) EDIT: he is, so no problem as far as Joselito is concerned .. but Joselito - you aught to get your UGLE lodge to correct your name in Adelphi .. they have it down as Joseltio ...
  10. Sontaran

    Brazilian visitors

    Please tell me you've made initial contact via your Grand Lodge and have letters to that effect ...! You won't be able to attend any meeting unless you have letters of introduction stating that you are fully paid up members. If you have, the two Grand Lodges will have been in communication so that our authorities will be aware that you are over here and want to visit a lodge. Any lodge you visit will make (or should...) inquiries via their Provincial or Metropolitan authority that you are permitted to attend meetings. Assuming you've done that, you don't say where in the UK you will be ...!
  11. Sontaran

    Badge replacement glue

    Just use double sided tape and make sure you apply significant pressure. If you contact whoever you got it from, you should be able get hold of the circular double-sided fixing pad that normally comes with the badge.
  12. I'd ask if I were you.
  13. I would add that my father and I shared the same mother Chapter, but he became a founder of a Newmarket Chapter and I joined in Cambridge. I did that so I could invite him as my guest and I went to his Newmarket Chapter as his guest. (Newmarket, although in the county of Suffolk, is in the Province of Cambridgeshire). Interestingly, my father was a founder, but wasn't on the warrant as such. He'd paid all the founders fees, but when they sent the form in the founding scribe forgot to put his name on it. When the Warrant came back without his name, they realised what had happened and offered to refund all his contributions but he refused. What they did therefore, was to elect him as the first joining member without a ballot and without requiring him to retire. So he became a founder in all but name.
  14. Nope. If they were happy enough to accept you as a joining member, why should they be bothered about proposing you into RA? I remember when I became a joining member of RA in my native Province - my mother chapter is in the neighboring Province of Essex. When I just expressed an interest in joining a chapter in Cambridgeshire, my late father's chapter and the one I eventually joined were arguing the toss over which one I should join - and when the members of the one I DID join discovered I'd applied (by the then Treasurer proposing, and the Z seconding), they were like "excellent; fantastic news" and so on. So, if you want to join RA - and I can thoroughly recommend it. And before anyone says anything, I can also recommend Mark. FWIW, if you're planning on going through the Craft chair (a great experience btw), consider joining Mark before you do (even if you've joined Chapter) as there will be an 'Oh!" moment that can make things a bit clearer. My advice? Join Mark and Chapter - doesn't matter which way round, and consider going through the chair in Craft, Chapter and Mark; the three fit nicely together and give a good rounded picture with each answering some seeming anomalies in each - you'll see what I mean if you do. Working on the assumption that you follow my advice, as far as floor/officers work is concerned, if you feel you can handle it, start working towards the Craft chair first. When you get to about SD, consider starting on the Mark, closely followed by Chapter so that when you've done the Craft chair you go through the Mark chair a couple of years later and then the Chapter chair a year or two after that. Doing them like that a) answers a few questions/oddities that crop up as you do each chair, and b) you don't lose the habit of learning. If you leave it too long to join or go on the floor, you can lose the 'learning habit' and it can take time to get back into it.
  15. Sontaran

    Prince Charles

    I did - wrote it on tablet and 'Middlesex' got 'autobollo*ed' to Middlesbrough and I didn't spot it!!