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  1. FWIW Samson, I wish many others would take the same stance you are, and I sincerly hope you're successful in finding what you're looking for,
  2. Just to clarify Barry's answer; when he says 'the Bible', that can either be just the old Testament, or the Christian Bible comprising both the Old & New Testaments. You don't give any indication of where you are, so we can only answer for the 3 Constitutions here in the UK; the specific requirements in the US for example, are likely to be different in their interpretation of what constitutes a Volume of the Sacred Law (this forum is in the UK). Some of them also ask for, and require a belief in the afterlife - a question that isn't asked here. Similarly, in Sweden, membership requires you to be a Christian.
  3. I've never heard of it, but it smacks of US origin .. if you happen to reside in the States, you need to be aware that this is a UK based forum.
  4. Theoretically -but highly unlikely, our Provincial Meeting, nominally scheduled for 2 July, could take place ... but more likely to occur on the backup date of 21 October
  5. I know you won't say - and I understand why not, but I'd be really curious to know the Craft Province you belong to as I have met a fair few of the PGMs/Deps/Secs of the Provinces surrounding London when I was ASec of my Province and in my current capacity, and they'd be horrified to discover what you've intimated goes on under their noses!
  6. If you're talking about creating a new lodge in London under anything other than UGLE, forget it; it will not be allowed. If it's to be created in either Scotland or Ireland, then you'd have to ask the appropriate authorities there as I doubt there are many on here who could anwser your question. Insofar as to your question about Provincial Stewards, as per the other Provincial Officers, their appointment is the sole choice of the ProvGM, and is most likely down to your Visitng Officer's recommendation (assuming you have them in your Province). In no case are you recommended for a particular office, only for appointment to Provincial Grand Rank. The only case where a Steward is recommended, are Grand Stewards, where the relevant lodges are INVITED to put a name forward (normally the ruling Master), but even then, there's no guarantee he will be accepted. As far as the duties are concerned, that varies from Province to Province, but nominally, escorting the rulers and acting as ADC, organising Provincial meetings, setting up said meetings etc. Basically you would be the manual labourer for the Province, and the general dog's body.
  7. I would also ask whether you're a member under UGLE? It would appear not...?
  8. Looks to be this lodge therefore ... https://www.pmklodge.co.uk/ Warranted on my birthday(!)
  9. Given your reference to OES, I suspect you may be in the US(?) - in which case, you need to be aware that this forum is based in the UK and therefore it's not something we can advise you about. For info: whilst I can't comment on Scotland or Ireland, membership of the OES in England or Wales is incompatible with membership of UGLE.
  10. That's a craft founders jewel. Given the red ribbon and the cornucopia, it's probable that it comes from a Provincial Grand Steward's Lodge - Grand and Provincial Grand Stewards are the only ones permitted to wear red. Where did you acquire it from?
  11. So West End to Bristol - that a fair distance! enough I think!!
  12. Just make it Universal - covers everyone then 🙃. That's my Logic anyway!
  13. More than happy to be corrected - and pleased to hear it! I know Essex employs some permanent staff (or did pre-Covid19), whether they are moving to more volunteers I don't know (even though I'm also an Essex mason).
  14. Unfortunately, it appears that the larger Provinces (and perhaps UGLE itself) seem to feel they have to find things to do to justify the employment of permanent staff and find them something to do - and maybe that's the problem. Smaller Provinces however, - like ours, don't employ anyone (educated guess there...); everyone who is actively doing something is an unpaid volunteer. Yes, we identify a likely individual, but after that, if they take to post/job, they do so because they want to, and can step down when it suits them. Financial overheads are therefore at a minimum, but you also get an organisation that works because the members WANT it to work. Jon doesn't get paid for what he does for the Province - other than perhaps travelling expenses, and nor do I - everything I do to create our yearbook is in my own time, but using open source tools so that whoever takes it over won't be subjected to financial limitations to pick things up - just a download. We have our own online membership database and secretary/DC/mentor/etc reporting system that fits what we as a Province want from it. Interestingly, it was one of those demo'd in the specification phase of Hermes and I'm given to understand that the GSec said "that's what we should be aiming for" - he is a member of, and lives in the Province, so it's entirely possible that he'd had a private demonstration in advance so had some preconceptions. I gather that the other demo owners were not initially taken with it, but (grudgingly) admitted it wasn't bad by the end. I'll watch the implementation of Hermes with interest, although I'm not holding my breath.
  15. Agreed Jon - and I think you'd agree that that's down to the ProvGM and our Membership Officer's enthusiasm (and you of course as the Prov Mentor!)
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