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  1. I'm going to tweak the circular advice from the GSec about abandoned meetings (ie) ... “The regular meeting of the Lodge on …. day …. March, 2020 was duly called in accordance with the attached summons. Owing to the incidence of the coronavirus the required number of Brethren to open the Lodge could not be assembled and the meeting was abandoned” The minutes will state .. "By command of the Grand Master, the regular meeting of the Lodge on xx May 2020 was abandoned due to suspension of Masonic Activity for a period of 4 months to combat the Coronavirus (infomally known as Covid-19) pandemic." And I'll append a copy of the command to the minutes.
  2. The BoC though, gives District Grand Masters more power over their Districts than Provincial Grand Masters have over their Provinces.
  3. Presumably this is to be laid by an Unspotted Golden Long-billed Egret? Or not.
  4. We can't BOTH have - that would be illegal!
  5. 🤣 I've been to one .. the sausage supper evening. WM/PMs are 'prohibited' from taking the chair .. they use the LOIs to give the Wardens (amongst others) chance to learn what it's like to act as Master. No-one takes an office that they hold 'for real', but other than that, every office at every LOI is up for grabs I understand. The only 'offices' filled by PMs are the Preceptors - and there's normally one from each lodge.
  6. David; what he's describing is what Ely United Lodge of Instruction do.
  7. Philip Lovelock is the Provincial Secretary for Essex. Drop him an email (on the page Cornish E mentiioned) saying you are interested in joining. If you're in the Saffron Walden area, I can put you in touch with the Walden Lodge secretary directly (Walden is my lodge's parent so I know many of the members, including the secretary as he's also a member of my lodge) Tell him a bit about yourself and say WHY you want to join - that's extremely important. Tell him what you hope to get out of being a member, and what you can offer in return - you know the kind of thing .. a commitment to attend meetings and to learn what being a Freemason means, to help with lodge social events when asked .. even Provincial level events if asked. You'll also need to say where in the county you live as it will dictate which lodges/centre he will pass your details on to. They'll also wnat to be sure that you are financailly secure as it has been known for men to attempt to join thinking that masonry can help them get a job or a 'leg-up' at work (it won't), so make sure you say who you work for and where. Also tell him what your interests are as those will pay a part in where you'll feel most at home.
  8. I've actually taken part in 2 veils ceremonies (demonstrations) with my mother chapter .. one as candidate, and the other as guard to the white veil. Would that qualify, I wonder, as having taken it?
  9. What makes you think it's masonic ...?
  10. Point them at their own advertising on their website regarding club & community accounts ...
  11. Since when does one of the signatories have to be the Secretary?? - Last time I had to go through this, it just needed a copy of the minutes of the (installation) meeting detailing the change in Treasurer .. your predecessor being listed in the officers in attendance, and your name as the new Treasurer, with the minutes having been duly signed and approved. I appreciate it's now a bit more involved with the advent of GDPR and money laundering laws, but I'm still not aware of any requirement of the Secretary being a required signatory!
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