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  1. And that's the important part. If you're not happy with the Bible because of your particular beliefs, this clause applies. The Bible as the Volume of the Sacred Law, is symbolic - for example, if you lived elsewhere in the world for example, the VSL that's physically present/open in lodge, is quite possibly not going to be the same as here in the UK.
  2. In Cambridgeshire, the only Provincial offices where RA membership is 'required' (if I can use that description) are those of Deputy (we don't have assistants) and Wardens. For anything below that, RA membership is encouraged, but not 'mandated' - that pretty much ties in with Trouillogan's observations above; if you're committed enough to even be considered for those senior Craft offices, it's highly probable that you're also likely to be a PZ in RA - and probably involved in other orders too!
  3. I've taken to referring to both the Mark and Royal Arch at the end of the TH. I've translated the markings on the most prominant item on the Tracing Board (I'm being deliberately obsure in case there are non-MMs reading) and told them that the markings are quite important in the Mark. I also say that they might recall that they are told about things going wrong (as it were) and that if they want to find out how things were put right, then to look into the Royal Arch. Every occasion I've done this so far has resulted in a look of surprise and intrigue come of the candidate's face, so it remains to be seen if they follow it up (they have all joined Chapter to date).
  4. As long as you believe in God (to use Christian terminology), have no criminal convictions, and you are what the majority would consider to be a 'good' person, then there's no reason at all. Being skilled in maths, English - or anything for that matter, is irrelevant. Freemasonry is a good medium to learn and understand yourself - it's what we're all encouraged to do. The only thing you need to be able to do is read and write as you have to be able to read the application form, understand what is says, and sign it, and without those basic skills that's something you would not be able to do.
  5. It's also worth mentioning that 32° is -in all fairness- pretty meaningless in the US as just about every member of the Scottish Rite in the US is a member of that degree. As I understand the US system, if he'd been a 33° SR member, his standing in the order would be significantly higher (for similar reasons as below ...). If he'd been a member of the equivalent system in England & Wales, it would mean a lot more as the members who have been awarded that are a fraction of the overall membership, and both the 31° and 32° are rewards for distinguished service to the order (and sometimes for services to the wider community and/or freemasonry in general). Under our system, the majority of the membership are either 18° or 30°; the latter just means that the holder has been in charge of his lodge (not precisely what it's called, but it serves for you to -hopefully- understand the analogy). The US 32° pretty much equates to the combination of our 18° and 30° with few of our 31° and 32° thrown in. You should also be aware that being a member of the Scottish Rite (or our equivalent) is not the 'be all and end all' that you may have been let to believe -or that the media would have you believe; it's just an additional 'organisation' that freemasons can join should they be so inclined - and of which being a freemason is a prerequsite for membership. All the members of the SR are, first and foremost, freemasons, as are members of the York Rite; another 'organisation' who's members are primarily freemasons. That also used to be the case for the Shriners, but I believe that requirement has been relaxed. The main thing to understand is that it's that he was a freemason that's important, not that he had also chosen to join the Scottish Rite (and maybe the York Rite). Yes he'd have been proud of that ring, but if he were still alive and were you to ask him, he'd tell you that the most important outward sign of his membership of freemasonry in general is/was -as Mike as intimated, his white apron.
  6. No idea, but I don't think it's 'not allowed', I'm given to understand that it's really to give the new ruler a chance to get his 'feet under the table' without feeling his predecessor is looking over his shoulder.
  7. I'm going to tweak the circular advice from the GSec about abandoned meetings (ie) ... “The regular meeting of the Lodge on …. day …. March, 2020 was duly called in accordance with the attached summons. Owing to the incidence of the coronavirus the required number of Brethren to open the Lodge could not be assembled and the meeting was abandoned” The minutes will state .. "By command of the Grand Master, the regular meeting of the Lodge on xx May 2020 was abandoned due to suspension of Masonic Activity for a period of 4 months to combat the Coronavirus (infomally known as Covid-19) pandemic." And I'll append a copy of the command to the minutes.
  8. The BoC though, gives District Grand Masters more power over their Districts than Provincial Grand Masters have over their Provinces.
  9. Presumably this is to be laid by an Unspotted Golden Long-billed Egret? Or not.
  10. We can't BOTH have - that would be illegal!
  11. 🤣 I've been to one .. the sausage supper evening. WM/PMs are 'prohibited' from taking the chair .. they use the LOIs to give the Wardens (amongst others) chance to learn what it's like to act as Master. No-one takes an office that they hold 'for real', but other than that, every office at every LOI is up for grabs I understand. The only 'offices' filled by PMs are the Preceptors - and there's normally one from each lodge.
  12. David; what he's describing is what Ely United Lodge of Instruction do.
  13. Philip Lovelock is the Provincial Secretary for Essex. Drop him an email (on the page Cornish E mentiioned) saying you are interested in joining. If you're in the Saffron Walden area, I can put you in touch with the Walden Lodge secretary directly (Walden is my lodge's parent so I know many of the members, including the secretary as he's also a member of my lodge) Tell him a bit about yourself and say WHY you want to join - that's extremely important. Tell him what you hope to get out of being a member, and what you can offer in return - you know the kind of thing .. a commitment to attend meetings and to learn what being a Freemason means, to help with lodge social events when asked .. even Provincial level events if asked. You'll also need to say where in the county you live as it will dictate which lodges/centre he will pass your details on to. They'll also wnat to be sure that you are financailly secure as it has been known for men to attempt to join thinking that masonry can help them get a job or a 'leg-up' at work (it won't), so make sure you say who you work for and where. Also tell him what your interests are as those will pay a part in where you'll feel most at home.
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