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  1. Which browser are you using? Ignore that; just spotted 'firefox' in your link - perhaps a better question is 'which version are you using'? I'm using Quantum 64 bit and it's fine. EDIT: my version is 66.0.5 on Windows 10
  2. Our (my) JW was an applicant via Province - I interviewed him as ProvAGSec and agreed to be his proposer - without telling him where my lodge was, I told him that where he lived he had a number of options open to him and asked where and which day suited him best. Only when he'd made his preference known did I say that I'd be happy to propose him - and it's turned out to be a very good decision. He had originally arranged to visit Grand Lodge 5 years earlier and decided at that point that he wanted to join, but decided to wait as he was about to join the Royal Marines. He waited until he was in his last couple of months of service and knew where he wanted to live when he rejoined civilian life. I actually took that as a positive as it said to me that he had thought about things, and wanted to join Freemasonry where he'd be in a position to be a regular attender. He'd also been on a second tour before applying to make sure it was what he wanted, so had obviously given it a lot of thought. His was the longest talk I ever had with a prospective candidate - 2 hours on the first meeting, and a further 3 hours on a subsequent meeting - and I let him do all the talking so I could get a feel .. and he ticked all the boxes. I also know he's since been asked to help out on something at Province level, but I can't recall what (I was no longer in office when it happened).
  3. I gather from your wording then, that you're the Scribe E ...?
  4. I would also add, that as the guy has openly stated that he knew atheists could not join, he still went ahead and asked to begin with - and that's ignoring the actions of his 'proposer' and 'seconder' (deliberate quotes!). And yes, I agree that their actions should also be reported. I used to interview applicants via the Province (as ProvAGSec), and I've always dropped quickly but gently, anyone who stated they were atheists (and yes, it has happened). Ozy; I think you have a duty to the Craft and Chapter (and to the wider membership) to see that something is done about this - even if it means the lodge is sanctioned. I can't believe the Chapter can be aware of the situation - unless the same 'names' are involved!
  5. That calls for a conversation with the Provincial Secretary as he has lied on his application; it's highly unlikely that Province would have passed him on if they'd known.
  6. Except Jon of course! 🤣
  7. If you do, just make sure you check with GQS via your Provincial Secretary in advance! Attend the wrong lodge and you could find yourself in trouble.
  8. Serving staff might be in the next room, but the door should ALWAYS be closed during the toasts!
  9. Page 29 of "Information for the Guidance of Members of the Craft" - "Non-Masons at After Proceedings". Adopted December 1995, which makes it a formal addendum to the BoC (note the statement on page i)
  10. And I also apologise - I wan't actually making any point about jewels returning to the lodge .. I'm all for that - even though I'm no longer allowed to wear mine, I'm hanging on to it (with the lodge's knowledge) in the hope that it'll go to one of my sons. I'd add that it is a bit of an unusual jewel in that the original recipient proposed the next into masonry .. this has been repeated 4 times, with the last two being my late father and me. My father handed it back specifically so it could be presented to me. (The lodge then sprung a surprise; they presented him with a replacement jewel). It's worth observing at this point that I've just been given a lodge jewel from a PM who resigned (there was some disagreement in which the lodge found ourselves in the middle between him and a member of another lodge) to return to the lodge. What I was really 'commenting' on (badly it would appear ) was the bit about the ongoing misrepresentation that Provincial Officers are not permitted to wear PM jewels (not something you said I admit). It's something that keeps being quoted - but completely without foundation. Like I said, the only PMs not permitted to wear them are Grand Officers; as far as Provincial Officers are concerned, it's only local protocol that dictates one way or the other - and that can be different from Province to Province (or District to District).
  11. At no point did I say that it was 'personal property' - unless of course you purchased it (which I did). The problem is the statement that Provincial Officers cannot wear them (not true); it's local protocol that dictates whether they can/do. If a PM is presented with a jewel by the lodge by way of saying thank you, what does it say to the recipient if, because the Province then rewards him, the lodge appears to say "OK we'll have it back now"? If he relinquishes his membership, fine, but if he is still a subscribing member, isn't it a bit like saying "you're no longer important to us"? If he offers to hand it back, OK, but wasn't it presented to him to look after until he dies?
  12. I think the only stipulation is that there is to be no fire if non-masons are present.
  13. That though, is a choice - one I don't have a problem with. Thing is though, there is a common misapprehension that Provincial Officers are not ALLOWED to wear them - and that's just not true, but the falsehood just keeps getting quoted as 'fact'. Therefore, as a Provincial Officer can if he chooses still wear it (local protocol permitting), the act of asking for it back is in my view, insensitive. If he voluntarily returns it, fair enough, but it really should only be suggested that he makes provision for it to be returned after he passes to the GL above. I would add that my other PM jewel (it's also a Founders jewel) now resides in our Provincial museum as an example of the jewel of that lodge. It doesn't belong to the lodge as it was purchased by me when we formed the lodge; it was just had the theorum added when I went through that chair.
  14. Seriously? The number of times this has come up!!. There is NOTHING in the BoC that says a) you can only wear a PM jewel in your own lodge (although you cannot wear them if attending QC) b) that you can't wear one once you get Provincial Rank c) that you have to hand it back once you get Provincial Rank. Point me at where is does, I challenge you - you won't find it ...! Non-wearing once you get PR is purely down to local protocol; our ProvGM for example, WANTS us to wear them - his reaction is that you should be PROUD to wear one and encourages it. The only people who are REQUIRED not to wear them are Grand Officers - although I still have mine, and I'm keeping it in the hope I will be able to pass it on to my son (it was my father's before me). You are ENCOURAGED - not forced, to return them by making your wishes known after you die, but that's it - and that's only for those lodges who 'entrust' them rather than present them outright.
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