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  1. I've actually taken part in 2 veils ceremonies (demonstrations) with my mother chapter .. one as candidate, and the other as guard to the white veil. Would that qualify, I wonder, as having taken it?
  2. What makes you think it's masonic ...?
  3. Point them at their own advertising on their website regarding club & community accounts ...
  4. Since when does one of the signatories have to be the Secretary?? - Last time I had to go through this, it just needed a copy of the minutes of the (installation) meeting detailing the change in Treasurer .. your predecessor being listed in the officers in attendance, and your name as the new Treasurer, with the minutes having been duly signed and approved. I appreciate it's now a bit more involved with the advent of GDPR and money laundering laws, but I'm still not aware of any requirement of the Secretary being a required signatory!
  5. I'd be interested in seeing what that difference is next time I see you!
  6. Yup - you've no idea of the hassle I had getting the yearbook to be the correct colour - even though there is a Pantone number for Cambridge Blue. Nice story though.
  7. Ironically, Cambridge Blue is not actually the light blue of the apron. Cambridge Blue is actually a blue-green colour.
  8. If you put his picture up, we would at the very least be able to give you an idea of what rank he held, which Province etc. (assuming it's decypherable from the picture of course!)
  9. Although from memory, 88 only wear them at Installation don't they?
  10. I hasten to add - I think the only time I used it was when I bought it!!
  11. Got one - had it ages but can't remember where I got it .. think someone was selling them for charity.
  12. Can you confirm which Rule he would be expelled from HRA. You quoted 66B.


    It varies from order to order, although more and more are requiring continuing membership of qualifying orders.  Royal Arch now requires continuing membership of Craft; if you resign from all your Craft lodges, you have exactly one year to again become a subscribing member - if you fail to do so, you are automatically resigned from your Royal Arch chapters (Rule 66B).

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    2. lewis


      That's the problem, I cant find a Rule 66B in my 2012 edition.


      Found it now in the 2018 edition.


      Thanks, thought i was going crazy

    3. Sontaran


      Secretary should always have the latest version 😎 (paid for on Sec's expenses!) - or just use the online version on the UGLE website (which is what I do)

    4. lewis
  13. Sontaran


    Don't Panic now ...
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