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  1. I've been away from the forum for some considerable time, but had to comment on this .. We had a member who, in his younger days had love / hate tatooed on his knuckles. He had grown to regret having them. He was the nicest individual you could wish to meet; we accepted him with open arms on the strength of his proposer (who happened to be my IPM). He fell on hard times - but his masonic membership was the one thing he kept going. He died during the pandemic, and specifically asked his daughter to let me know. She told me that whenever he was feeling down, the thing that kept him from going under was the knowledge that - whatever the rest of the world might think of him, he knew his brothers had his back and saw the man, and not the outward appearance.
  2. May I ask why you left? - or is it too personal?
  3. The Pro Grand Master has today announced his retirement; the Deputy Grand Master, R.W. Bro. Jonathan Spence is to be invested as the new Pro Grand Master in September.
  4. You may like to know therefore, that he was a Past Provincial Almoner in Norfolk - and as the Provincial Almoner is (AFAIK) never appointed as a Past rank, he will have been responsible for all the Almoners across the Province of Norfolk at one point. A very responsible position.
  5. Do you still need this? (nothing received ...)
  6. 🤣 that's debatable given the number of people who either don't believe the virus exists or refuse to have the vaccination because of a) allows the government to track them, b) gives them the virus, c) don't believe it works, d) insert a conspiracy theory of your choosing! Having actually HAD the virus, I can say with absolute certainty it exists! But yes; stay safe!
  7. First, I wonder why you've resurrection a thread from 2018 ...? Second - and this is just a personal opinion and not an official statement; the original withdrawal of recognition was because of the creation of multiple lodges in an area that comes (came?) under a neighbouring Grand Lodge - the political boundary is irrelevant and the decision had no political basis. The fact that the lodges concerned announced that they were planning on creating a new Grand Lodge is probably the reason any further movement is still pending - that and the subsequent pandemic having affected international travel. Until the two existing Grand Lodges, and the group of lodges come to some agreement - and that's down to them and no-one else, UGLE -and the other Grand Lodges that withdrew recognition, can't re-establish recognition of Albania as they -technically- are the ones at fault. I get the impression that you have a vested interest is this ...?
  8. By all means do so. What version of Office? - last version I have is 2007, but you should be able to save in that format and then 'update' it if I manage to fix whatever is wrong.
  9. Don't use Base (LO) unless you are really sure what you're doing. Access is ok for what you want IMO. And as far as the 'pro' side of things are concerned, my particular expertise is on embedded software (eg GPS), military or aviation (although it's all 12 years out of date now). What's the problem you're having? - I can't guarantee I know the answer, but unless you ask the question ...
  10. I doubt it did - it's easy enough to change font/colour when replying to a post (as I've done .. using 'bold' and the colour picker) What's actually the problem? (retired s/w eng here...) PM if necessary
  11. I read that as being the various lodges/chapters/preceptories/tabernacles/etc he belonged to -
  12. The question of Sheba being in the painting is addressed in this; https://freemasonry.bcy.ca/texts/gmd1999/sheba.html Although I've not personally come across the mention of Sheba in the BoIM that VW Bro. Scott refers to .. probably due to a difference in working. Some investigation needed methinks! EDIT: seems to be Taylors (from the Dutch expose site) - we don't have a Taylors lodge in the Province or close by, so not surprising I've not heard of it before.
  13. For that matter, lodges -at least under UGLE- are also private bodies and can therefore make whatever stipulations they choose.
  14. We ditched the 3 course meal quite a few years ago(!) - now it's 2+cheese; the only time we have 3+cheese is at Installation. We meet Saturdays so leaving early rarely happens until the weather is bad. Invariably we've finished by 9.30 .. 9.45 at the latest.
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