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  1. Can you confirm which Rule he would be expelled from HRA. You quoted 66B.


    It varies from order to order, although more and more are requiring continuing membership of qualifying orders.  Royal Arch now requires continuing membership of Craft; if you resign from all your Craft lodges, you have exactly one year to again become a subscribing member - if you fail to do so, you are automatically resigned from your Royal Arch chapters (Rule 66B).

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    2. lewis


      That's the problem, I cant find a Rule 66B in my 2012 edition.


      Found it now in the 2018 edition.


      Thanks, thought i was going crazy

    3. Sontaran


      Secretary should always have the latest version 😎 (paid for on Sec's expenses!) - or just use the online version on the UGLE website (which is what I do)

    4. lewis
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