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  1. Ah, but we've normally got 2 boys; 7 and 4 with us so not so easy! - and the only other time we sometimes go is in October for wedding anniversary .. so again, not so easy. Ah well; maybe when the boys are older ...
  2. Where in Spain is that? I know there is a lodge that meets close to where we go (Gandia) that is part of the Province of Valencia (http://www.glpvalencia.com/).Haven't yet persuaded my missus to let me visit!(Edit: just found that #49 is in Alicante - also in the Province of Valencia!)
  3. It wasn't that long ago that each member was supposed to have been issued with a card to be kept in their case with details of who to contact in the event of death; I've got two in my case. Do I understand that most of of you (implied from the posts) don't have these? If memory serves (without going and getting one), they were issued by one of the central charities.
  4. Interesting to note the comparative numbers of lodges between PSLC (37 incl. Chapters) and the Federation of School Lodges (173, Craft, Chapter & Mark) http://schoollodges.wordpress.com .
  5. For what it's worth, there IS another GL in France that is already classified as regular but is unrecognised. My personal feeling is that the chances are more likely that an existing regular GL is more likely to be afforded recognition before a new one formed out of discontent (however justified the discontent may be).But what do I know? It's not my decision.
  6. Rick C (12/07/2012)I was wondering what other peoples experiences were of visiting places far afield and how you found a lodge to visit (google springs to mind but there will probably be other routes)?When I visited the US, my starting point was google (for Oklahoma). This gave me a list of lodges (via their GL site) and meeting dates. I then contacted the ProvGSec (this was before I became the Assistant) provided him with the details and said that according to the UGLE website the GL was recognised and could he check.Once I was given the go ahead, I'll admit I slightly broke protocol by making initial email contact with the GL/lodge before leaving the UK as I'd only got a week in the US and I wanted to check that the meeting was still on (it was the day after I arrived which would not have left a lot of time if I'd waited until I arrived in the US). I said I'd phone when I arrived for the formal contact; they seemed quite happy with that. As a result of it all, I ended up getting picked up from my hotel and being taken to the meeting. The brother who collected me appointed himself my guide for the week I was there and he arranged for me to visit two other lodges during the week so I got to see 2 different ceremonies, coupled with a visit to the Guthrie SR temple.
  7. Russell Holland (14/05/2012)2. Always with the right except in Royal Ark Mariners - why is it so?3. Certainly worth thinking about. The gavel should be received with both hands and if the columns are presented to the Wardens at investiture again, with both hands. Do what?First I've heard this about RAM!And why? The only way (in MY opinion) the column should be presented is either up or down depending on the warden!
  8. Mike Martin (03/11/2011)start date of Craft Masonry at all, it is the year that the Grand Lodge of London and Westminster was founded by the members of four existing Craft Lodges.Agreed. Three still survive and are now known as Lodge of Antiquity No 2, Fortitude and Old Cumberland Lodge No 12 (originally No 3) and Royal Somerset House and Inverness Lodge No IV. These are known as “time immemorial lodges” the only lodges within the English constitution, with this distinction.A few years ago we holidayed in Dubai - I used the 'traditional greeting between Christian and Islam' as taught in the Malta degree to be greeted with a big surprised & delighted smile from the waiter. He made a point of looking after us during our stay, including buying sweets, ice cream etc for our 3 year old son out of his own pocket. Whilst he didn't know it, Masonry ended up breaking down barriers - even in a country where it's banned.
  9. George P (19/12/2011)oh, and the other footnote is that the speech on the bit of paper that my Father in Law gave me to read, and which inspired me to take masonry seriously, was, of course the Charge to the Initiate. Somehow that doesn't surprise me!.My journey ...My father was a mason (how he joined is another story). The lodge used to meet at one of the local village colleges with the wifes doing the cooking and the stewards waiting on tables (before my time ...). I used to help my father load the organ into the back of the van and unload it the following day. Needless to say I knew a number of the members as they used to pop round now and again.When I was about 21, my father said that if I wanted to join, I only needed to say and he'd take care of the rest, but that would be the only time he mentioned it. At 21, my response was uninterested to say the least - a perception that he was never in didn't help at that time. 10 years passed before I for some reason, I don't know what sparked it, suddenly decided that I wanted to join. I told my father and he said 'leave it with me'. I then never heard anything until he told me I was to be initiated in Jan 1989 - no interview or anything - and that someone I'd known for some time (as a football referee) was seconding me. That turned out to be one Dick Rogers - the then secretary of Cambs F.A. ... and someone who had met the Duke of Kent in his capacity as President of the F.A.Curiously, the guy I shared an office with (just the 2 of us) at Marconi Radar in Chelmsford, also turned out to be a mason. It was something I said - picked up from my father - that made him ask if I was on the square. He ended up coming to my initiation ... that in itself said something ... we meet on Saturdays, and he was (is) a Jew - so he left home as soon as the Sabbath observance was complete and hurtled up the motorway to get there just as the lodge tyled. My father and I visited his lodge (Maida Vale) every meeting for the year he was in the chair. Lost touch now sadly.Anyway, I went through the 3 degrees at consecutive meetings.My third would have been one to remember (as it turned out it was my friend's ...).Date: 3rd Saturday in July 1989. Venue: Newmarket Masonic Hall. Ceremony: Third. Weather ... torrential downpour. Result? Flooded temple, pack up temple and physically move it to the dining room!My father was acting as tyler for the evening. Jan (the candidate) was standing to attention for the opening of the lodge when he noticed people opposite nudging each other and nodding in his direction. He wondered if he was standing right, looked down to see water flooding in round his feet. My father knocks on the door, opens it and stands there in bare feet, trouser legs rolled up saying "I think we've got a problem ..."!Cue frantic activity to roll up the carpet and lift everything up and lot of head scratching as to what to do.We spoke to our Grand Officer asking if it would be acceptable to hold the lodge in the dining room and got a "don't see why not ...", so we packed up the dining room, moved and set up the temple, held the meeting, then reinstated the dining room for the festive board! The general consensus was that it "was just like old times".Regrettably my father died the year my first son (his second grandson) was born. He died a fortnight after we told him my wife was pregnant. I've now got another son; just hoping they will both following our footsteps.
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