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  1. Sentience - I don't think he's a member yet ...
  2. As far as a tie is concerned, I'd just settle for a black tie (can be worn at other 'events' too ...), and buy yourself the tie of your Province .. the proceeds normally go towards your Provincial charities.
  3. The only 'jewelry' I wear are cufflinks (Provincial Steward), and sometimes a tie clip. EDIT: and only when attending a masonic meeting!! RE: gloves .. it's personal preference; I got a pair with S&C on (free) when I purchase my latest regalia set, but the rest are plain white.
  4. If you are still a subscribing member (which you say you are), why not contact your lodge almoner? Just because you've not attended, doesn't mean you can't call on the lodge for assistance. I assume you are aware this is a UK forum?
  5. (I was curious who the mods were) RE: Tom. I noticed that too - so I did a google search and found him on FB .. where the last time he posted was Jan last year.
  6. I've been browsing the list of moderators, and was wondering just how many are still active participants - there are quite a few who's last visit are some considerable time ago - 6 months+ .. years in a couple of cases. Should we/admins be looking to replace them with more current users?
  7. I have to admit, I did rewrite some of my reply before posting ... A lot actually.
  8. I really don't know where to start. Ok. Before anything else, not one thing you've said in that has anything to do with Freemasonry. Not one thing. An upside down reversed hand grab .. I can, in complete honesty and with a clear conscience say "I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about" - and as for the 'psychic test' .. the only place I've ever come across that is in sci-fantasy books. And as for the red/blue, square/circle, noughts/crosses thing - give as much information as you like(!) as I really don't have the faintest idea what you're talking about! Wow. Um. I'm sorry, but I'm completely lost for words - and I'm not being or intending to be obscure or insulting, I genuinely don't know what to say or how to answer you! - just keep asking and hopefully we'll be able to help you.
  9. And the same invitation applies to you MrSifter - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised; I don't (nor, I suspect, does Jon) hear any such discussions here - and we're both in positions where we would hear of such. I can think of only one lodge in the Province where such talk may occur. I guess it does help when pretty much every member of the Province knows the PGM (he's also GSupt), Deputies, etc personally as between them they attend all Installations, and quite a few ordinary meetings. We are very much a 'family' Province.
  10. Ok, having re-read, I do apologise and -to an extent, take it back - but I do stand by my observation about supporting someone deserving to 'enable' suitable reward. I do agree with your observation; my view was coloured by the shortened quote.
  11. A lot of Provinces are starting to move in that direction - ours included.
  12. What smear? - you were the one who said .. and I quote " and certainly not if they can’t even do the most basic of ritual to a high standard. " - I disagreed (to an extent) - that's not a smear! Oh, and I actually agree with your observations about 'honours' or 'rank', but we have to accept that they're here to stay - I did say 'ignoring ..etc'! (and if you ask David Goode, you'll find I'm not moaning because of being overlooked!)
  13. If you re-read, you should see that I was talking about recommendation to Grand Rank or the more senior Provincial Ranks. It varies with the Province, but MMs are 'restricted' to the junior appointments ('junior' being defined by the Province); for your Province you imply it's PPGPurs; in Cambs it's PPJGD and below; I don't know of any MMs higher than that.
  14. Agreed it wasn't about rank, but it has moved on to the subject - and I never mentioned LGR; I said 'high (read: senior) Provincial rank' - I'd include SLGR in that. So are you telling me that SLGR and the more senior of the Provincial offices don't require a) a Past Mastership and b) a considerable background of work - masonic or community? And so far as Grand Rank is concerned, you HAVE to be a PM to qualify for recommendation (Rule 9/19). What I asked is - if you have a brother who, for whatever reason, struggles with the ritual but is deserving of recognition above a token appointment, are you really going to penalise him by not supporting him through the chair and making him eligible for the most senior appointments? I'm sure we all know a number of MMs who have worked their b**** off for the members (and/or the community) who deserve a decent rank (ignoring the idea of getting rid for the sake of the argument), but are 'stuck' with a relatively lowly one purely because they've not gone through the chair? - I can personally think of at least 2 in my own lodge - we've tried to persuade them to go through precisely for so they become eligible for the recognition they deserve (but without success). They hold the same rank as others I can think of who have done b****r all!
  15. I get that David, but there is a limit to the rank MMs will be appointed to.
  16. No I don't think he has. This is a thread about 'ranks', and it's generally accepted that to receive Grand Rank or high Provincial office you have to have put in serious work to be recommended, so where does that leave those who can't learn ritual to save their life, but have put in the effort everywhere else to the extent that they merit that recommendation EXCEPT for the fact that they haven't gone through the chair because of that inability to learn or retain the ritual? - especially when you take into account that only PMs are eligible for recommendation. Are you going to penalise them by saying 'minimum of effort and quality'? (long sentence - sorry!) Or are you going to support and get them through the chair to ensure they get the recognition they deserve?
  17. Totally agree. Our Almoner is not, by his own admission, a ritualist (although he's not bad by any means), but as an Almoner(!) - I couldn't ask for a better one. His predecessor, who was also my IPM first time round was definitely not a good ritualist! - but again, as an Almoner he was outstanding. His predecessor however, was both a ritualist and an outstanding Almoner - he later became Inspector General for a (at the time) new District.
  18. Same goes here; you might now still get Provincial Rank for having gone through the chair, but unless you've worked for it, it'll be a token award. And if you want to be recommended for Grand Rank, serious hard work is required(!) - in Cambs, though, the last has always been the case - with one appointment a year, not just anybody gets one!
  19. I think you misunderstand me; I'm fully aware that conspiracy theorists won't change their tune. What I meant was that if they are the only ones making sounds, then potentially interested (and qualified) individuals can be put off unless they have somewhere to go to ask what's truth and what isn't.
  20. If however, we regard the displays as an attempt to actually publicise what we actually do and combat the perceived view presented by conspiracy theorists everywhere, isn't that a good thing? We're forever saying to interested parties "go speak to your Province or find someone you know who's already a mason", so isn't it also worth attending fetes etc and helping on the displays? Aren't you actually saying to the public "I'm a freemason and proud of it; if you want to know a bit about what we do, come and speak to me"? - if you were thinking about joining right now, what would you prefer to do? - speak to someone over the phone or face to face? Unless we stand up and say "I'm proud to be a member and I don't care who knows", how can we ever attract interesting individuals? - how many times do we hear "I don't know anyone to ask"? It's still down to the individual lodges to fully investigate the individual and satisfy themselves that the 'fit' is there, but this is just saying "we're open to talk if you want to" and provide an initial contact point. Who knows; your neighbour could be interested, but unless he sees you at the local fete ...
  21. Which browser are you using? Ignore that; just spotted 'firefox' in your link - perhaps a better question is 'which version are you using'? I'm using Quantum 64 bit and it's fine. EDIT: my version is 66.0.5 on Windows 10
  22. Our (my) JW was an applicant via Province - I interviewed him as ProvAGSec and agreed to be his proposer - without telling him where my lodge was, I told him that where he lived he had a number of options open to him and asked where and which day suited him best. Only when he'd made his preference known did I say that I'd be happy to propose him - and it's turned out to be a very good decision. He had originally arranged to visit Grand Lodge 5 years earlier and decided at that point that he wanted to join, but decided to wait as he was about to join the Royal Marines. He waited until he was in his last couple of months of service and knew where he wanted to live when he rejoined civilian life. I actually took that as a positive as it said to me that he had thought about things, and wanted to join Freemasonry where he'd be in a position to be a regular attender. He'd also been on a second tour before applying to make sure it was what he wanted, so had obviously given it a lot of thought. His was the longest talk I ever had with a prospective candidate - 2 hours on the first meeting, and a further 3 hours on a subsequent meeting - and I let him do all the talking so I could get a feel .. and he ticked all the boxes. I also know he's since been asked to help out on something at Province level, but I can't recall what (I was no longer in office when it happened).
  23. I gather from your wording then, that you're the Scribe E ...?
  24. I would also add, that as the guy has openly stated that he knew atheists could not join, he still went ahead and asked to begin with - and that's ignoring the actions of his 'proposer' and 'seconder' (deliberate quotes!). And yes, I agree that their actions should also be reported. I used to interview applicants via the Province (as ProvAGSec), and I've always dropped quickly but gently, anyone who stated they were atheists (and yes, it has happened). Ozy; I think you have a duty to the Craft and Chapter (and to the wider membership) to see that something is done about this - even if it means the lodge is sanctioned. I can't believe the Chapter can be aware of the situation - unless the same 'names' are involved!
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