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  1. Much of the reading on the subject of freemasonry, is trying to explain or make sense of what you have already experienced, it’s the being a part of the fraternity that points Freemasons in the direction of where they wish to go. There isn’t a final destination, the end game is living it out, there is so much to experience, that each individual freemason can tread the same path, but arrive at a different destination, as it is individual to you. Freemasonry has enriched my life, but not in the way I imagined it would when I first became one......as Forrest Gump’s Mother once said, life is a box of chocolates, you don’t know what your getting until you taste it.
  2. Hi Brethren, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Brethren and Companions a very merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy and safe new year. On Monday just, our lodge voted via zoom to buy into the new Membership and Development pathway scheme. We have to develop a lodge profile, and try and adopt some form of theme....and submit to the group by mid January. I have expressed an interest in the newly established office of Lodge membership officer. Having sat through 3 west lancs webonair meetings on the subject, it’s clear that if masonry doesn’t do something about recruitment, retention and retrieval......we are in danger of losing many brethren, once again compliments of the season to all, and I’d be interested to know how your lodges plan to tackle this issue
  3. Which is what generally occurs...... but like any new broom head, it is generally speaking only effective for the first 100 days, then it becomes no different from the previous one 😀
  4. Our own local group had our first zoom meeting the other day, which involved general update of what is currently known, a happy to meet exchanging pleasantries and to get an inkling as to what is likely to happen and when....whether ceremonies are to be put on hold...... it was a worthwhile exercise....we are to hold them regularly in the coming weeks and months
  5. You wouldn’t want Mainwaring, Fraser or Jones as DC..... although I could muddle through with Jones..... Wilson would be my choice
  6. A warm welcome to the forum, and hope things are well from Liverpool
  7. Yes I have noticed that there are lodges who thrive significantly better than others, I often wonder if the lodge’s concerned have a local policy of recruitment, and use that than the nationally recognised one ? Social gatherings are decreasing, making it harder to introduce prospective candidates into the Masonic scene, so in many ways wives are excluded in that vital period. Our local group has merged around 4 years ago, and social events are slowly increasing, hoping it one day makes some difference. When a candidate is initiated, passed and raised within 4 to 5 months......then slapped on the ladder, devalues the craft, I like it when a lodge has a programme of progress for new candidates, involving them learning early ritual, visiting other lodges........building upon teamwork with others.....going through the degrees, (I’m buying into double ceremonies) .....and moving forward together......that’s the sort of thing that encourages recruitment and most certainly retention
  8. Welcome Eric, I have to say I learned more as a “novice” about the craft, than I have since......witnessing what you’ve experienced when being initiated is an important milestone......when all of us watch from the wings, or indeed if we are more involved with the ceremony, we put ourselves in the candidates position, realising that’s its a huge step for any new mason to take....... enjoy your masonry
  9. Our requirements of entry must remain as they are, ut has to be quality over quantity. Although I’ve seen about 4/5 lodges hand in their warrants since about 2012 onwards, what disturbs me most is that there’s a drastic reduction in attendance in at lodges and festive boards .....candidates are as rare as hens teeth, we’ve had to survive by increasing fees, to cover defaulters, putting further financial strain on an ageing membership..... although my lodge were lucky in April to have a double first, it was of twins of a long standing member...... I wouldn’t regard it as an “interest in freemasonry” from the wider community in general, but rather from within, we cannot survive like this surely, most of our newer membership, are not progressing through to the chair, as pressure mounts to put them through quickly, when in the 1980’s it was unthinkable to get off the stewards bench by 7-10 years. The question I’m asking, what is it that’s got to give ?
  10. Hi David, the 3rd degree will be a very special evening and a milestone in your Masonic life. You have been of great use to your Lodge and it’s members. The rituals used to initiate and pass you, were not just of great value to you but also to the officers and brethren of the Lodge...... and indeed I expect you when you feel ready to embark on ritual, to play an active part in future ceremonies..... hope you enjoy the evening, and keep us updated
  11. Hi Chaddy......In the main provincial offices will refer you to a provincial membership officer, who as Mike says are almost certainly volunteers. They maybe small businessmen or may work shifts. It won’t harm or annoy to give it a month and give the provincial office another ring, but I’m confident someone will contact you and arrange to meet you at a convenient time. If it’s a group membership officer, they will discuss suitable locations and the different lodges and the days they meet, as well as fees and costs. Hang i there....... I applied through the online membership scheme..... I was the first on the scheme to become a master, and I can vouch our membership scheme has been very successful..... I wish you every success
  12. I’m not sure at all how the craft are going forward with Royal input within Freemasonry.....I don’t see Prince Harry being interested in Masonry....... I don’t get that from him...... I don’t think he actually likes pomp and ceremony...... although he attends, I get the impression he takes after his mum, that said if he was interested he is the ideal man. So if Harry isn’t going to join us ...... I don’t see it being William..... and after him we are getting a bit removed from the line. Modern Royals seem to have their own lives...... it’s whether they can fit it in ..... difficult to say really
  13. Hope it went well Richard, many congratulations.. your Dad would have been well chuffed
  14. Jive seen that done with other Brethren, they have the adjuster sown in with a thread of the same colour which givesas small or as large slide as your comfortable with
  15. A warm welcome from a feeezing cold Merseyside
  16. Disappointingly our SW resigned from the Lodge about 5 weeks before he was due to become Master for the first occasion, towards the end of January. He had more service as a Mason than I had, but he resigned from our Lodge as the JW in 2012.....and he expressed a wish to return in 2016, and did so not long before I became ME, so I asked him whether he would like to advance to the chair, he was very keen to do so, therefore I appointed him my JW......the Lodge committee and Brethren were also very agreeable to this, so he became JW, with two years to prepare as Master. Unfortunately he struggled with ritual, and then with 5 weeks to go....he resigned again, no explanation, and so far, has not responded to any attempts to contact him. He is a lovely man as well.....but this must be a rarity as he has resigned as a Warden now on two occasions
  17. A very warm welcome from Merseyside
  18. Welcome Rinesh, I hope you enjoy the forum, best wishes from Liverpool
  19. http://ormskirkbootle.westlancsfreemasons.org.uk/post_detail.php?post=24301
  20. At last nights meeting, the Brethren elected me as their WM for a consecutive year.....I will be proclaimed by the IPM at the March meeting..I am honoured....but it's tha same feeling as last year, a mixture of excitement and trepidation
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