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  1. A warm welcome from Scotland. My Mother Lodge was Ashlar Lodge No 6714 in the Province of Cheshire (now sadly extinct), WM 1986 - 1987. I am now living in Scotland and am member of Craft, Chapter, KT's, Cryptic, 18th and 30th up here. All very different from UGLE Land. Welcome and Season's Greetings from me.
  2. When looking at the drawing of "professor Sprout" I am struck by the depiction pf the key around her neck and reminded of a part in the Masonic Catechisms (First Section): Q. As Masons, how do we hope to get at them? A.By the help of a key. Q. Does that key hang or lie? A. It hangs. Q. Why is the preference given to hanging? A. It should always hang in a Brother's defence, and never lie to his prejudice. Q. What does it hang by? A. The thread of.....etc Which I suppose would have some weak relevance to "The deadly Hallows". I am not sure how her reference to the Sq, & C's and A.S.E. on Sean Connery's costume would result in a C and T. But hey. I enjoyed her Potter series. And her depiction of life at Hogwarts reminded me so much of my days and the atmosphere at boarding school.
  3. Hi Matthias, Welcome to the Forum. My daughter, when she graduated in Diagnostic Radiography at University, did an attachment to the main Hospital in Helsinki for several months. She is left with a deep liking for Finland and for the Finish people she met over there. She can even order beer in Finnish ! We look forward to your questions and to you taking your interest further.
  4. Congratulations from me and every best wish at the start of your journey.
  5. The advice I received was: Stand up to be seen. Speak up to be heard. Sit down to be appreciated. The advice contained so far should be quite sufficient for your maiden speech. And have a wonderful evening.
  6. I think, but not absolutely positive, it is from the Order of the Eastern Star, which is more prevalent in America and in Scotland than in England. Classed by UGLE as "imitative or quasi Masonic", it admits women as well as men. A woman must be related to a regular Mason and the men must be regular Masons. Strictly frowned upon and forbidden in the English Constitution, in Scotland it coexists quite happily with regular Masonry and many Masons and their wives are members here. Indeed many Eastern Star 'Lodges' (I'm not sure if that's the correct term for their gatherings) meet at regular Masonic Halls. Hope that helps.
  7. Another story with insinuations in yesterdays "Telegraph" : - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/02/25/decorated-undercover-police-officer-accuses-freemasons-blocking/
  8. Closed minds are not open to reason, discussion, argument or facts. As a "Lizard Person" I know. I've tried.
  9. If I am part of an organisation that secretly runs the world and is responsible for all the chaos, corruption, wars and mayhem that occurs across our planet, then I think I deserve a pay rise 'cos I'm working too hard.
  10. I'm not sure I can agree that all the professions mentioned have mended their ways. Whilst in recent times some politicians have lauded "whistle blowers" and called for them to be protected, in practice a "whistle blower" is seen as 'disloyal, a trouble-maker, not to be trusted, not one of the chaps (or chapesses)'. Still today they face "consequences" and the inevitable end of their careers and social exclusion. I don't think that will change anytime soon.
  11. It is always a shame when somebody lets us down so badly and I've no doubt the conspiracy freaks will leap on this as another example of "Masonic" malfeasance. I think it is important to remember that there are many professions and callings where members fail to live up to the high principles supposedly inherent therein. From the Police to Doctors and Nurses, from Priests and Nuns, to Politicians and Judges. When people go wrong it is not because they are policemen or doctors etc, but despite being in that office, calling or profession. Shipman did not murder all those patients (including my wife's Uncle and his wife) because he was a doctor, but despite that calling. Just as this individual did not steal because he was a Freemason but despite his membership of our Organisation which is founded on the purest principles of piety and virtue. Masonry is pure and incorruptible. Sadly some of our members are not. It has happened before and sadly will again. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth when it does though.
  12. A warm welcome from Scotland (even if we are expecting hurricanes and "thunder snow" by the end of the week).
  13. Hi"lallers " They look like jewels of an Order like R.A.O.B. (Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffalo's) .
  14. Hi Tom, If I were to visit a Lodge where I am not known (ie, if I were to come to the States) I would request a "Clearance Certificate" from my Lodge Secretary stating that I am in good standing and not indebted to the Lodge in any way. I would also apply to the Grand Secretary to ensure any Lodge I might visit was in amity with UGLE. As it happens, in Scotland a regulation has been enacted that to attend another Order (such as the Royal Arch) you must be in 'good standing' in your Craft (Blue) Lodge. To attend say KT's you must be in 'good standing' in your Royal Arch Chapter. And so on. It is the Secretary's responsibility in each Order to ensure it's members are and remain in good standing in the various subordinate or dependent Orders. As a result it has been my practice to request a Clearance Certificate each year to show to the various Secretaries of Orders that I am in. I haven't this year simply because I have never been asked for it. In fairness I now live and am Masonically active in a rural area (out in the boondocks as it's termed) where "everybody knows everybody" so if any individual was not in good standing he would soon be known about.
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