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  1. Indeed, and I hope that this serves as a warning to all Masonic Centres in these disruptive times?
  2. It's very sad to see the oldest part of the building in such a state. A lot of regalia has been damaged by the smoke which for those who know Newport, badly damaged the spiral staircase/stair-lift and a chimney effect caused damage to the offices and equipment upstairs. The small mercy is that the main part of the building, which of course is the largest masonic centre in The Province of Monmouthshire , was undamaged-but we could have lost the whole thing.
  3. Last week a series of attacks were made in Newport,South Wales including an arson attack ( petrol bomb through the. letterbox ) on Newport Masonic Hall which caused extensive smoke damage. The police have released a CCTV image ( see attached ) of an individual which they wish to question in relation to these attacks. They are thought to be linked to a "White Supremacy Group " known as 1488 -the number was daubed on the wall ( if you google them you will see what "charming people" they are!) Any leads would be welcomed by the police or "Crimestoppers"
  4. That is a very noble sentiment and one which those of us who have not had your career cannot question.. But we "also serve who only stand and wait"? Unfortunately I have found that the attempted monopolisation of freemasonry by some former service personnel to be rather condescending at times?
  5. nymaso3, it's a shame that you live so far away. I'm a Preceptor in a Monmouthshire Lodge and would metaphorically "bite yer 'and off " to "Fast Track" here!
  6. Karl Beattie sported a S&C lapel pin on this mornings show discussing paranormal happenings together with his wife Yvette Fielding ( both of "Most Haunted " fame. )
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