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  1. I'm secretary of a Scheme Lodge at GQS. I would have loved to visit you but I can't make it that day. I really hope it goes well, do let us know about your future meetings. S&F, Jules
  2. julesthebit

    returning to the fold

    Don't I know you from somewhere Jules
  3. julesthebit

    Resignation or drop out of Wardens

    In Ireland all prayers and obligations must be read, even if you can recite them in your sleep. They're considered too important to risk any errors. I attended an Installation in Paris where the PGM and his team took over all the offices. The PGM installed the new WM, reading from a ring binder he brought with him. After opening the Lodge the outgoing WM sat on the side-lines and took no part. Apparently that arrangement is quite common there, even routine. I visited a Lodge in Brussels which works a pre-war Californian ritual in English. The membership includes several people from NATO and Eurocontrol, some of them don't speak English so they use a book. It's the differences that make it interesting. S&F, Jules Lodges & Orders in England, Scotland, Ireland and the USA.
  4. julesthebit

    doubt RER Panel any help

    My pleasure. For clarity, as you can see from the Wiki, CBCS is a set of grades towards the top of the RER structure. The lower grades in RER might eventually lead to CBCS but not all members get there. S&F, Jules
  5. julesthebit

    doubt RER Panel any help

    Anglicised it's Rectified Scottish Rite. It's a pseudonym used instead of calling it CBCS/KBHC. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rectified_Scottish_Rite Jules
  6. julesthebit

    Flash Back to 2009

    Happy memories. When asked by the Lord Chancellor if he was a Freemason the VGO at one of my Lodges said he replied "mind your own business". There was also an anecdote of a female judge complaining that she was being discriminated against because she was a Freemason but had not been asked the question. J
  7. julesthebit

    Rose Croix - Dwindling numbers?

    Yes, I agree. Fraternalism is less popular than it was and Orders that have been around for many decades suffer from this in the same way as the Craft. Newer Orders that were created relatively recently expand, but they will reach their optimum size. I don't think Rose Croix is affected more than the others. PV, Jules
  8. julesthebit

    Rose Croix - Dwindling numbers?

    I don't think so Barry, that restriction has always been there in England. As Bod says, It's more likely that the pool is diminishing. Jules
  9. julesthebit

    Rose Croix - Dwindling numbers?

    Social events do interest younger brethren, that's true, but so does Craft Freemasonry in all its forms, spiritual, ritualistic, academic, charitable, social etc. I'm not surprised that you hear criticism of the scheme, so do I, but I hear most of that criticism from people who've not actually seen it. I'll admit that I felt a little uncomfortable about it myself until I actually saw it, and became a part of it. After 35 years in the Craft I think I'm one of those "seen it, done it, nothing to prove" people. Of all my Craft lodges my University Scheme lodge is my favourite. Yes, recent graduates are mobile and that frequently causes gaps in the line. We've just temporarily lost an EA at very short notice. He's gone to research his PhD in Hong Kong for a year or two. That continuity problem in the line is solved by filling gaps from outside the line or accelerating progression. It's historically been known about and solved by Lodges that attract civil servants and military people who have to relocate at short notice. It was a common problem in the Victorian era and solutions to it were devised over 100 years ago. The idea that everybody commits to a steady progression, one year at a time to the chair, is wonderful if you can get it, but if Freemasonry reflects society in general then it will rarely be achieved, except by asking people to wait until they retire before they are initiated. Rejoining you back on the subject (as Admin knows, I'm adept at Red Herrings ) I agree that it's strange that it does seem odd to get Perfected and not attend. My previous Chapter was 3 hours drive away, longer by train, and in 7 years I never missed a meeting. If people really want to attend they will get there. You pose an interesting question. I wonder if declining numbers are causing some Chapters to go looking for candidates who are less interested than they historically were. S&F, Jules
  10. julesthebit

    Rose Croix - Dwindling numbers?

    By a surprising co-incidence, yesterday I became a joining member of an RC Chapter at 10 Duke Street. That particular chapter was reducing in numbers for a while, but turned round about 5 years ago. Yesterday I joined, we Perfected a new member, interviewed a potential one and have 2 more in the pipeline. Membership is now a healthy 39. I think the sad situation you are describing is probably typical of the general decline in interest in fraternal organisations. In all Orders some units will shrink because of this. That's very sad, but others are succeeding in attracting new members. The UGLE University Scheme already has a RA Chapter and a Past Masters Craft Lodge. I would not be at all surprised if units of other Orders, including Rose Croix, follow over the next few years. The members are typically younger people with a long Masonic future ahead of them. Younger people are mobile and may emigrate, that happens all the time unfortunately, but so long as they continue their Freemasonry in their new location overall numbers increase. I think the future's bright. S&F, Jules
  11. julesthebit

    New Logo

    Apologies for any confusion caused by my "guest" posts. I had some difficulty with the transfer to this site, including a change of email address which Mike has very kindly sorted out for me. This is the real me S&F, Jules
  12. wayne cowley (21/06/2017)Ozymandius (21/06/2017)Of course Wayne, my apologies.I am sure there is one order that requires members to be PZ's, I believe it may be Pilgrim Preceptors.No need to apologise.Pilgrim Preceptors isn't an Order I am familiar with but from a bit of searching on the net it does look like you are right. Apparently the prerequisites for the Order are that one must be a Past First Principal of a Royal Arch Chapter. Another site also suggests the requirement of being a Past Master of a Craft Lodge. WayneQuite right Wayne. I'm still a paid up member of Pilgrim Preceptors at Radlett in Herts though I haven't attended for a considerable time.The membership requirement is to be a RA PZ and the regalia includes your PZ breast jewel.S&F, Jules
  13. 3GP441 (21/05/2017)FG All, The Brother who has been appointed is emminantely qualified for such a role through both his Public and Masonic life, and I am reliably informed a thoroughly decent and likeable individual.I think the discussion this leads to however is the direction in which UGLE has chosen for the modernistaion of its infrastructure, and even if one thinks modernisation is necessary (I do).The interesting thing for me is that the present push by UGLE to modernise, in some part precipitated by falling numbers, is being discussed by ordinary Masons. I would imagine there must be some trepadation at GQS that the present reformist ideology may paradoxically wake a slumbering membership; and while an infrastructure is obviously needed to handle the administration of the Craft, will it cause them to scrutinise how UGLE performs as a corparate body........ a bold step.Interesting point Jon, but such discussions have happened here since Mike began this service.There were similar grass-roots discussions in the 1990s about the need for additional factors to be considered in UGLE's recognition of the Prince Hall GLs.UGLE's first ever website was eventually sponsored by a Ruler, but the initial discussions and development were very much at the grass-roots.There's still some work to be done and I hope to see more similar ventures.S&F, JulesVarious Lodges and Orders in various Constitutions, but mostly in London
  14. julesthebit

    Wanderer Returns

    Tom Cherup (08/05/2017)norwichman (08/05/2017)julesthebit (05/05/2017)Greetings brethrenI was a contributer to this forum several years ago, I guess most of you will have forgotten me :)So, this is just a quick note to re-introduce myself.I was initiated in Essex and I'm a Founder of Lodge there, though most of my Freemasonry is now in London.I'm a PM of 5 Lodges, PZ of 3 Chapters and actively involved in Mark, RAM, Rose Croix and RCC.Good to be back.S&F, JulesNo longer involved in the Shrine?Welcome backIf memory services me right Jules is a member of a shrine temple in Salt Lake City. Quite right Tom, but it's all a bit complicated with changes in Shrine jurisdiction in the UK which recently switched from California to Washington. I'm taking a break from UK Shrine development at the moment.S&F, Jules
  15. I agree with SquareTheCarpet. Our numbers may be in decline (though in some instances they are rising again) however that does not mean that the reduction in our membership will continue until we cease to exist ... the decline is natural.After the first world war there was an increase in our numbers and over 300 new Lodges were created by UGLE, mainly because returning servicemen valued an organisation with camaradie and fraternalism such as they experienced in the forces. Similarly there was an expansion after the second world war too.In these more peaceful times people have other calls on their time, and those fraternal instincts are not there, so that particular path to Freemasonries door is not so well-trod.As those of our members who experienced those earlier attitudes first-hand complete their earthly journey so our numbers decline. It's natural, and we will reach a size where our membership is as strong in attitude as it should be, albeit lower in numbers.The capitalist principle that there must always be growth should not be applied to Freemasonry.If a decline in membership numbers means some Lodges return their warrants, that's just as natural as expansion in times of conflict.Just out of interest, what do you think the average life of a UGLE Lodge since the Union is? S&F, Jules