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Found 2 results

  1. #HSBC today announced they may soon introduce charges for running general accounts. Particularly as a lodge treasurer I'm keen to ensure that we don't waste money on bank charges and also maximize any interest available. Is anyone experienced on where the most suitable Masonic friendly financial institution is in these current times, please?
  2. Thinking and hoping of the time we emerge the other side of the horrid Covid-19 situation I guess a lot of lodges will be looking at cutting out cash payments wherever possible? Any thoughts Brethren care to share on this please? I'm treasurer of several lodges and will need to be looking into this. Sumup https://sumup.co.uk/ is one system I have seen in use by my chiropodist, and she swears by it. Questions I have. Anyone using a system at present and can you recommend it? The Best system bang for buck - I guess they all take a % on payments which works out to be best value overall? I guess they need Internet access and currently two of the 3 lodge buildings my lodges are located in don't have the internet but I guess that for meal payments for example I could hook it up with access through my mobile phone. That's a few for starters.
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