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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, everyone I'm going to open up with a problem in the hope you chaps can help me out. First things first, my name is Dave (David when I'm being formal) and I'm interested in becoming a mason. I knew some guys back in the UK but I moved out to Indonesia some years ago so lost contact with everyone (and I didn't know them all that well anyway). Freemasons were banned here some years ago, legal again now, but the banning saw the movement go undercover, thus making it very hard work to find contacts, but I'm hoping someone will see this post and get me a contact in the hope of eventually meeting a few people. My preference would be to find a lodge in Jakarta as my office is there but anywhere in the country will do if I'm pushed. Hoping someone can help me out. regards, Dave.
  2. Hi Folks I hope you're all well. I am thinking of becoming a Freemason and was wondering if someone would kindly tell me what things I need to know and consider before joining. Thanks in advance for your responses.
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