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  1. Checking on Wikipedia and it shows 4 GLs in Morocco (see below). Does anyone have any experience of lodges in Morocco? Might be heading out that way and wouldn't mind taking a look, going along and seeing what's what. And of course I'd love to speak with any Moroccan brethen who might be around here! Thanks Morocco Grande Loge du Maroc[1][36] 1964 CLIPSAS CPMAM, UMM Morocco Grande Loge unie du Maroc (United Grand Lodge of Morocco)[37][38] 2005 5 80 GLUDE[37] Morocco Grande Loge Féminine du Maroc (Women's Grand Lodge of Morocco)[36][39] 2008 3 Morocco Grande Loge Régulière du Royaume du Maroc (Regular Grand Lodge of the Kingdom of Morocco) (GLRRM)[4][40] 2000 7 [8]
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