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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings from the District Grand Lodge of Lebanon under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Scotland - www.dgll.org
  2. Hello! Let me start by thanking all of those responsible for bringing this forum (this place of advice) to life! The name's Strivion. I’m 29 years old, and I've been longing to join Freemasonry since I was about 15. As soon as I turned 21, I started the process of joining. And that is where my first issue arose. Please, forgive me if this sounds judgmental, and please understand that this is NOT directed at Freemasonry, but rather the loss that I am feeling. I live in the north of Scotland, only a few local lodges that I could choose from, but none of them seem to want to pay me any mind. I first started by contacting the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Edinburgh, who put me in contact with a local mason. That mason and I shared several correspondences, until, they stopped randomly. I attempted to follow up, but no response. The next few years I tried contacting local masons, as the popular slogan suggests, “Ask one to be one.” I felt that it was very weird that none of them seemed to want to talk to me, to potentially gain another brother, and expand their lodge. Some more years passed, and I started emailing another one of the local lodges. The man seemed pleasant, and we shared a few emails. Then, in one email, he asked why my email address was under one surname, while I myself had introduced myself with a different surname. I apologised for the confusion, and informed him that I was an author, and had mistakenly used the email address registered to my pen name. I never heard from him after that. I found the local lodges webpage (while it was still active) and found about 12 of the members who had active profiles. I emailed all of them the same message (Hello, my name is so-and-so, I’m seeking to become a mason, etc etc, here’s some info about me, etc etc, any help you can provide would be most welcomed) Only one of them replied, and he informed me that I needed to be 21, and have 2 sponsors, and I never heard from him again. The problem that I seem to have encountered, is that no local mason wishes to talk about Masonry. But, as I understand it, Masonry isn’t a secret, it isn’t taboo, and normally their very open and helpful. I regret to say that I have not encountered this up here. However, a few local masons have finally given me an explanation. One mason said that he had left Masonry, as he felt the masons here had shut the doors to new comers. The second, still an active mason, said that I was wasting my time up here, as the average age of a local mason was 70+. And another mason said, unless I had family in the masons up here, joining would be impossible. This conclusion is heart-breaking, as I’ve been trying so hard and so long for this. Finally, I met the most pleasant fellow. He’s up here for work and isn’t a local. I saw his masonic ring, and I asked him. He suggested trying the city, about 4 hours away on a bus. Might any of you have advice for joining a lodge so far away? I’m almost certain joining a local lodge isn’t possible with the way things are currently. Thank you all for your time, and I hope to one day call you Brothers. Sincerely, Strivion.
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