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Joselito Hencotte

military lodges

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As a starter for 10, the "Freemason's Guide & Compendium" by Bernard E Jones (which is a sound investment for any Freemason who wishes to build Masonic knowledge) has this:

"During the eighteenth century a considerable number of military lodges came into
existence, possessing the right to meet legally at whatever place the regiment might find
itself. The first such lodge was Irish, and was founded in 1732, and was followed by
others. Scotland had a military lodge in 1743; while the first English regimental lodge
was that of the 8th Regiment of Foot, founded in 1755. The itinerant military lodges are
believed to have exercised a strong influence on the ceremonial development of
freemasonry during the eighteenth century."


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Dear Brethren,

For those interested in this subject:






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