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Freemasonry in Ukraine

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Thanks Soltran. The secretary of my Lodge has been in touch with GQS andI have some good feedback. There is a Masonic Protocol for overseas visits thatI need to adhere to / should not be contravened. I now remember visiting a Lodge in Wisconsin,USA, back in 2011. It looks like, whilst I had a number of options (in terms ofthe number of lodges I could visit) in the USA, this may not be the case inUkraine. Oh well, …not the end of the world.

@ Mike - Many thanks; I shall bear your advice in mind.


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I was thinking of visiting a Lodge there during my recent visit, but couldn't really find much info, as Mike said and from what i gathered from the website I found, they are VERY cautious.

I wasn't too bothered as I was only there for just over a week and part of that time was on family business.
I was in Kiev and Pryluky.

Plans are afoot to return in late Spring at the moment, I might see if I can visit then!
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Update to the above, I went to Kiev last summer (2016) I had the mobile number of Ukraine Grand Secretary who was on Holiday in Odessa. He seems to be a very nice Man, he passed my details to a brother who was in Kiev, we met in a bar, had a few drinks and a chat for a couple of hours. 

Freemasonry in Ukraine is slowly becoming more relaxed, I still haven't attended a meeting there, perhaps this Autumn / Winter I might if I can spare the time at work!

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