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Us Yanks butcher the English Language.

Tom Cherup

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There's actually a perfectly good reason why Gonville & Caius is pronounced as it is. The college was founded in 1348 by William Gonville, but by the middle of the sixteenth century had run out of money and was about to close down. A wealthy alumnus stumped up the money in 1557 in return for having his name in the college's name and becoming the next master. He thought, though, that his very English name looked and sounded odd in Latin, so he changed the spelling, but not the pronunciation, from Dr John Keys to Dr John Caius.

Magdalene's odd pronunciation, though, is a mystery!
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Trouillogan (05/04/2016)
DavidGoode (05/04/2016)
Let's have a non-native speaker of British English take a stab at the pronunciation of the English name:

St John Featherstonehaugh

That could even be used for border control, as with the Ephraimites!

A moment that makes me smile to this day every time I hear the 2nd Degree tracing board..... I had not long been Raised and a pal of mine was going through his Second... it was the SW's first time in his chair and so the first time he had had to say S......... and guess what?.. he couldn't say it... he pronounced it the OTHER way....he would have made it 41 and two thousand! LMAO!!!

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