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Discovered Gematria about five months ago and need a little help understanding how to work some of the features.

Stuck on the idea of when to use English vs. Pythagorean when each seems to each give a different number.

Does one use a name number with a birth date at a given time.

Gary Ray Smith has 12 letters=1+2=3 -- does this mean anything or Gary Ray Smith in English Gematria=984=9+8+4=3?
I've seen a YouTube video where someone counts the born date as xx-xx-xxxx as well as xx-xx-xx-xx.
Looking for some general rules as to how these issues work out over an idea that just about any method will work.

English Gematria vs. simple will give a different number.

Hope someone can give some time.

Gary Smith

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Hi Gary,

What my fellow members are trying to say is that this is a discussion forum about Freemasonry and what you're talking about is not actually a part of Freemasonry.

However, that is not to say that there aren't any Freemasons who have an interest in it but that's not the same thing.

I'm moving this to the right part of the Forum.
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soltaran (27/04/2016)
Huh? What makes you think anyone here can help you? It's got nothing to do with Freemasonry.
-- To have a reasoning discussion...

The Holy Number Seven - Pi & The English Alphabet / Marty Leeds –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QjKG_QJyPE&list=PL_9ASflyj7sT31EXRMRNTUkUFC2lAN50i&index=4


Mark, third forum I've been to but no one home including your own suggestion for http://gematriapublishing.proboards.com/ but I'm finding article after article on the Internet about Freemason practice of Gematria. To say some do not practice Gematria could be as true as some Christians on Sunday don't go to church. This topic should be opened to the forum in my opinion. I must confess that I did not give you my born month, day and year as that would give more than innocent information and such simple request but I see there was good reason. Please e-mail when this subject is "fit" for discussion. sirtsclan at yahoo dot com . Regards, GarySmith

GEMATRIAFORUM: http://7seals.yuku.com/; http://7seals.yuku.com/forums/66#.VySZileT7y0
No Gematria forum posters here either: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/GematriaBibleCodes/info
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