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Inside the Freemasons - Sky1 gave me an idea

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"I further solely promise, that I will not, either during my mastership, or at any time that the Lodge may be under my direction, permit or suffer any deviation from the established landmarks of the order, that I will not administer or cause to be administered, any rite or ceremony, contrary to or subversive of our Ancient Institution, but on the contrary will maintain, support and uphold, pure and unsullied, the principles and tenets of the Craft." etc etc.
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Tom , I realise that you do admit the public into parts of some of your meetings but why? We take the view here (under UGLE) that our meetings are private for our members only. There are many reasons for this, among which I could list: retaining the attractions of 'mystery'; keeping our freemasonry 'special' and separate from the outside world. If we were to allow all and sundry into our meetings, what then would be the need for initiation and the system of degrees? To an extent, we have always held public events outside Lodge but during the threat of invasion in the middle of the last century (which you did not experience) that did stop and is now gradually reviving. Our meetings themselves are quite another matter and are strictly private.
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It doesn't matter what gets shown, it will never be believed that the truth has been shown, there will always be those who claim certain things were left out, altered or whatever.

What is the point in showing the world at large our working tools if they are not explained as they are in rituals.

Again, even if we did, there would be those who will claim to know different.
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