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Some insights please

Stephen H

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Hello, my name is Steve and I am NOT a freemason.

There is much about freemasonry that draws me to it, though I recognise my knowledge is fairly superficial. In my professional life, I benefit from the generosity of Freemasons, who donate to support the charity I work for. 

The idea of being part of an organisation that aims to help men be the best they can be and through that approach help make communities and society a better place, is compelling. I do wonder about the ritual and secrecy associated with freemasonry, but expect I have some misinformation and lack deeper understanding of the reasons behind it.

A question I would like to ask is, what would you say was the most satisfying aspect of being a freemason?

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Hi Steve and welcome to the Forum.

With regard to your misgivings regarding the concepts of "Ritual" and "secrecy". The first is easily dismissed by substituting the word "Ritual" (which conjures up all sorts of shenanigans in the minds of modern-day Hollywood informed people) with a more accurate word "ceremony". The "Secrecy" accusation is a funny one! Any real Freemason will tell you that within our Degree Ceremonies (which have been in the public domain since the early 1700s) we as Freemasons (and therefore upstanding and trustworthy men) promise not to divulge the traditional "modes of recognition" to non-Masons. ~It is around 4 minutes of content within a 30/40 minute ceremony.

You will get lots of different answers to your main question as we all get different things from our membership and that also changes over time. When I first joined I got immense satisfaction from learning and delivering portions of the Ceremonies effectively to new Candidates nowadays I get it from exploring the esoteric content within them. I also enjoy the life-long friendships that have formed in my time in the Lodge and in my interaction with members of Lodges around the country and the world.

You may find some of the posts in this topic of interest too: 


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Hello Steve, 

I get from Freemasonry an immense pleasure of brotherhood, friendship and support.

Freemasonry has helped me develop as a person to be a lot less worried about standing before large groups of people and talking.

It has helped me care more about others, offering my support and wise council.

Freemasonry will do for you whatever you wish it to, with the exception that it won't make you financially wealthy, politically influential or immune to prosecution.

Lastly, the more you put in, the more you get out.

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Welcome to the forum


Although to the outside view freemasonry seems to be a singular entity, individual freemasons are varied in their interests and motivations for wanting to become a freemason, and also for remaining one. Some enjoy the cameraderie, other the history, the ceremonies or the charitable or social sides

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I'm not sure whether this is the most important aspect, but I do feel that I receive more encouragement and praise in Freemasonry than in other areas of my life. After a lodge meeting, people go out of their way to say "well done" or "thank-you". They also give very constructive criticism. I think this has helped me to reflect on how I treat others throughout my life.

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