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Hello, I was intrested to know, can somebody who has a history of mental illness,
and somebody who is trying to improve their memory, as it is not all that great
right now, be considered to become a freemason?

I do not currently know who the self of myself is,
beyond the ego, and the I, and I am not well versed
in symbolism or knowledge of a higher nature.

I am poor at maths, and English skills.
But it is my hope, that should I be able to make all these things good,
I'd be able to find the self, and thereby understand who I am.

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As long as you believe in God (to use Christian terminology), have no criminal convictions, and you are what the majority would consider to be a 'good' person, then there's no reason at all. Being skilled in maths, English - or anything for that matter, is irrelevant. Freemasonry is a good medium to learn and understand yourself - it's what we're all encouraged to do.

The only thing you need to be able to do is read and write as you have to be able to read the application form, understand what is says, and sign it, and without those basic skills that's something you would not be able to do.

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