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2 masonic rings found

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Hi there. I found two masonic rings discarded. My assumption it was disposed from a burglar or something as they are stainless steel and very distinct. I'd like to find their rightful owners. I will upload pictures but not disclose where they were found. But also I'd really like to know the meaning of the rings. Many thanks. 

Please contact me on zoe.lucas@live.co.uk if you are able to help find the owners and tell me more about them. 








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Hello there and welcome to the Forum.

I'm afraid that there's nothing we could do to tell you who the owner of the rings is, although handing them into the Police could help as if they were from a burglary they will be listed on the owners' crime report.

As to the rings themselves, they are just made for a Freemason, who is proud of his membership, to wear hence the use of the Square & Compasses emblem although it is actually the version used in Scotland and most of America rather than England. One of the rings appears to have a Trowel and a Level on its sides and the other just some bling.

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