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Mark Benevolent Fund 2022 Festival

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The Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Surrey is honoured to be holding the Mark Benevolent Fund's 2022 Festival

As part of this, we are holding a Virtual Balloon Race, launching from Jerusalem Old City on Easter Sunday, 4th April 2021 - this eco friendly computer game uses real time weather updates to affect the course of your balloon.

Entry is open to everyone... Mark Master Masons, non-MMMs, family, friends... all.

Balloons are just £3 each and can be personalised and decorated by changing shape, colours and patterns. They can be customised to aid winning. Follow your balloon’s progress on Google maps 24/7 over the 7 days of the race.

To enter, please buy a balloon!


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The Provincial Grand Master for Surrey has today officially launched the Surrey festival Stewardship (although it has been trailed by MMH!).

"As Provincial Grand Master for Surrey I have the honour of presiding over the 154th MBF Festival, when the Province will host the Festival in July 2022 on behalf of the Mark Benevolent Fund.  We are fortunate that Surrey has been selected to be the first Province to have the new Festival Stewards. I now invite the members of the Province to become a Steward of the Festival and to wear the Jewel with pride.  Stewardship of the Mark Benevolent Fund Festival costs £100, this can be gift aided and donated to the Festival. That £100 will count towards your personal honorifics with the Mark Benevolent Fund."

All Mark Master Masons are welcome to become Stewards of the Surrey MBF Festival... Surrey MMMs are *encouraged* to do so!





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