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Yes, I know it's the Daily Mail, but...



Nazi archive of Freemasonry at Polish university library containing 80,000 items amassed by Heinrich Himmler could shed light on the secret society, researchers say


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"During the war as Allied bombing intensified, the collection was moved from Germany for safekeeping and broken up into three parts - two were taken to what is now Poland and one to the Czech Republic.

The section left in the town of Slawa Slaska in Poland was seized by Polish authorities in 1945, while the others were taken by the Red Army."

This could be interesting. I knew a lot of documents had been taken by the Russians and that the Russians returned the documents to organisations that could be identified a few decades ago. I -for example- have dug through the "Russian boxes" of the Dutch federation of Le Droit Humain. If this remaining third in Poland is also potentially (grand) lodge administration, it may refill some holes in some histories. If that is the case, I hope they won't keep the documents to themselves, but return them like the Russians did.

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