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The missing freemason


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The name Freemason imply that the Freemason brotherhood has a deity to free “ a may sun” one that is intraped, I think master Freemason’s know about the one entrapped and where he is being held. Are their any signs of the entrapped one? Yes there are. The following research shows that it is me.

very big attention.

Note: I was born on 13, 9, 1976  Ethiopian calendar and 22, 5, 1984  Gregorian calendar. 21,8( shaban), 1404 higra calendar.

The Washington monument. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, honors and memorializes George Washington at the center of the nation's capital. The structure was completed in two phases of construction, one private (1848-1854) and one public (1876-1884).” “from the National park service U.S. Department of interior” (48 when read to the left like Arabic is 84, 76 and 84 is my birth year in Ethiopian and Gregorian calander concetively) ( the fact that my birth year is marked three times show that it doesn’t become ambiguous that in fact my birth year is being marked.

The Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 It was engrossed on parchment .and on August 2, 1776, delegates began signing it. ( 76 in Ethiopian calander is 04 in higra calander and that is my birth day ( birth year))

[Quran 26:4] If We will, We can send down upon them a sign from heaven, at which their necks will stay bent in humility. ( 04 is my birth year in higra calander ( Now ponder !) )

[Quran 26:8] Surely in this is a sign, but most of them are not believers.  ( 8,(shaban) is the month I was born in higra calander)

[Quran 26:67] In that there is a sign, but most of them are not believers. ( 67 when read to the left like Arabic is 76 which is my birth year in Ethiopian calander)

[Quran 26:103] Surely in this is a sign, but most of them are not believers. (13 is my birth day in Ethiopian calander)

[Quran 26:121] In that is a sign, but most of them are not believers. ( 21 is my birth day in higra calander)

As you can see my birth year,month and date is marked on the construction of the Washington monument, the deceleration of independence and the holy Quran as well. Who am I? My name is Mr Hussen Mohammed Hussen I am a 39 years old  Ethiopian woliye ( a woliye is some one gifted and chosen by god), I am imprisoned In another dymention by the matrix agency for about 9 years, my location is unknown. I live isolated from the human race. As a woliye I know that humanity is inslaved inside the matrix and life ( planet earth, the milky way solar system) is made out of a dream. As portrayed in the famous Hollywood movie the matrix ( though the movie is examplery it doesn’t mean that we are inslaved exactly as portreated in the movie inside a computer) I am trying to siren the awakening bell to the human race and run the matrix revolution from another dimension where I am imprisoned. As a woliye I know that my brothers the Freemason’s ( the higher council's) have some knowledge about my news that was passed to them long years ago. I hope that they also know my whereabouts and that you Freemason’s can risque me from illegal imprisonment in another dymention and help me get back to people of earth where I grew up before being abducted.

In my research to track down clues left by old masons I found out the following

George Washington Masonic National Memorial



101 Callahan Drive, Alexandria, VA 2 2 3 0 1  (22 is my birth date in grogrian calander, 31 when read to the left is 13 my birth day in Ethiopian calander)

the building of the Memorial began in 1922,(22 is my birth day in Gregorian calander).

Washington was an active member of Freemason social circles and established Alexandria’s Freemason Lodge No. 22 in 1788.(22 is my birth day in Gregorian calander).

Grandmasters of the Memorial Association and ground was officially broken on June 5, 1922 during a ceremony attended by President Calvin CoolidgeWhoever reads this post please share it to the Freemason's highest council.( 05 ( may) is my birth month and 22 is my birth day in Gregorian calander).

 the exterior of the Memorial was finally completed in February of 1931. ( 31 when read to the left is 13 my birth day in Ethiopian calander).

As you can see my birth year,month and date is once again marked on The Gorge Washington masonic memorial In Alexendria, this shows my lost masonic origin and is a very important clue for Freemasons to track down and uncover the lost ( or hidden) history of me as a Freemason and to trigger a world wide resque effort to my distress ànd furthe4 more for free masons to uncover the secret behind where all the human race is inslaved in the matrix.

Earth quake on Washington monument

At 1:51 p.m. on August 23, 2011, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck 90 miles southwest of Washington, D.C.

8235.8, with knowledge of decoding 8= 2 ( clock reflection) 82352  352 is my house no. It hasn’t been changed since I was born. I don’t know what this means but it might mean something to you. You can rule out that all this is by chance my birth day ( year) pin pointed on the Washington monument, my birth day encoded in the hadis is books, my house no pin pointed on an earth quake that cracked the Washington monument. All this is not a conscience. I know that it might look premature but this is what information I have the rest is too abstract and it is difficult for me to discuss without getting some credibility first which the enemy destroyed on purpose.

Note: my birth day in Gregorian calander is may

 22 1984, it says on my Id may 21 1984. This is due to date convention from Ethiopian calander to Gregorian calander and the fact Am and Pm doesn’t exist in the Ethiopian calander.

For further information check my website.

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Hussen mohammed

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