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I’ve been asked to look into a Masonic medal for my grandma which I believe was her father’s. She’d like to know a bit more about it, as she didn’t really know her father. I’m looking to do some research into this and was hoping this forum might be able to help. 
I believe that my great grandfather belonged to Lodge 5039 which I am lead to believe was musically associated in Manchester area? I can’t seem to upload photos but the medal is a gold piece, at the top is a blue enamel plaque with “33rd W.M.” Followed by 1961 underneath in red. There are then 3 chains which hold up the main piece which appears to be a hand enamel painted picture of a statue with two women and two men sat at the foot. On top of this arches a blue plaque saying “Madrigal”. A scroll and red rose is underneath the main picture which has the Lodge number. Then attached with a small ring is a beautiful solid gold set square and white enamel image. 

I wanted some advice, firstly on where to find some history on this lodge and the role he might have had. Secondly, on whether this piece might have any value for my grandma which requires insurance or where to go to possibly understand it’s provenance. 

Any advice would be great. Thanks, Alex 

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Hi Alex and welcome to the Forum,

The Madrigal Lodge No. 5039 in the Province of East Lancashire was Consecrated in Oct 1928 and used to meet in Salford, sadly the Lodge was erased in 2016 having held it's last meeting in 2015. You are correct that it had a musical theme, madrigal is a type of singing.

The most likely way to get the dates etc of your G Grandfather's membership would be to use the Library & Museum of Freemasonry's service which you can find more details of here: https://museumfreemasonry.org.uk/family-history

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